Here we go, the moment many of us have been waiting for. Tiny Wings 2 has hit the New Zealand App Store and will make its way through the different time zones, ultimately landing in the US App Store tonight at 11pm EST. But wait, what's this? This isn't a new game at all, but rather an update to the original Tiny Wings [$2.99]. Neat!

Yes, that's right. Tiny Wings 2 is actually Tiny Wings 2.0. It's a free update to the existing game as well as a brand new, separate iPad specific version, something we've been waiting for ever since the original release. When talking to Andreas Illiger about this decision, he had this to say regarding updating the original game as opposed to releasing a brand new app:

I [never] clarified if it will be an update or an seperate app before the release because then my fans will be happy on the release day when they see that the sequel isn't a seperate app and they will get it for free. I worked on the 2.0 version for the last 12 months and everyone told me I should make a seperate app out of it and sell it again (because it is almost a new game and I would earn a lot more money). It was a heavy decision for me to give away this new version for free but it feels right (most people I talked about this subject don't understand it :).

So I decided to give it away for free as a big "thank you" to all my fans for changing my life. That's really important for me and the reason why I make this little stupid marketing trick of confusing my fans before the release.

Tiny Wings 2.0 retains the same mode from the original while also adding a new one called Flight School, which sees you controlling one of 4 different birds as you race against 3 AI opponents towards the finish line across 15 brand new levels. In addition, the iPad version comes with a same-device multiplayer mode which gives 2 players one half of the screen each to compete against each other. Both versions also (finally!) support Retina Displays.

Here's some video of the new Tiny Wings HD on the iPad along with some commentary from yours truly and Mr. Brad Nicholson:

If you are one of the millions who already own Tiny Wings, keep your eye on the App Store for an update which should hit at some point today that adds the 2.0 features. If you're an iPad owner, the new HD version will be making its way to every time zone including the US at 11pm EST tonight, and the NZ link can be found below. And if you're fretting on having a separate version for your iPad don't worry, iCloud save game syncing is one of the new features as well so you can always keep things straight between devices.

Also, don't forget to revisit the Tiny Wings topic and new iPad version topic in our forums and discuss this massive new update with the rest of the community.

NZ App Store Link: Tiny Wings HD, $2.99 (iPad Only)

  • Elton Bird

    Actually pretty clever.  The media interest will push the original back to the top of the charts anyway (so the "give away generosity" of making it an update is actually a bit false, it'll get a big sales boost) and to play on your iPad, you have to buy a separate version for another 2 quid?  Hmmm.

    • Seth Rubenstein

      The dude releases an update for those that have already purchased it for free, and is charging for an entirely new version on the iPad and you find this sketch? 

    • bleeps

      If you own the game, you get the 2.0 update for free... How is that "a bit false"?

      • Elton Bird

         As I said, it's not that it's not a nice gesture.  Just knowing that this will almost certainly springboard the iPhone one back to the top of the charts for new owners, it's not accidental.  And it could so easily have been an update that went universal and allowed 2 player on iPad rather than a premium sku.

      • ConceptNormal

        This is a good point seeing I've played everything but "this" tiny wings game and just through this media hype I'm buying the original. Well there's 1 piece of evidence. (and I have over 100 games on my iPhone)

  • oooooomonkey

    Now thats a nice dev, I would have easy paid another 69p for a sequel but to just make an update is nice.

  • GertjeD

    I hope Andreas mentions his bank account somewhere in the update, because I want to cover him under money

  • Andrew Brown

    People like Andreas are exactly what makes iOS gaming so great. I was looking forward to contributing further to whatever he had come up with, and supporting him to keep doing what he is doing. The trailer for the update alone was worth the price of admission. Keep up the fantastic work Andreas. You deserve all the success you have achieved. 

  • Todd Wiley

    I would've paid for a new Tiny Wings as well! It's great to have developers like you Andreas making great games for the iOS family. I'll say it before it is released here in the U.S. .... Congradulations on your success and on the 2.0 update!!! I know i'll be playing Tiny Wings even more than usual!!!

  • Linuxuser1

    Too bad it's not universal. Tiny Wings 2 as an universal App would be an instant buy for me or Tiny Wings HD as an universal App but seperate HD version? I don't think so. Unfortunately this update failed. 🙁

    • MattRix

      Your horrible logic hurts my brain. 

