An exciting update to Zombie Gunship [99¢] is well on the way. Creator Limbic Software dropped us an e-mail recently about version 1.6 of the game, confirming that it'll add iCloud to the spectacular aerial zombie game. From what we understand, this update is on the brink of being submitted or already in the submission process. But regardless, the wait to hit up Gunship across your devices seamlessly is not going to be long.

News of 1.6 comes on the heels of the 1.5 update, which added progression systems. Ranks and challenges, as well as new objectives, now compliment the game's action. Limbic says it has also discounted its coin shop prizes "through the summer," so enjoy that while it lasts. Screens of the ranking system follow:

  • Jensen_G

    When you say that it adds "iCloud" are you talking about synced saves across multiple iOS devices or something different?

    • Iman Mostafavi

      Yes in version 1.6 you'll be able to sync your game progress across all of your iCloud enabled devices!

  • Jeff Holmström

    Add achivments and i would get it as well

    • speeed

      Sir, it's currently free. And this game is fun as fuck

    • Paul Hopper

      Yes, achievements please.

  • SandHills007

    Well they need a couple things to move forward. One is a complete free fire zone - where there are either no civilians or civillian kills don't matter - a tactical nuke weapon might do it. Then increase the range of radar - so some deep interdiction strikes against giants before they enter the field of combat. Make it a high coin value for a nuke or a free fire zone - say a million coins. But make enhanced radar an earned enhancement - say at the rank of Major. Might even have the rank of colonel able to call in a Reaper with hellfire missiles.

    Come on brainiacs at Limbic - take it over the top and you might be able to make a killing yourselves.