We’ve witnessed the creation of many recurring themes in iOS gaming. Some of these include dodgy FPS touch controls, gameplay that leans heavily on grinding "optional" IAP currency, and of course the never-ending onslaught of titles starring zombies. For better or worse, Dead Trigger [Free] hits each one of these themes and attempts to compensate by wrapping the package up into one of the most visually impressive games I’ve seen on the App Store. Unfortunately, its excellent implementation of the Unity engine isn’t enough to carry what is otherwise an entirely mediocre, freemium-ish zombie FPS.

As expected, zombie killing is your primary goal in Dead Trigger. Gameplay is divided into missions, which can be selected via a top-down map of the zombie-infested city you’re stuck in. Some missions have you defending structures from the horde, other missions are survival endeavors where you fight a never-ending supply of zombies until a timer runs out, while others charge you with finding an item and returning it to the starting location (a simple "kill x amount of zombies" mission also exists). Despite the different mission structures, it’s really all about killing as many zombies as you can with the varying modes simply being vague excuses to do so.

At the end of each mission, you’re awarded cash, which can be used to buy weapons and supplemental items (bandages, grenades, etc.), as well as experience, which goes towards a perpetual level that serves as a soft wall for purchasing weapons. While Dead Trigger always has a few "story"-based missions available, there’re plenty of optional missions that pop up that allow you to earn more cash and experience as needed. Although, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the point of the leveling system is, as unless you're willing to open your wallet, you’ll be grinding levels for in-game cash far longer than the required levels for weapons.

Unless you really enjoy taking down large numbers of zombies, Dead Trigger quickly devolves into a simplistic freemium-based rat race where the end goal is to buy a bigger gun that lets you, well, kill more zombies. There’s little here in terms of narrative, much less a compelling one. The zombie hordes don’t have much in terms of enemy variety, and the inclusion of weapons and upgrades that are restricted to only the premium currency (which is "earned" via IAP or by TapJoy-esque mechanisms) add a bad freemium taste to the experience you already paid 99¢ for- Especially as in an early mission you "lose" the rifle you start with in a cut scene. Of course, you immediately have the option to buy it back, with real money.

Unfortunately, Dead Trigger’s controls act as another deterrent to enjoying the game. Movement is a bit sluggish while panning around and aiming feels jilted, even with repeated attempts at finding the soft spot on the sensitivity slider. This is amplified by the fact that zombies can, and often do, spawn behind you. Playing on the iPad in particular becomes a chore, especially with aiming. Gyroscopic assisting really needs to become a de facto option for newer iOS devices that take advantage of it, because it would have made my experience with Dead Trigger a bit less harrowing. Similarly, I really would have liked a better way to fine-tune aiming, particularly since headshots award additional cash.

Thankfully, not everything is as apocalyptic as the zombie invasion you’re fighting. Dead Trigger’s visuals (courtesy of Unity) are downright amazing. The environments and units are highly detailed, there are lots of amazing almost console-like visual effects (such as water running down the HUD when you step through a stream), and even the lighting is done well. The graphical splendor feels even more magnified on the new iPad, with retina graphics that are some of the best I’ve seen on iOS so far. While the game wasn’t necessarily running at an extremely high framerate, I was more impressed by the stability of it, as I encountered little in terms of slowdown.

In some ways, Dead Trigger feels more like a tech demo offering a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of iOS gaming, similar to how Epic Citadel [Free] showed off what the Unreal engine could do. The visuals are absolutely captivating, and are an excellent inexpensive way to showcase just how beautiful games could be on the new iPad. However, as a game, Dead Trigger just falls flat in terms of implementation offering the same dull freemium-based experience that we’ve seen before. As it stands, gamers that don’t mind the incredibly simplistic stylings of a monotonous mission-based race for cash will probably enjoy Dead Trigger but for everyone else, it all depends on how high nice graphics are on your priority list.

TouchArcade Rating

  • subshell001

    Good game. Absolutely *PAINFUL* IAP system.

  • TheOneMilkman

    Are you kidding? This game offers a ton more than Epic Citadel. I don't know why I give this site clicks anymore.

    • Marley Listmann

      I've played the game and it's honestly a tech-demo of the Untiy engine, The gameplay is very basic and unimpressive, which is why I play games like The Infinity Project, Awful graphics, Very Nice gameplay. Dead Trigger was boring after 20 minutes..

    • vibliribland

      This game is seriously one of the most underwhelming games I've played on the iOS.

      It's just the exact same monotonous thing 100% of the time.

      It's a tech demo, and I'm impressed by the graphics and stability, but this game got deleted in 15 min.


    "Dead Trigger quickly devolves into a simplistic freemium-based rat race where the end goal is to buy a bigger gun "

    I completely disagree. All weapons and items can be bought with a $5 IAP, raising the total cost of the game to $6. I was originally willing to pay $7 for the game. Yes I would have preferred a more premium price and no IAPs, but the fact that the game doesn't nickel and dime you to death really helps get rid of the sense of "freemium". In fact, wherever did you get the idea that DT was freemium? It isn't pay to play. No IAPs are even needed to progress, and the difficulty doesn't ramp up to force you to purchase anything. It seems to me as though the reviewer was just looking for things to critisize the game about. Why is there no mention of the ridiculously fun laser cutters or mines? What about the fact that the developer already submitted an update to fix bugs, lower weapon prices and add iron sights, with new content promised? I'm no fanboy, and yes there are faults with the game, but 2 stars is unfair in my humble opinion.