      • Linuxuser1

        My logic is called "principles".

      •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

        The principles of not paying for someone's hard work? 

      • Linuxuser1

        The principle of not paying twice for the exact same thing. As I wrote below I have no problem to pay like 5 dollar or more for an univeral version of the game. But the HD version is exactly the same except for the resolution. Would you buy a programm for your Mac twice if you have a MBA with 11" and a MBP with 15" display because it has another resolution? I don't think so. Money is NOT the point I don't have problems with expensive Apps (Tiny Wings is not expensive of course) but paying twice for the same thing (the amount of money doesn't matter here) is against my principles.

      • Christi Seattle

        What principle? Being a cheap ass twit?

      • Linuxuser1

        Reading is hard, eh?
        1. Read my message again.
        2. Think.
        3. Realise you didn't understand it the first time you read it.
        4. Say sorry.

      • MattRix

        Writing is hard, eh?
        1. Read your message again.
        2. Think.
        3. Realise nobody understood it the first time they read it.
        4. Say sorry. 

      • Linuxuser1

         "3. Realise nobody understood it the first time they read it."

        This is why I wrote a second message but for some it still seems to be too hard :D.

      • Realkuhl

        Linus, you don't get it. He is keeping existing customers happy and adding a killer iPad version that includes a multiplayer mode for 2 bucks. Every bodies happy. Selling a new version for 5 bucks so that it's universal? Seriously? Clearly you don't get it.

      • toxiccheese

        Well it does have new content, so you aren't really paying for the same thing twice.

      • Elton Bird

         You kind of *are*, as you get that content for free on your iPhone, just not at native resolution on your iPad.  If you look at it as $3 for a split screen mode, then fair enough.

      • MidianGTX

        If you want two copies of a book, you go out and buy two books. Buying one of something doesn't entitle you to unlimited copies of it for no extra cost. If you don't think it's worth the measly asking price, the game obviously isn't that important to you, so get over it. If it is worth the price, why are you complaining?

    • toxiccheese

      Would you work for 12 months at your current job for FREE? Give the developer a break, he's allowed to make a living too. Don't buy it, meanwhile I'll be enjoying the HD version on my iPad!

      • Linuxuser1

        You didn't get my point. I have no problem to pay 5 dollars or more for an HD universal version. Money is not the issue. Nobody has to work for free. But what I really dislike are these different versions for iPad and iPhone. That just sucks.

      • 1Fcm

        Help me understand your logic.... If you have no problem "paying 5 dollars or more" for an HD universal version, then just buy the HD version and update the iPhone version for FREE. And guess what, you will then have both up to date versions running on both devices. Seems simple enough to me. Does that make sense?

      • Linuxuser1

        Let me quote myself here 🙂
        "The principle of not paying twice for the exact same thing. As I wrote
        below I have no problem to pay like 5 dollar or more for an univeral
        version of the game. But the HD version is exactly the same except for
        the resolution. Would you buy a programm for your Mac twice if you have a
        MBA with 11" and a MBP with 15" display because it has another
        resolution? I don't think so. Money is NOT the point I don't have
        problems with expensive Apps (Tiny Wings is not expensive of course) but
        paying twice for the same thing (the amount of money doesn't matter
        here) is against my principles."

      • Anonymous

        I you can afford an iPhone and an iPad then it shouldn't be a problem for you.

      • Linuxuser1

        Please read before posting! Money is NOT the problem!

    • stormy

      That was the worst comment ever

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Linuxuser1

        Yes, linuxuser. What's the point? I run a computer with linux and own an iPhone and iPad because Android is the worst shit I ever saw. So, why not use an iPhone and Linux?

        Edit: Even Mark Shuttleworth (founder of one of the most popular Linux distributions) uses an iPhone.

      • Christi Seattle

        Obvious dbag is obvious.The Woz uses an Android, so obvioudly you're full of crap. *eyeroll^

      • Linuxuser1

        Don't want to discredit you but after reading your other posts you don't seem to be too "smart". (Ignore grammar please. English is not my mother tongue)

      • Anonymous

        Woz rides a Segway… whats your point

    • ImJPaul

      The iPad version is FREE in the update. Bet you feel like a jerk right now. I agree man, you should totally apologize.

