‘Pocket Planes’ Gets New Game Guide And Several Tweaks In Latest Update

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Pocket Planes [Free] received some love via an update the other afternoon. Nothing too drastic has been added, but the patch’s volume of smallish tweaks does appear to make the game a stronger offering for new players looking to learn about the game, and veterans who have been getting annoyed, maybe, with some of the game’s less streamlined features. Of course, bug fixes are also a part of this update. Yay!

For the new user, a new game guide mechanic has been added bolstering the tutorial phase. Now, you can tap the “info button" and a game guide will pop up offering cool little tips.

As for the streamlining tweaks, there’s a lot. For example, the city cap has been bumped up by two, iCloud syncing can now be disabled, and you can now refresh the jobs screen.

On the bug front, NimbleBit has addressed multiple, including the pesky achievement bug. A full listing of all the fixes (and tweaks) is available right here.

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