    • Greyskull

      Perhaps then the game description should mention those 5 dollars instead of hiding it within what most people should expect is a 1 dollar product. And before anyone gets on my case about the low prices in the AppStore; between masking a freemium game as a paid product, updating paid users by nerfing the app in an update or inserting ads after the revenue stream dries up, pulling a game from the app store that people have paid for to change its name or eliminate a sequels' competition...well one can be ripped of out of hundreds of dollars.
      In the meantime, devs complain about not being able to make a living whilst they have pushed people such as me to only buy products from a pretty small number of them who have earned my (and I'm sure many others) trust.

    • Roland1580

      it's really funny because gamers like you VERY OFTEN screaming abo IAP ("OMG, it's a freemium game so it sucks!1"). but now u're all writing something like this.
      but the real problem of Mad Trigger is not IAP. it's frustrating boring gameplay with no any goals (except this one "oh, the game's price only 0.99 so I need to buy all additional weapons and items") or challenges

    • wim

      This reviewer needs to get his ass whooped!
      The gameplay is the best on the ios device especially on the new ipad! Extremely responsive!! The graphics are absolutely amazing calling this a tech demo is an insult to madfingers!! He doesnt even mention the fact that zombies can take you from behind:) and a mini game starts where you break his neck! The dont respawn behind you.. No they climb over fences or duck onder the fences!! The new content will be amazing! People just buy the game support madfingers the wil amaze you in the future!!!! The guns look amazing to. Its possible to buy every gun without spending extra mony! And for al the retards out there.. Jess the first missions are training missions.. Jess your gun wil be lost.. En jess you wil begin with a small gun..you wil geth a small cutscene to. En ist good. The fool of a reviewer dosent even mention the fact that you can plant mines or put down a saw on a motor is just fucking lazy!! I think he gets paid to fuck up the reviews for madfingers.. You can shoot off ther limbs t0:). Jess its better than any zomby game on the app store.. Just buy!!!!!

    • 1Fcm

      Can you explain to me exactly how I can earn gold in the game? I'd really like to buy some of those premium weapons but can't figure out how to earn gold! What do I do in the game to acquire it?

  • Alex Sharp

    And here's the problem with Touch Arcade having given so many mediocre 2d puzzle games 4 stars.... suddenly being critical (and I'm not saying the isolated review is bad) really stands out.

    • esploded


    • esploded

      I think what's important is that you don't compare review scores from different genres. Shooters are put on a different standard than other genres like puzzle games. Instead of comparing it to a puzzler with a 4, try comparing this game to any shooters with a 4 and see how this one compares. 
      I don't play shooters so I wouldn't know. :p

  • FreezeFrozen

    They could have done such a great game...what a mess

  • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim


  • chamuscao


  • chamuscao

    Oh, I forgot to say that this review sucks.

  • http://twitter.com/DareMachina DareMachina

    I noticed quite a few people on twitter and in the forum mention losing the rifle as a big sticking point.

    Was I the only one that felt like those were training missions?

    Starting with a rifle makes the player over powered to the point where the first missions offer no challenge. It seems the devs want you to start overpowered so you grasp how the game works with little chance of dying. Once you understand the mechanics they take it away and make you use pistols and don't let you rush into grabbing the high powered rifles unless you want to spend money for it.

    I'd prefer if it was in game cash instead of the iap gold but it makes sense to me

  • asdfhj zxxvb

    So full of shit.

  • http://twitter.com/DareMachina DareMachina

    I noticed a lot of posts on twitter and on the forums about the rifle being taken away.

    It seems to me that the devs used the rifle to make the player over powered so they could learn the mechanics of the game with little fear of dying. Once the training was over they took the rifle away in a cutscene and made you start fresh.

    They locked the rifle behind a pay wall to discourage you to jumping into the high powered rifles without paying. I'd have preferred if they used in game cash and minimum level instead of IAP gold but it still makes sense to me

  • Jensen_G

    You didn't mention them once in the review, but the developer is Madfinger Games, who pulled a very similar stunt with Shadowgun. Nice graphics, derivative (to put it nicely) gameplay. Really glad I didn't pick this one up on impulse.

  • asdfhj zxxvb

    Infinity Blade has the exact same formula when it comes to repetitive gameplay but was made with a way bigger budget from a known company, so it was highly praised.
    Whatever, it's not like these "reviewers" are credible, all their high ratings go to big name companies and cutesy puzzle/physics games.

  • chamuscao

    I still wonder why TA gave 5 stars to IB 2 even if it's a buggy game (even the review was written when the IB2 version deleted everyone's save data) with not-so-good graphics and a boring gameplay and now that there is a game with the best graphics for iOS, good gameplay value, promised updates (for god sake, there's even an update in review) and everything better than IB2 (yes, even the "freemium" model of this game is way better than IB2's), TA gives 2 stars.
    Oh, and about my other deleted comments, well, you write a critical-as-hell review, I write critical-as-hell comments. What's the problem?