      • ImJPaul

        Replied to the wrong one. Just scroll up and out it in the other one. You get it.

    • epikninja

      Why is everyone going against this guy? Leave him alone, he already has 10 people telling him he's wrong. You guys sound like a ucking mob.

      • Linuxuser1

        That's very nice of you but I've no problem to defend my point no matter how many people won't understand it or won't agree with me. 🙂

    • epikninja

      Why is everyone ganging up on this guy? He already has 10 people telling him he's wrong. You sound like a ucking mob.

      • epikninja

        Oops double post

    • 1Fcm

      Well it turns out the new update is really well done. I hope you at least update your iPhone version. It's pretty good!

      • Linuxuser1

        Of course I did, the graphics look so much better in retina retina quality and the new interface is very nice, too. I really like it. Great game got even better!

  • Jaime Coston

    Well for a person like me who was always interested in Tiny Wings but refuses to buy iPhone/itouch only apps because of my personal distaste for playing games in 2X zoom, this is a sale that will be earned tonight from me! Looking forward to the release! I know I have had this app in my appshopper wishlist in the hopes that at some point it would either get a universal update or a proper HD iPad release, and I am not adverse to paying a couple of extra bucks, considering how much gameplay is packed in and how little it relatively costs to begin with!

    • Box of Cotton Swabs

      The original Tiny Wings looked good and played well zoomed on an iPad.

      • Googlyhead

        True. It's one of those games where there's no real disadvantage due to the simplicity of the controls (tap anywhere. Release anywhere) and the simple clarity of the visuals (smooth hills, one main character. That's it. )
        I've played it almost exclusively on iPads since release. Many games desperately need an iPad version or interface, but not so this one.

  • Galley

    Nice to see an IPad version. I don't buy games for the iPhone.

  • Brady

    Was expecting it as an update since the teaser said 2.0, but I thought the new content was going to be an IAP expansion. This is a welcome surprise 🙂

  • Alan Taylor

    I'm doing the same thing for my Main Event app. 2.0 is a huge update and a total re-write. When it's done, it will be pushed as an update 🙂

    • oooooomonkey

      Omg, as in the wrestling app main event? If so I'm glad to see its actually happening. I thought it had been ditched for quite a while.

      • Alan Taylor

         Holy poop - you just made my week! Yes, that's the one! I started a massive update but had some health issues and am now in the process of moving and getting married! But the update is on it's way and I'm quite excited by it - good to see someone will be looking forward to it!

        Thank you again, you have no idea how much that little comment of yours means to me!

  • curtisrshideler

    Yup. That teaser solidified that I would've bought a new version sight unseen. BUT I am super thankful for his awesome dedication to us gamers. Thanks Andreas!

    And since you've released an iPad version, I'll go ahead and pick that up. Might not play it much on the iPad, but I want to support you further if I can!

  • stormy

    I'm gonna buy it again on a different account just to give the author more money

    • bloop

      R u serious???  Why not support devs who are struggling?  This guy made a fortune off this app already.

      • Googlyhead

        Because the product deserves it?
        The app store isn't a begging patch. If they're struggling, there's a problem either with their apps, or their marketing. TA and the forums can pretty much solve the marketing bit.

      • bloop

        Actually luck has a lot to do with success of an app as well.  Yes this is a great app, but I think it got enough of what it "deserves".  I guess some people will just be cheerleaders their entire lives.  Give me a T...........

  • agentblank

    I knew it!

  • GertjeD

    BTW Is that little bird really calling me 'sucker' every time I break a fever? LOL

  • swarmster

    There is a little room to complain that a $3 app is a tad disappointing compared to the new $0.99 game most people were expecting.

    But instead: iCloud! I will pay whatever is asked.

    Also, to update:

    Simogo, Uppercut, Vlambeer, Rovio say "iCloud is tooooo harrrrrrrd *tear*". Meanwhile the one-man teams behind Jet Car Stunts 2 and Tiny Wings don't seem to have a problem. I wonder if TouchArcade could revisit the iCloud support question in the future with a little more critical thought/investigation.

  • Elton Bird

    I doubt Andreas would be eating out of bins without the revenue of HD or continued downloads of TW 1.. How many has it sold to date?  It's a great little game, but I thought a little investment in something fresh might have been made with the success of TW.

