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Cross-Platform Play, Zombies, and Lots Of Shooting: ‘Critical Strike: Portable’ Apparently Has It All

If you dig zombies, Counter-Strike, and your iPad, we’re guessing you’ll want to see what developer Studio on Mars has in the oven. Its latest, and apparently first, game is an ambitious shooter called Critical Strike: Portable. As its name suggests, it’s a particularly Counter-Strike-y looking action joint with a focus on competitive play across mobile devices like, say, the iPhone and Android. But it will also include other modes, including a zombie survival mode. Neat!

Critical Strike has two really interesting things going for it at the moment: (a) it’s playable already on PC if you have Unity’s flash player installed and (b) Studio on Mars has big plans to make this web version play nice with iOS and Android, as cross-platform multiplayer will supposedly be a thing.

148Apps says Critical Strike should be out on iOS soon. We’ve got a trailer below if you’d like to get an actual look at the shooter in motion.

Note: Looks like there’s some, er, questionable use of assets in this game that weren’t immediately apparent to us when first publishing this story. We’ll be looking to get some more details regarding the validity of the asset use in CS: Portable before covering it further. We apologize for the oversight.

[via 148Apps]