  • http://www.Indieflashmob.com/ Trent

    I noticed a lot of posts on twitter and on the forums about the rifle being taken away.

    It seems to me that the devs used the rifle to make the player over powered so they could learn the mechanics of the game with little fear of dying. Once the training was over they took the rifle away in a cutscene and made you start fresh.

    They locked the rifle behind a pay wall to discourage you to jumping into the high powered rifles without paying. I'd have preferred if they used in game cash and minimum level instead of IAP gold but it still makes sense to me

  • Vicente Ragal

    I think the biggest problem is that the amazing graphics don't match the whole game system. A game like this without that graphic level would be just boring. We just needed a better story, characters involved in it, and a better sense of progression, maybe travelling the country or something.

  • MidianGTX

     I don't get it... the title of the article quite definitely has the word "incredible" in it. Even for a tech demo, "incredible" should warrant more than two stars.

  • http://twitter.com/Richard_Power Richard Power

    Can't say I'm really surprised by the attitude taken in this review. It is exactly what I expected from Toucharcade. Credibility is something you guys might want to consider.
    I imagine if it was a 2d monotonous puzzler, ye would be all over like white on rice.

  • http://twitter.com/Richard_Power Richard Power

    Not sure I can agree with that review

  • ManuD

    Was somehow holding the purchase till TA review. Well, after the video other day, I wasn't getting it in near future (As have quite a few other games to play at present) but 2 stars is a huge let down.

  • Roland1580

    great review; totally agree. it's really technically impressive but EXTREMELY FCKING boring repitative ease game

  • jeffyg3

    Well Madfinger get the game mechanics down. The gun shooting is good and the graphics are really nice, and these things make the game fun to shoot zombies, but in the end, after about 20 minutes into it, the game gets WAY too easy, and it seems like I'm just going through the same repetative missions over and over again, running though on only 3 small-mid sized maps repeated over and over again and tends to feel like I'm just playing this game that has barely any challenge at all just to feed my addiction of upgrading things. Behind all the graphics and good shooting mechanics is a monotonous repetitive game with a freemium-like feel that doesn't offer much of a challenge at all, or much substance. This game definitely is a 2/5, great review.

  • Apegoat

    2 stars? This game isn't perfect, but it deserves more credit than you've given it. Stick to reviewing asteroid shooters.

  • Apegoat

    2 stars? The game isn't perfect by any means, but it deserves more credit than you've given it. Stick to reviewing asteroid shooters.

  • Apegoat

    2 stars? The game isn't perfect by any means, but it deserves more credit than you've given it. Stick to reviewing asteroid shooters.

  • RunnyGnome

    Its like Touch Arcade read my mind! Perfect review guys, keep up the good work!

  • Izaya

    Ok I completely disagree with this review it should be at least 4 stars, why do I even check these reviews anymore? -_-

    • http://twitter.com/Rage_boi Vince

      Reviews are for people who are still sitting on the fence... NOT for people who have already played the game and formed their own opinions of it. /face palms

  • mashead2000

    Games looks and plays nice but agree its in a freemium package 🙁 i want a bigger gun but cant even be bothered with the grinding... Guess ill get Nihilumbra

  • McCREE

    Thank you, TA, for your on point review. I've very much come to expect mostly high marks from your reviews as of late. It was refreshing to see such a trite, derivative title get the score it deserves instead of the score the forum hype machine desires. The developers should be ashamed of this IAP laden tech demo when they had such a promising engine to work with. Thank you for your honesty.

  • ethandude123


  • http://www.the-app-shack.com Matt F

    Lets admit the game has a lot of flaws: Worst IAP system I've ever seen, giving you an m4 and then taking it away and before you knew it, they returned it for real money... no story, all glued together.... but the controls are the best on any iOS shooter to date, so smooth and responsive, just for that it deserves 1 more star

    • FreezeFrozen

      The interface is not the best i ve seen... Check out n.o.v.a 3 or modern combat 3...

    • RunnyGnome

      LOLNOPE! I have pretty big problems with the controls not working or not responding, so I would leave the score at what it currently is.

  • Mfox76


    This a good game, with a reasonable IAP system, cutting edge iOS graphics and a heck of a lot headroom to grow into an amazing title.

    Sure would I rather have it 6.99 with no IAP, sure, but this IAP system is what I've always expected ISP should be , reasonable and optional, not the 99.99 smurfberry pack...for well under $10 you can unlock everything, not my preferred cup of tea , but drinkable.

    After reading the thread in the forums I assumed TA Would be hyper critical in the review, as nothing generates clicks like controversy and drama. It's amazing a game that pushes the hardware and good solid gameplay Is trashed in lieux of generic retro crap x, or pixil art that, or that groundbreaking yet another endless runner or omg a new match 3!!!

    TA has become worthless in terms validity and utility of reviews, it's just a news site to keep apprised of new releases and developments, their insight and reviews are so off point it's laughable.

