If you dig zombies, Counter-Strike, and your iPad, we're guessing you'll want to see what developer Studio on Mars has in the oven. Its latest, and apparently first, game is an ambitious shooter called Critical Strike: Portable. As its name suggests, it's a particularly Counter-Strike-y looking action joint with a focus on competitive play across mobile devices like, say, the iPhone and Android. But it will also include other modes, including a zombie survival mode. Neat!

Critical Strike has two really interesting things going for it at the moment: (a) it's playable already on PC if you have Unity's flash player installed and (b) Studio on Mars has big plans to make this web version play nice with iOS and Android, as cross-platform multiplayer will supposedly be a thing.

148Apps says Critical Strike should be out on iOS soon. We've got a trailer below if you'd like to get an actual look at the shooter in motion.

Note: Looks like there's some, er, questionable use of assets in this game that weren't immediately apparent to us when first publishing this story. We'll be looking to get some more details regarding the validity of the asset use in CS: Portable before covering it further. We apologize for the oversight.

[via 148Apps]

  • http://twitter.com/Madportagee Michael Farrington

    I'm sorry but the assets were clearly taken from other games.....  Player models from CS, monsters from doom 3, maps from CS and I'm sure other games.  The 148apps link trailer even has them playing on a Quake 3 map.  The HUD is straight from CS as well, the icons and text/font.  Hopefully it plays well...

    • Matthew Rossman

      On my device (iPod Touch 4th gen, which you could say at this point is kinda old) it runs pretty smoothly if you're just exploring, but once enemies and other players have to render it slow down quite a bit. Zombie mode is the worst, as it has to render TONS of entities, so its wicked laggy. But if you play a pretty modest match with like 2 or 3 people on each side, it's playable. And I'm sure it runs silky smooth on newer devices.

  • wingz

    Eh think it needs more detailed blood or somethin looks kinda old for 2012 but thts just me

  • Marley Listmann

    Just a heads-up, Counter-Strike has already been ported to both Android, PC, and iPhone. Your device needs to be jail token to install it though. Cross-platform play is included, along with graphical options and the ability to host your own servers. You can even have zombies.. So just go to "cs-portable.net"

  • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

    I'm not sure it's a good idea to let PC users play against smartphone/tablet users... Seems like intermediate PC players will beat the crap out of even the champion of touchscreen... Just like it happened with halo on the Xbox and PC

  • bigrand1

    Is it me, or does it seem you're almost always running backwards? Just a constant retreat! I like attacking, not running away all the time. If it wasn't for that, I mean it looks fun with lots of killing goodness, but, I dunno... 

  • http://twitter.com/evilbachus Dustin Westphal

    Step 1) Download Unity.
    Step 2) Steal a bunch of assets.
    Step 3) Get a name designed to trick consumers.
    Step 4) Get on Touch Arcade.
    Step 5) Profit!

  • Revised

    It's already out for a long time and it's free. Download from cs-portable.net (if I'm not wrong. Google it) it's just not on the app store

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.johnstone.71 Kyle Johnstone

    just played web version and it is a total rip off but god damn! CS in my pocket thank you, next game!

  • Marley Listmann

    Old news.. a real port of counter strike to iPhone and iPad has been around for months.

    • Kbcorwin

      And what is it called? Is it the one with some Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean characters in the name? Because that one wasn't exactly done well...

      • Itsmiguel

        He must be referring to the version on Cydia. It's crap. This game with the classic 4v4 CS multiplayer would be awesome, if the controls are done correctly and are completely customizable.

      • fr33z33

        He means http://cs-portable.net it runs really well, cross platform with android at least is decent and their improvements make the game feel more and more like cs 1.6. Though there's still way to go, though.

      • Marley Listmann

        I'm referring to "CS-Portable" it was ported to Android and iPhone/iPad. The controls are not too bad either. Also custom maps.

      • juls363

        Wait is there really a counter strike on ios??

      • Itsmiguel

        That's the same one I was referring to. I got it from 3lacksky's repo a while back, but the latest version is much improved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Das-Kuhein/749994392 Das Kuhein

    Sniff...Sniff....I smell a lawsuit!

    • Th3CreeperStalker

      I smell a hater...

  • JkR93

    why are people complaining that this looks a lot like CS? CS was awesome. i dont see people complaining that modern combat 3 looks like modern warfare 3. so just shut up and enjoy this game when its released, as it looks great!

    • Th3CreeperStalker

      Ding, Ding, we have a winner.

  • http://twitter.com/NahMeenStudios Nah-Meen Studios

    I don't think the issue is so much that it looks like CS so much as assets may have been taken directly from other games?

    • ManuD

      Nevertheless it appears awesome & that's good for iOS gaming. Not sure why peeps are moaning.

  • Tommy4ever

    Actually there is a beta version of CS Portable on this website http://cs-portable.net/en/download/ios , free to download for both iOS and Android , you guys may try it , but this is not the official app from AppStore , in order to play it , you must jailbreak your devices 

  • Specter187

    I just Can't!!! Btw this will B Multiplayer Right?!

  • Addicgamer

    Can someone tell me when this game is coming out?


    Man I hope this didn't get canned...

  • Tung Dang

    Official topic of the game is here guys: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=145911