F5 Games ambitious asynchronous turn-based RPG Pocket Heroes has had a couple of false starts with prospective release dates, but the latest seems pretty firm: according to the developer's blog, we can expect Pocket Heroes to see a release, for real this time, this coming July 12. The price will be $1.99.

Pocket Heroes is often described as Words With Friends meets turn-based RPG, though that is probably best understood by watching the trailer we have below. It almost goes without saying, but the mobile-friendly points of design seem like the game's coolest features and we can't wait to give them a spin in the real world. Stay tuned because we'll have a lot more soon.

  • Dreimos Heijnen

    Whoa, ironic! I saw this game in my TA App Wish List this morning and thought, "Hey, wasn't this supposed to come out in May?" Then I searched around the internet and couldn't find an updated release date. Then this article gets posted!

    I'm pretty excited for this one, will be purchasing it along with Tiny Wings 2 =^D

  • David Massee

    OMG I can't wait! Seriously been craving this game for so long now. I wish they'd change the icon though

    • http://RolePlayFTW.com Huy Ngo

      Agreed.  I hate the icon.  I'm going to buy it either way, but I want the company to succeed with the mass of other people that don't frequent gaming websites as I do. To do that they need cover art to hook them in.  CHANGE IT!

  • http://twitter.com/back2this Sean Yuan

    This looks downright nasty, and yes, that's a compliment. About time it came out. Now, this is one unique async game.


  • http://twitter.com/dtstro Stro

    Looks like its gonna be a good week for iOS gamers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLLXFT32FZNJFCUBVZ4AKCHSZY Poor

    Really looking forward to this, though after my Outwitters experience this last week I wonder if most of this game is going to be spent waiting 7 days for the cleric to finally take his turn...

    • Schpank

      Exactly. This might be fun, but I'm not totally sold on games that make sense as asynchronous, let alone an RPG. Guess we'll know soon...

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLLXFT32FZNJFCUBVZ4AKCHSZY Poor

        To be fair, I think Words With Friends does asynchronous extremely well, but it's also a game where if you don't play for a few days it doesn't really matter. TBS games can work, I think Uniwar had a lot going for it, but Outwitters really needs to get its act together because that's a case where the asynchronous turn system absolutely needs to be tweaked in a major way.

        Pocket Heroes could work and I hope it does, but I can already envision problems with random parties. What if someone takes days to make a turn, what if someone drops out- can you kick them out of the group? What if someone's just a troll, can you also kick them out? Etc...

      • Schpank

        Good questions. And if you *can* drop or kick, does the game automatically rebalance for fewer players or a different group configurations... I think it's safe to assume the devs have a system in place for these things... I think...

    • blindspot

      If an app doesn't have systems in place to penalize wayward async players, then you are only creating your own disappointment by playing async with strangers. For best results, play "with friends".

  • http://twitter.com/ethandude01 Ethan E.

    Definitely getting this game but that font makes the game look a little bit unpolished. I hate that font....

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephenmwalls Stephen M Walls

      It's already been changed.

  • daniel so

    this game would have been much more appealing if it had released before outwitters. 

    • PausAkid

      outwitters is fun but it's not co-op... i think i've got room for both =)

  • Christian Ricca

    I read that it was going to be $.99. Anyone know for sure?

    • Karok Alleon

      I read it'll be $1.99.

  • http://twitter.com/Readmore Brandon Pollet

    Hey everyone, this is Brandon from F5 Games. I'll try to answer a few of your questions all in one post. 

    The price is actually going to be $0.99 at launch, we want everyone to be able to spread the word to all their friends and don't want a $2 price tag to keep anyone from picking up the game.

    The font has definitely be changed since that trailer was shot, we've actually completely overhauled the gameplay UI, you can get more info about that from this article: http://f5games.com/2012/04/pocket-heroes-april-dev-update/

    At launch we're not going to have a random games option, so all games will start by someone inviting a friend either through Game Center or through email. 

    We decided to do this for a couple reasons, one was to avoid some of the issues you have already raised here, how to you handle someone who doesn't move, what if someone is being a jerk in the chat channel, etc. The other reason is that this is really a different type of game than 'simple' turn-based strategy games like Hero Academy or Outwitters. In Pocket Heroes you are building a party that persists across 'games' and will be with you throughout your entire journey. The idea is really to replicate the experience of putting together a D&D group and staying together with them as your characters all advance together. That is a lot more fun, at least in my opinion, when the party are all people that you know.

    With that said, we realize that some people are going to want the ability to just pick up a game with someone they don't know, and we are working on a solution that will allow that as an update.

    I hope that helps, if you have any more questions let me know.

  • Benegesserit

    Lol the assassin's creed guy has his own world?

  • Ben Ruddock

    Sorry, not going to have time for iOS games on July 12th, because that is STEAM SALE DAY! PRAISE GABEN!

  • Karok Alleon

    Anyone know if this app will be universal, or iPhone only?

    It'll be great sneaking in turns from my iPhone while at work, but I'd prefer to run it on my iPad while at home...and not in 2x mode.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B3IUP3QSNHH4HHI2MBKMRL6CTQ M

    Always thought this would be the logical extension of async. Will be curious to see if it works.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730916105 Nick Major

    Can't wait to try this game, but no one on my friends list is into RPGs, does that mean I can't play this solo?

    • Krautboy

      You've got a whole Toucharcade community to play with. I'm sure there will be an add me thread in no time,wouldn't worry about that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephenmwalls Stephen M Walls

    So if I don't know anybody that owns the game - I won't be able to play? Super.

  • WaspStung

    I am buying it, looks great.

    About random matches i agree with the developer, this is a game u want to play with more known ppl.

  • Karok Alleon

    I asked below in another post, but I'll sneak the question into this thread...is this app going to be universal across all iOS devices, or just iPhone screen size/format?

  • McMoogle

    Well, before the official party thread opens up, you can add me first. "McMoogle" On game center