    • RunnyGnome

      Stop trying to defend the IAP model. Its not justifiable, its not reasonable, and its not acceptable. You can earn dollars in the game well enough, but money will only buy you a handful of low-level weaponry and items. The real meat of the game's equipment is locked behind a wall of the game's other currency, Gold. You DO NOT earn gold for playing the game, you earn gold for watching ads for sport cars and farmville. You do NOT earn gold for leveling up, you earn gold for liking madfinger on facebook. And even after all of these annoying quirks, you still only manage to nab up about 10 gold, which isn't enough for the weakest pistol in the game. If this is how IAPS "Should be done" then I think I've lost all faith in iOS gaming.

  • http://www.the-app-shack.com Matt F

    Double post, sort of

  • mguniverse

    Oh come on, it's not that bad.

    I payed the dollar to play the game, and paid the optional IAP so I could get some different guns. I've actually spent a lot of time with this game, it's fun. I regret nothing.

  • callmericard0

    Crap review. Ignore it. This game f*cking ROCKS!

  • nomster

    The criticism isn't on the IAP alone - it's the fact that's there's nothing challenging about the game - just watch the video FFS

    Sadly a lot of newcomers to gaming seem to think that the look of the game is everything - and they don't want tough gameplay just on rails simplesville crap that they can stroll through without thinking

    I really hope we don't have a World War III - not just for the humanity but modern day western kids will just throw up their hands at how difficult everything is compared with the games they played that made it all so easy

  • stryver12

    Yup, agree.
    This game is worth zero bucks. Putting a premium currency in a paid app is dumb.
    This is a freemium game, disguised as a paid app. Luckily I cracked the game, if I paid for it then it's a rip-off.

  • DecafTable

    Thank you for the review. While I do like great graphics in my game, I can already feel myself becoming bored with mindless zombie shooting rather quickly. Call of Duty Zombies worked because of secrets and progressive level difficulty with a team coop focus. This obviously isn't in the same league... Too bad 🙁

  • Knnth Rss

    After paying launch price for Shadowgun and being disappointed with its boring and repetitive game play, I decided to hold out on purchasing Dead Trigger at launch. After reading about the In App purchase, I'll probably stay away from all Madfinger games from here on in. I'm playing fewer and fewer iOS games because of this sneaky crap.

  • evilsearch

    ok then, lets say i agree with this review, so now please find me a zombie shooter game with the same level of details that doesn't force you to buy any IAP (coz honestly, I'm on level 30 or something right now and i own ALL weapon in here w/o buying any cash or gold from the store) and of course with the price less then a cup of tea. amazing updates will come shortly in couple of days(how can great website like TA forgot to mention this in their review?) with plenty of great support in the near future coming from this amazing developer. yes i respect others opinion, this is just not a game for everyone, but please give this little game a chance coz i guarantee you an amazing updates will come and I'm sure you all will be pleased by it. kudos to MFG, again! at least you guys know that your hardwork to delivered AAA quality game is much appreciated here.

    ps.tech demo or not tech demo, IMHO, again just my personal opinion, this game is better than COD waw or black ops on iOS (heck, i dont even touch those games after 30 minutes of playing it).  

  • http://twitter.com/monkeyrotica monkeyrotica

    I never comment here, but the two stars is WAY off. Graphics, gameplay, and upgrades are superior to any shooters I play regularly. Far preferable to any of the fetishized four-star tower defense or mind-numbing puzzle games that seem to be the gold standard here.

  • jeffyg3

    Well Madfinger got the game mechanics down. The gun shooting is good and the graphics are really nice, and these things make the game fun to shoot zombies, but in the end, after about 20 minutes into it, the game gets WAY too easy, and it seems like I'm just going through the same repetitive missions over and over again, running though on only 3 small-mid sized maps repeated over and over again and tends to feel like I'm just playing this game that has barely any challenge just to feed my addiction of upgrading things. Behind all the flashy graphics and good shooting mechanics is an extremely monotonous repetitive game with a freemium-like feel that doesn't offer a good or fun challenge, or very much substance. Glad I'm not fooled by the hype and graphics. This game definitely is a 2/5, great review TouchArcade.

  • whatshit

    Wait.. It wasn't long ago you guys were saying you don't Review the 1 or 2star games on the app store and defending everything getting 4 stars. How can you fools give this two stars. When I have seen you give the shittest games 3 or4 stars constantly. Seriously the reviews here are more than lame.

    • MidianGTX

      In their defense, they've always said they'll review any game that gets significant attention, no matter how good it is. If it's popular it's worth informing people about.

  • http://twitter.com/ezonecom Simon Edis

    Wow - 2-stars is pretty harsh.

  • blackout845

    I think the game is good. It does lack alot in story aspect. I would much have rather had deep story line to go with those absoluelty beautiful graphics.but at .99 its a fare price for whats being offered and im having a blast with the game no complaints on my end.

  • Rdkjr11

    Don't you think 2 stars is a little harsh?... Ok WAY harsh. I am playing it right now and I can't put it down. Does it have flaws? Yes. But so does every game. And the flaws aren't really flaws, they are things a sequel should improve on. Every game has those. It doesn't mean it's horrible and you don't play it. I'd give it a 3.5 to 4 stars. I'm disappointed with your review.

  • Himmat Singh

    I don't agree with 2/5. I'd give it 3.5/5. I mean, you have to take things in perspective. For 0.99, its really good. And I've played for over an hour and don't feel obliged to make IAP. 

