At the Zynga event this afternoon, the social games publisher announced a new partners program called Zynga Partners. Dark Meadow [$5.99] creator Phosphor Games will be one of the first studios to take advantage of the initiative with a new game titled Horn.

Here's a few images, if you're wondering what it looks like:

Oddly enough, this is all we know about the game. What a curious place to announce it. It seems safe to assume that if Zynga is involved, Horn is going to be free to play. Hopefully it's handled a bit better than Dark Meadow.

[via Polygon]

  • SimpleDoom

    Infinity Blade III... oh sorry, "Horn" will be the most groundbreaking game in history. Lots of exciting IAPs to keep you paying *cough* playing and we will finally be able to afford Ferraris courtesy of those ten year olds who make our paychecks even larger.

    • ManuD

      The first thing which strikes my mind looking at the screenshots was Infinity Blade Wannabe.

    • bigrand1

      +1 for this!

  • Farkas Tamás

    freemium sh*t we smell? seem like it. freemium+zynga= greedy cash-based gameplay. good luck with it

    • Alex

      Why is it that everyone says zynga is greedy and cash hungry and above all else evil?  I play zynga poker and zynga slots among others and never paid a cent?  I can play for hours at times too in one sitting, so why do so many other people have issues?  I think it's because they are like those parents whose kids go on spending sprees on these games after they give their kids their password to buy stuff.  Uneducated sheep who regurgitate the same drivel they read or hear from other people without any real experience themselves with it.

      This type of comment reminds me of Brad's review of Squids; how he complained how evil and invasive their iap's were and then every other game blog copied the same crap and regurgitated it onto their reviews (when some parts were almost word for word).  It's ridiculous.

  • Timothy Williamson

    Awesome, another unique and original game from Zynga!


  • wim

    Wtf is the de deal with dark meadow!!! Its awesome

    • Adams Immersive

      I think he means the way Phosphor stumbled with their free-to-play transition. They made it right in the end, though, happily!

  • Castl3mania

    Oh that zynga!

  • stryver12

    Will grab this one once released to ID app store. Love Dark Meadow The Pact, and so this one will be fully balanced as The Pact does.

  • Đạt Nguyễn Thành

    freemium 😐

  • seniorgustavo

    ZYNGA's always been only up for what they will get, specially mention bout their "in-app" purchase options, and sadly enough turning to their support service seems like it'll be the last on their list. Hoping to see a major progress update with this HORN thing app, Cheers