Yesterday we learned that Capcom had an iOS version of their recent console release Street Fighter X Tekken hiding somewhere in their massive E3 booth. Eli and myself searched it out and dove right in to see how it played, and we're happy to report that so far it gets the big thumbs up. The controls feel identical to previous Capcom fighters, that is they're actually pretty darn good. The option to move them around the screen wasn't present in this demo, so it did feel a bit awkward playing on the iPad, but it still felt good nonetheless.

The big news is that for the first time Capcom is actually using 3D character models in the game. You can tell the level of detail has been toned down quite a bit, but with the stylized visuals it still holds up really well. Also worth noting is that the backgrounds are no longer static, and while they don't seem to be bursting with activity, there is a neat parallax scrolling effect going on which gives the backgrounds some depth, along with some minute animated details.

Check it out for yourself in the following videos of the game on both the iPhone and the iPad:

Unfortunately, there's no concrete information on when (or if for that matter) Street Fighter X Tekken will be hitting the App Store. It was made clear that the limited E3 demo was just that, a demo, and no plans have been formally announced for a release. However, given the positive response by everyone who happened upon the demo, I can't imagine Capcom not bringing the game over, and hopefully we'll be hearing news on a definite release in the near future.

  • DwayneW

    It's not Infinity Blade 2 quality, "hopefully" they'll add a couple of shaders. Hell games like N.O.V.A. 3 and Sky Gamblers already do.

  • fastbridge

    It's good to see these big devs interested in this platform. This game is gonna be epic. They need a 2 on 2 mode

  • VeiraGames

    I'm sure this game will be good but it's just gonna be the same thing as Street Fighter and Volt. Hopefully it will be nothing like Marvel v Capcom 2. Only problem I have with these fighting games from Capcom is there's no GameCenter multiplayer. Only fighting game I've come across that has GameCenter multiplayer is King Of Fighters 2012.

    • oo

      Street Fighter IV Volt already had online GameCenter multiplayer 1 year before King of Fighters (which looks like to be licensing Capcom's engine) finally do.

      • VeiraGames

        But you can't invite your friends through GameCenter

      • johnnyv

        Yes u can actually

      • johnnyv

        U just go to online match and choose friendly match

      • VeiraGames

        Thanks, after all this time I never realised

      • johnnyv

        No problem

  • Fernando Diaz

    These games are useless on a touchscreen...You will play it a few times and be happened to me..

  • Fokion Harokopos

    Well, they've more or less already ported this to the Vita, so why not an iOS version, given the similar hardware. I wouldn't expect smooth gameplay on anything older than a 4S/iPad 2, however. Goes without gaming it'll be the Vita version for me, however, I just hate virtual controls.

  • Smoke Tetsu

    What I'm wondering is where in hell is the Mac App Store version of Capcom's games? You can use any kind of physical control there that you want....

  • John McCollum

    SF4 volt + iCade + BluTrol = win!

  • Bianca Mól

    hmmmm I really love fighting games, they're actually one of my favorites but I didn't have a great experience with them while playing on a friend's iPhone. 

    it's awkward, I guess I need to have the feeling of almost breaking the controller (and I don't feel very comfortable when doing it with my iPod touch, for example lol)