  • curtisrshideler

    Every time a new zombie shooter comes out I'm hoping for a reason to play. I don't want a bigger gun. I want to play through a story, feel the nervous adrenaline of looking for something only to be taken by surprise by a zombie or two. I want that rush of seeing another living person and teaming up to accomplish something worth while. That's why I seem to always go back to the first two Resident Evil games for ios. They seem to be the only two with any story elements at all.

    Does anyone else have a suggestion for another story based zombie shooter/adventure??

    • http://twitter.com/lmihai Mihai Leonte

      NY Zombies - and the upcoming NY Zombies 2

  • k1lljoy_89

    2 stars. Such bullshit.

  • jumpman475

    Really disagree with this review. Dead Trigger is in no way a "tech demo." Sure, the controls aren't the greatest, but as a whole, this game is far better than most of the games on the App Store.

  • Vincexn

    I was expecting 3 stars seeing as Minecraft PE was also an incomplete release and that got 3.5 stars or something. Pre-patches Minecraft PE felt more incomplete as a game that Dead Trigger, but that's just my opinion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

      I agree that touch arcade is guilty for giving some really obscure and not that great games a high score but dead trigger has got a fair review. Not compared to other games but as a review it's a solid one.

  • Jacob007

    I never thought I'd see a 2-star review from TA. Nonetheless, a 2-star review for Dead Trigger!

  • troyster

    Definitely disagree with this review, I think it's an awesome game. Like others have said, the IAP is like 5 bucks for everything, not that bad.

  • karma32

    Excellent review and spot on.  2/5 is a perfect score for this boring game.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7XKOFZSCSXBSXKHPOEIZW22JAM Joerg

    Game: 4 stars
    Review: 2 stars

  • http://twitter.com/__ReJ__ Renaldas Zioma

    Looks like TA has something against MadFingers 🙁

  • yunostfu

    In with the "this should have been a full price game without iap bs" crowd.

  • Thri11Ki11

    I love TA and have been a loyal reader for some time. But it feels like TA has it out for Mad Finger. Did one of their devs bad mouth someone from TA?
    I really enjoyed Mad Fingers Samurai games and thought Shadowgun was ok but for $0.99.
    Going back and reading your reviews of other Mad Finger games seems like you guys got an agenda. What gives?

  • nomster

    It's a brave review score from TA to be sure - but it's exactly what iOS gaming needs. We all know that games can look good on iPhone and iPad so the major factor of a game is how much fun it is to play.

    It's time to grow up (platform-wise) and have games becoming hits because of clever game design - not just looks.

    Saying that it should get more because it's only 0.99 just means almost everything in store gets a good mark and we have to use trial and error to find the pearls.

    Viva TA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    Couldn't agree more with the review. This is just a tech demo with some repetitive levels no story to drive the whole thing and a horrible iap system.

  • asdfhj zxxvb

    Ignore the rating.
    If it isn't a big-budget title or cutesy physics puzzler these guys won't know what to make of it.

  • http://twitter.com/corleno Surakshith Battina

    Ha ha here we go again.....trollin' on Mad finger games 🙂 !
    2 stars....... really ?
    For .99 cents any game with such good graphics is at least 3.5 stars....

    • Roland1580

      it's a game, not a movie
      if you're need only good graphics, go to the cinema

      • http://twitter.com/corleno Surakshith Battina

        that doesn't make sense.
        Whats wrong with expecting good graphics from a game ?

  • NPeart

    Wow!!! Where did this melt down come!? 😀 Its almost as if some feel, that it was the last straw of the mobile gaming, and you need to defend it to make it look like its a quality game.

    In my view the 2 stars is generous, so that it wouldn't seem too harsh.It is a poor and very shallow game, and even the graphics are not so good, that they would justify this pitchfork attitude to the reviewer! The story telling is absolutely amateurish and the action is still in its infancy; the animations are in shortage, physics are rubbish...if there is any physics, and the amount of varying challenges is amusing. The only thing it has is sharpish textures in short corridors, but even the graphics don't justify 2 stars. There's even no shadows in it, which is helping to create its static look. As a demo it might be worth of that $0,99 for some, but paying for the weapons is ridiculous. For that 0,99 you should at least get that much content, that you would get to find the weapons for your self.

    • wim

      You sir are a gay

      • NPeart

        I have two children and just thinking of making another one, but how is this relevant to this discussion?

      • NPeart

        I have two children and just thinking of making another one, but how is this relevant to this discussion?

  • LOLavi

    You don't need to buy anything to get the stuff. 5$ is completely optional. I'd buy those IAPs just to support the dev.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

      Agreed. I find myself coming back to this game. I bought two IAP not because I needed to but because I want to support games LIKE this to hopefully bring an even better experience of gaming in the future. If we support the devs, we can get to that point. If we nickle and dime THEM to death, there will only be pick up and play games on iPads and iPhones. That is a future I do not want.

    • Roland1580

      that's what I talking about

      any freemium game (like pocket planes, for example. $0)
      toucharcade readers: it's money sucking game! greedy developers!

      dead trigger ($0,99)
      toucharcade readers: it's only $0,99! I want to support the developers!


