Global mobile and social publisher GREE is showing at E3 in Los Angeles this week, and it has at least 20 new games to unveil to the world. One of them is a new tentatively titled Resident Evil VS game dubbed, for now, Resident Evil VS.

If you've been playing Resident Evil Mercenaries VS, you'll probably feel at home with this upcoming iteration. It's a third-person shooter, too, that puts you in the shoes of a Resident Evil character and pits you against others online. GREE is adding a brand new and vague "social element" into the mix, and probably some hefty free-to-play mechanics.

We've got some screens below. Again, this looks a lot like Mercenaries VS:

GREE has a serious load of games at E3, most of which appear to be everyday free-to-play titles. As E3 continues, we'll be highlighting a couple more of its titles that it has at the show, including a new Metal Slug game. Yay!

  • TouchGamePlay

    Gree is a huge Developer/Publisher in Japan. The only Problem is that they have their own Social Network that you have to be a Member of to actually be able to Login to those Mobile Games.

    Since those are bound to Asia Bank-/Payment-Systems all those Game are pretty much Unplayable ๐Ÿ™

    It would be great if Eli/Jared could find out if Gree will change/adapt their System finally for the State/Europe.

    • er (Erwin O.)

      You might want to head to and check out the games on there now!

    • Lars Kelley

      I wouldnt worry about not being able to sign up, Gree launched their global platform recently...which is why openfeint is now gone, and it seems to be no longer free for the devs. I believe you would still probably have to register, since iap inside gree apps can be used across their apps.

  • Serkan Toto

    Interesting to see that this is a brand-new social game, as there is already a social version of Resident Evil out on GREE's network in Japan (for both feature phones and smartphones).

  • TheShahnameh

    New Metal Slug! Sweet!

  • iPhone App Developers

    Now games are vastly spreading on iPhone platforms. I was searching almost i can easily get that games those i was playing on my childhood. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  • BulkSlash

    I think I'd prefer a proper Resident Evil game rather than an online deathmatch game... Couldn't we have ports of the original three RE games and Code Veronica instead?

    • likealolita

      That would be amazing, to have those games on iOS.

  • NPeart

    Rather poor. Better not cost more than 0,99...well, it wouldn't become any better game even if it was free.

  • Yagoob Yousif

    they keep making silly games and nothing for Vita , and No RE REmasters/REmakes