    • Federico Brigante

      Wikipedia says 5.6 million copies, that's more than 2 clean million dollars

      • Elton Bird

        If any of my iOS games do that well, I'd happily just make it free and still update it.  It guarantees you apple and the public's ear for your next title so it's done it's job!

      •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

        Yes, because once you've made some money the smartest financial decision is to stop making money from the thing that makes you money forever.

      • Elton Bird

         A few million $ is a bit more than "some money", but I take your point.  The smartest financial decision would not be to give the new modes away in a free update at all.

      • Jacob007


      • Christi Seattle

        Maybe you should leave business decisions to someone with a brain.

      • Elton Bird

         Not if your desire is to keep making great games, and are rewarded well enough financially to have no other concerns.  If you plan on growing into a larger developer, then obviously not.

  • Jay

    I like Tiny Wings, even though I really don't like 'endless' games - you know, the games where you WILL lose eventually.  I like games I can win and put down. 

    I'm probably preaching to the choir here on TA, but if you haven't bought it yet you should - it's just one of those must-have iOS games.

  • Thri11Ki11

    Tiny Wings has always been one of the great indie Cinderella stories on iOS and I am happy to contribute to his success by purchasing and HD version. Brilliant and gutsy moves like this are rare in an industry filled with "freemium" greed.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    I hate HD versions... I just dont remember the times on PC when i needed to pay for different resolutions....
    This should be an universal update with a 1 buck iAP for the new features.

    Too bad, now i have to play the same version on iPad like before

    • Tyler Eaves

      I think it's more like DVD vs Blu-Ray. It's *not* the same content, all the art has to be redone (if it wasn't done for iPad in the first place). PC games use the same art assets at all resolutions (This is much easier to do with a 3D game than a 2D game, ironically)

      • mikeg1234

        Bingo!  I don't think people understand the amount of work that goes into creating a Universal/HD version.  In fact, I think there should be a rule that no one can post a comment like that until they develop their own game (Universal of course), and give it away for cheap.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Have you got Steam? I have.
        I have Portal 2, i pay it for once and i can use it on my MAC and on my PC (yes, two separate OS with a lot of resolutions for 1 price).
        I also have a lot of Valve, Blizzard and Rockstar games what use the same mechanic.... 

        And mikeg, i am a developer, and you only need to rescale the views to iPad, not a big deal. You don't need to write the code again....

  • Jeff

    I would have preferred a universal version for $2.99.

  • vic_viper_001

    Awesome news! If Andreas Illiger were here, I'd definitely give him a high five!

  • maniacfive

    Cunning! The feel good feeling of a new update to TW, and he knows I'll happily give him more money for the iPad version. 

  • Stephen Staver

    I'll be buying Tiny Wings HD the moment it's out, of course! 
    I am surprised that this is an update rather than a new app (would have paid for the new app anyway), but I did kind of assume it was going to be an update. I called it in the original post for the teaser. 😛

  • ImJPaul

    What an awesome guy. That's such a nice gesture because, yes. He could have made millions more off of the same game with a few changes. That's such a sacrifice to prove just how awesome u r and I respect that. In a market that consists of a bunch of tools who try to trick u into paying console price for their game it's nice to see that at least somebody realizes they made enough money off their game.

  • Phil Rosati

    One question:  do I need to buy the HD version for my iPhone to get cloud syncing to work, or can I run the HD version on my iPad and the regular one on my iPhone and have it sync?  I have the iPhone version of Cut the Rope: Experiments on my iPhone and the HD one on my iPad, yet my progress never syncs.  Anyone using cloud syncing successfully?  

    • dancj

      I don't know about Tiny Wings, but Cut the Rope Experiments syncs fine between the normal one on my iPhone and the HD one on my iPad. I thinks something's broken on yours.

  • B

    Huh.  I don't have "Tiny Wings" -- I already have more games than I have time to play and I wasn't sure I was going to like it -- but I may buy it now to support a cool move on the part of the dev. 🙂

  • FinalStar

    So I still don't get why being awesome apparently means the HD version at three times the price can't be universal?

    2D Boy managed to do so just fine with World of Goo HD and unless I misremember, Sword & Sworcery HD was universal as well, to name just two examples. I guess that makes them super-awesome then.

  • iamLudlow

    Nice, Andreas, I can't wait to play the new mode.