      • Matthew Rossman

        It's a lot harder to make a game like Dead Trigger than it is to make a game like FarmVille. Fully freemium games often almost force you to make extra purchases, applying wait times between actions that can be sped up with purchased currencies. IAP's in this game are completely optional, and are longer lasting-thus actually worth your money.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

        But... I don't want more "freemium" games. I thought pocket planes was boring and deleted it the same hour.

  • LOLavi

    For once, don't trust TA's review. It's an awesome game. It may get repetitive after a while, but a new update is increasing difficulty and adding ironsights!

  • silvestar atlija

    If you like the game then enjoy it and there is no need for you to get mad about a review or someone's else's take on a game (: Remember it's internet, and we all have opinions and need to express our selves, but opinions are not facts

    My 2 cents:

    Pros for this game: Graphics, optimization, price
    Cons: Week storyline, repetitive gameplay

    As for IAP's in general goes - if they dont affect your gameplay expirience/game progress and you can unlock items by completing missions I personaly have no problem with them then. If they force it on you than it's a whole another story

  • silvestar atlija

     If you like the game then enjoy it and there is no need for you to get
    mad about a review or someone's else's take on a game (: Remember it's
    internet, and we all have opinions and need to express our selves, but
    opinions are not facts

    My 2 cents:

    Pros for this game: Graphics, optimization, price

    Cons: Week storyline, repetitive gameplay

    As for IAP's in general goes - if they dont affect your gameplay
    expirience/game progress and you can unlock items by completing missions
    I personaly have no problem with them then. If they force it on you
    than it's a whole another story

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

    Agreed. Even Madfinger themselves have wondered if TA has beef with them for some reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

    I feel the same. The asteroid game was repetitive also. But got 4.5 stars. Go figure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

    I don't think TA is useless or off point for their "pick up and play" games. Many of their reviews are pretty good. I disagree completely with this one, but that's beside the point. 
    It feels like TA doesn't want "full gaming experience" on a mobile.Anything that starts to push the boundary toward a "full gaming experience" like a PSP/PS3/XBOX game seems to make them nervous and they crap all over it. 

    Well, at least if it is made by MadFinger. haha

    • http://www.facebook.com/Nictusempra Justin Purdy

      A "full gaming experience" means more than graphics.

      This is delivering some pretty stunning console-style graphics, but there's more TO a full, engaging console-style title than that, and in most areas this game is as shallow as most in the mobile market.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is $6.99.
    Dead Trigger is $0.99. 

    Why would you expect it to be in the same league?

    FYI CoD: Black ops has IAP too. In a $6.99 game.

    • MidianGTX

      If they wanted to make a good game... yes, I'd expect it to be in the same league, and also similarly priced. 

  • Giannis Zissopoulos zissop

    Do not criticize IAP's. It's the only gun developers have to fight piracy.

    • Wayne Pocklington

      You sir are very very naive... if you think, for even 1 second, that IAP's stop/fight any type of piracy. IAP's are cracked like any other game/app, infact... "there's an app for that" as Apple would say LOL.

      I'm also alittle shocked at the 2 star rating TA has given this game, aswell as some of these people's comments... Do they work for Unreal?? Hmm...

  • Goose

    I would just like to point out two things not mentioned in this review or in the comments. Firstly, you CAN earn gold in the game, buy playing. You just have to not give up after 5 levels. Second, more bad dudes/ levels and even bosses are available when you progress. It is very slow to start, but it gets much better later on, when the difficulty ramps up.

    It occurs to me that the reviewer must not have got far at all.

    Also, realistically, not just TA members, how many people would buy this for 7 bucks. The answer is precious few. This IAP has nothing to do with fleecing you for cash, it has to do with the fact that shadowgun made no money, and they needed to change their pricing.

  • iVaro

    Tbh I've never seen any honorable review site change the score of their review because people disagree with it. So justifiable or not this is the score Touch Arcade gave it like it or not.

    Is their some sort of hidden agenda against MadFinger Games? I don't know. But TA always seem to be in the small minority of persons who hate on every single title they release and they always assure you that the bad outdoes the good in MF Games. I'd say that because I'd the amazing graphics they were expecting amazing gameplay but their review of IB2 contradicts this.

    Oh well MFG will always have a buy from me since I like to judge games fairly

  • Mike de Haas

    the 2 stars are fair, just some good lookig graphs dont make a good game.
    this game is boring and overrated by some.
    iap sucks in any game , iap in this game is foolish and a big mistake made by madfinger. im glad i just spend 1 euro because thats more than i would have given if i would know what a crappy game this was.

  • Mike de Haas

    2 star is fairfor this game, iap sucks but good thing after 20 minutes its so boring i dont even have to use iap because im back to zen pinball.
    Any game with cool graphics isnt always a good game. The game looks cool but its boring.

  • danijel korov

    IAP whill destroy mobile gameing... i realy hope MF guys will read comments and feedbacks, couse Shadowgun was GREAT, dispite TA bad reviews, i adore that game, but this is definitly less than I expected... and WTF is that sh** with glowing zombie eyes??? Totaly unnecesari! In the end: not bad game, but it could be so much better! I expected more from MF. Hope they will fix some stufs in future updates

  • Rdkjr11

    Say what you guys want about how the game deserves 2 stars, but the fact is that gamers as a whole decide how good a game is, and if you look at the app store rating it is 4.5 stars. If this game was really that bad, it would have a much lower rating (like all recent EA games >:) I couldn't resist that insult XD).

  • RhythmMan

    Thank you for the honest review!! I can't stand games with IAP for weapons and upgrades, I try to avoid them like the plague.

    This review helped me from wasting $1. That's not much money but I can put it towards many other games that don't have IAP.

  • Greyskull

    Same here. Only reason I bought it without thinking was the filesize. Either way, It's gone and I'm redownloading the Marathon trilogy. Man, how I wish Warren Spector's game library was ported to ios, at least the older ones. Deus Ex 1 (though screen size might me a problem), Ultima Underword (first truly 3d game I played unless you count Battle Zone or Elite; not restricted to corridors of the same height) Thief, System Shock...those are some ugly but awesome FP(kinda)S games.

    • Marley Listmann

      System Shock and Dues Ex on the iPhone would be great. I've also wanted to play a port of Manhunt by Rockstar, The game is horrifyingly realistic, And The AppStore doesn't have enough horror games...

      • greatnoob

        Deus Ex is here in 2013 😉

  • epikninja

    Toucharcade: "Lol let's just give this game 2 stars since we've never given a game a bad review before."

    Since this is a toucharcade review, I expected at least 4 stars from these d***riders. But from an honest critic, I would expect 3 stars at the least.

    Where is Justice

  • L0L247

    Good graphics repetitive gameplay..... Just release a left4dead 2 clone with the unity engine.

  • wingz

    I would buy this game but i already know my money would run dry in a matter of seconds

  • Johnny101

    Crap review ! 2 stars, no way. Zombie: Affliction rising was given 3 stars and all you do is stand in the middle of the same room
    Wave after wave.

    Dead trigger has so much more Gameplay, great graphics, variation, maps, etc... Not a tech demo, and certainly not a 2 star game!

  • swatbot

    Funny, because most of those 'highlights' are the bare minimum you would expect right from the outset in pretty much any forgettable zombie FPS game.  Cutting off a limb?  I've already done this 100,000 times in every zombie game I've played since the 1990's.  It's boring, not even the teeniest bit scary or engaging.  It's more boring because it's clunky and since it's been done hundreds of times before exactly the same, it's generic.  How is this the best thing ever?

    The collision detection is totally bonkers in this game--I can point and shoot my gun in the air way above the zombie and score a headshot easily.  My favorite moment about 6 levels into the game was when I shot clear to the right of the ankle of a zombie and it died.   

    I'm happy to support Madfinger for 99 cents as I want them to make better games for iOS.  I'm not going to pretend boring, repetitive, unsurprising gameplay is enjoyable when it's not though.  Madfinger has great visual designers, they need to hire some great GAME designers while they're at it unless they are content to make forgettable games.  Shadowgun was clunky and repetitive but at least it had some gameplay options and variety, actually utlized three-dimensions and had some compelling moments.  This game doesn't even have that.  Even the generic gameloft FPS clones typically have more interesting in-game mechanics.

  • swatbot

    I so agree!  I want more detailed criticism like this that delves into the actual experience of the gameplay, the freshness of it all, the pros and cons and so forth.  You can do that with any genre of game including puzzles.  This review feels very balanced.  It points out the strengths and points out the weaknesses in the gameplay.

    It does seem to me that TouchArcade is with time, improving overall with the quality of the criticism.  Maybe because the freshness of all of this is dying off.  Which is much like why I personally want detailed, constructive reviews of games.  I've been playing games since the 80's, and it takes a lot nowadays to excite me, because I've done so much of it already before, so many times... over and over again.. ad nauseum.. This game is a perfect example.  I can't see how something this boring and full of glaring gameplay errors would wow anyone whose played a fair amount of decent titles in the shooter genre before, aside from the amazing (for ipad) visuals.

  • swatbot

    In terms of gameplay, this is a considerable step down from Shadowgun, which isn't saying much.

    • GSJ1977

      You are so right. Didn't these guys once make the awesome Samurai II? What happened to them? Why did they become so crap!?

  • swatbot

    What the fans don't get isn't that we don't want Madfinger to suceed.  I'm happy to see them succeed. I don't feel ripped off, after all this game was only 99 cents.   I just want them to make good video games.  Here's some constructive criticism.  Madfinger, for future suggestion if you want to appeal to a broader and more hardcore audience: can you please hire some thoughtful game designers and level designers to go with your great visuals?  You can't just set up a few basic collision detection rules, basic AI and throw bots in a fundamentally 2d arena nowadays especially when it is kind of clunky like this.  Please, think about what separates an amazing action game with zombie horror elements from all the endless drivel that's out there.  It's about having compelling gameplay full of surprises that keeps you wanting more, and this game runs out of surprises so very quickly.  The 30-40 minutes I played this game were spent standing in small rooms, spinning left and right and tapping the shoot button, frequently in the air and still killing ever spawning generic zombies that I've seen 1000 times before in 1000 other games.  I shot clean in the air and got headshots many times.  Also, lots of games out there are repetitive, but even a repetitive game can be a win when the mechanics and the interaction are intuitive, fluid, fun and snappy.  I'd gladly spend a LOT MORE on your games if you made engaging games to go with the visuals.  There's no shortcut to making compelling gameplay either, and it's the shortcuts taken here that leave me feeling so bored.  You've got the visuals down pat.  If you make better games, you'll have a lot of fans!

  • swatbot

    I can ignore the rating, but I can't ignore the above ad hominem you've employed to dodge their honest criticisms of the game's content.

  • whyhellosimon

    Really... they are not any easier. In fact, Farmville type games are harder to develop because of all the server infrastructure needed to support the social game play.

  • GeekyDad

    In some ways, Angry Birds feels more like a tech demo, offering a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of iOS gaming. You flick your bird, knock over some cages, rinse and repeat.

  • killergts

    Good game for 99c not bad 4.5/5

  • miumius

    The game is fun for 99 cents but I'm on Day 69 and have seen practically no variation in level design, maps, or difficulty. The game definitely is polished and the graphics are beautiful but Madfinger should add some extra modes or something in upcoming updates. Or they should at least ramp up the difficulty. The game is unbelievably easy.

  • miumius

    If Madfinger adds a survival or co-op mode all will be forgiven.

  • World Citizen

    I like it too. The gameplay s terrific. It's worth about $7 and the graphics and frame rate are awesome on my iPad. Love the sound etc. people thus is a SHOOTER for people who just feel like shooting for a while with a few missions. If you want a story get an adventure or an RPG. If you want a deep game play chess. This is just a fun hooter to pick up when ours bored. I find myself keep wanting to come back to this game I ont know why I just enjoy it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Dunn/679068624 James D. Dunn

    So, all games should be 6.99 + IAP? That makes them a "good" game for you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nictusempra Justin Purdy

    It is really bizarre to me the volume of people who have something negative to say about the content of the review as opposed to the volume of people are just angry about how many stars are listed at the end of it.

    Your placement on this arbitrary scale does not match mine, raawrrgraggrhhh!

  • ConceptNormal

    TA and all you poor-mouthed ppl who are complaining about this game and it's "iap problem". For a dollar let me tell you what I GOT... The best graphics to date on an iOS game with barely any loading time. I got a game that in the end I paid $2s for and I own everything I ended up wanting my gaming experience to play out like. $2.00. I've played every FPS on the app. Store and none have better controls so if that and money is your problem...? Get a job and address your clammy hand issue. Things are repetitive as some say. That's legit. That's not legit for a dollar. Before anyone who criticizes games AFTER they play them, realize what you paid for to begin with. You can't even get a bottle of water for that price but I'm sure it's something you've never even thought of cuz' mom and dad buy "those" things for you. You'll realize how good the game is once you start paying for the real things you should be complaining about...

  • l_23mer

    What made them decide to put this game out for free?? Is it really that bad.. Or just the fact that you probably have to buy IAP to get decent guns. Whatever the reason I am glad I didn't waste. A dollar for a game that turned out to be free.

  • l_23mer

    It's not so much the fact that there is IAP! It's the ridiculous prices that you have to pay if you want to get IAP! If it was reasonably priced then I think we would all be much happier. Otherwise us IOS gamers will more then likely push for a ban or just quit IOS gaming period. Think about it lower prices for decent amounts of in game currency would equal less complaints and more of what you really want $. Really it's not like ewe are all a bunch of game junkies who can't get out of bed unless we find a way to get ripped off for product..

  • GSJ1977

    Uh... lolwut? IB2 graphics >> DT graphics. That's a FACT that has been proven with SCIENCE.

  • BIG.E.

    Haha I love how the people who say this game's IAP system isn't bad are the people who buy the $4.99 "all weapons unlock". This game's depth is worse than a FUCKING KIDDIE POOL! This game deserves a 1.5/5; the only reason it shouldn't be lower is because the game boasts smooth, slick graphics. I would only recommend this game to people who want to simply shoot the shit out of zombies (with bad guns for like the first hour if you don't spend real money), and for the ten year old who lives across the street from me.

  • ohhyeah

    Was bummed to pay money for this game just to find out its basically freemium. I thought the developer would've produced something greater seeing how they have one of the best games on the market.

  • ohhyeah

    Usually once games go free, you know they were freemium in the first place.

  • deuces559

    I had heard a lot of positive things about the game when it was released, and so when it dropped from 99c to free I jumped all over it, expecting a fast paced and fun experience. Much to my disappointment, I experienced many of the issues pointed out in the review. The gameplay was so boring it felt like a chore to play, something not even the advanced graphics could make up for. This game was so highly overrated by people simply bc if it's good graphics. A crappy present wrapped in pretty wrapping paper is still a crappy present.

  • DantBro18

    Holy sh*t so many haters. Guys this game is awesome, it's better graphics than the infinity blade series have has better gameplay too. Wow TA some of you guys suck.

    • deuces559

      yeah and angry birds space HD graphics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IB2!!!!!!!1!!1!1!!


    • jfv

      I disagree. Although it got me hooked for a while while trying to grind out missions to be able to afford the next big gun, getting that money just felt like a chore, and the fun of shooting those zombies wore off and got way too repetitive, way too fast. Deleted.

  • osvd

    Just because it has nice graphics dsnt mean its awesome. It sucks...

  • musclemanshawty


DEAD TRIGGER Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 2