Microsoft's "Smart Glass" project is indeed a real thing, and with it you'll be able to access additional Xbox 360 content with "any" device, including iPad and iPhone.

At its E3 briefing in Los Angeles this morning, Microsoft showed off how Smart Glass will let users interact with Xbox movies and music with tablets and phones, but more interestingly, it unveiled how games will use the technology moving forward. In EA Sports' Madden 13, for example, players will be able to pick plays, create plays, and fiddle with rosters on their tablets or phones while simultaneously playing the actual game on their big-screen TV.

In Halo 4, users will be able to access extremely detailed gun data as well as join multiplayer matches via Smart Glass. It looks like these features will specifically be delivered via Halo Waypoint, Microsoft's hub for all things Halo.

Microsoft didn't address how exactly Xbox Smart Glass will be delivered, leaving questions about price or distribution up in the air. Last week's rumor noted that Smart Glass will have an official app across every store, including the App Store.

Xbox Smart Glass is expected to hit later this fall. An Xbox Live gold subscription will be required for "some" of the games that will support it.

  • MicroByte

    Anyone think it's going to be awkward with a smartphone/tablet sitting on your lap while playing a game?  Wonder if they'll come out with some sort of universal phone attachment for the 360 controller to assist.

    I was actually really hoping for the ability to stream actual game content to a Smart Device as a second screen.  As it is, I'm still waiting for that functionality to hit my Vita for PS3 support, but it would have been great to be able to have something like that for the 360 and be able to use the actual 360 controller (a la WiiU). 

    • Adams Immersive

      It could be awkward, but as long as it’s very supplemental—not stuff you need to do in the middle of twitch action—then it could be something you set aside on the coffee table and pick when you need it.

      This doesn’t seem like a major deal that will be constantly in use, but still a nice little extra for gamers.

      • SpacePenguinBot

        Indeed. I tried the companion app for Halo Reach. It's meant to show a map along with the location of friendly players and weapon spawns, but in practice it is incredibly frustrating to use. It takes a lot of effort to change focus from the TV across the room to the iPad on the coffee table.

  • TouchGamePlay

    Did anyone from Microsoft actually did mention that this will work with Apple iDevice too? Because through the hole Press Conference it didn`t happen. Could Eli and Jared get some more Information because as far as I can tell I really believe through the Information that are currently out to the public that it`s an Microsoft Xbox Live/Windows Mobile Only Thing.

    • Gatada

      I've never actually heard, if memory serves me, Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo mention other competing platforms by name, even if they are supported.

      What they did emphasize at least, wsa that you'll be able to use your existing phone and tablet, which in a way has to also include iOS devices.

      • James Tompkins

        exactly the truth they did say existing

    • clement renaudin

       they said "Ios,android and WP8"

  • B34$T

    Didn't they mention Win8 support also? I think that is more interesting to be honest.

    • BruteOutlawz

      Yes, windows 8 support as well 🙂

  • Brian Scott Coker

    so how is internet capability involved a la internet explorer this fall?

  • Cat Astrophy

    Sounds too much like Smart Ass

  • Mike

    They're making it sound like a bigger deal than it is, I say. Whatever, more to distract users from the actual game screen.

    • Texazzpete

      If you had watched the E3 video (or read any of the Liveblogs) instead of making snarky comments on public forums, you'd know it's actually a pretty big deal with much more functionality than Apple's Airplay feature.

  • SpacePenguinBot

    As I understood it the basic video/music info and system control work on iOS, Android, and WP8. Game content and richer content like the Game of Thrones map were for WP8 devices only. I could be wrong though.

  • KoofNoof

    YES. Brilliant way to compete with wii u

  • mcorleonep

    Blah!  This Microsoft Smart Gl-ass seems too clumsy of an interface.  Enough with the game controllers, remotes and now, iPhones & iPads laying around my coffee table as well.  I don't relish switching back & forth between the game controller and the iPad.  BZZZZZT!  Try again Micro$oft!  😛  To me my iPad is a console in itself in it's own unique way. 

  • iPod Game Guy

    It's a lot like the apple tv and the tablet reminds me of the Wii-U but the Wii-U has buttons and duel nods the tablet dose not so your going back and forth between tablet and controller and the name sounds a lot like smart-ass

  • C

    Wow...some of you just don't get it.  Game changer (pun intended) and if you can't realize that you should keep your posts to yourself.  I want the few seconds I wasted reading them back. haha!

    It's AUTOMATED.... all smart devices around you (including APPLE ones) will know they are within range of each other and will support each other visually or from a tactile standpoint (game controller, act as lightsaber for you and your buddies using the gyroscopes in your smart phone, etc...). 

    Game of Thrones is a great example for movies or shows.  It's very confusing for some to keep up with the various kings, kingdoms, map locations all happening at the same time but visually watched one by one by viewers obviously as HBO can't play all scenes in real time.  Now, when the show comes up, your phone/tablet/etc will automatically show a map of the kingdom, dots where the kings and their armies are which would be bring so much more to the show immersion....even though you will look away from the main screen at times. 

    Playing World of Warcraft (or whatever new games are out in the multi-billion dollar industry) and your phone/tablet will automatically show your character inventory while another device will automatically show your chat windows or skill swaps. 

    I believe you will also be able to use all media across any device too, but that might be asking too much and I'm not sure on that yet.

    There are some other really amazing uses for it, but I'm actually trying to see if I can patent them, so will post them if that's a fail when I ask on Monday of a patent attorney.

    This KILLS the Wii U have to buy their controller?!?!?   SmartGlass means you do NOT have to buy any new hardware.   You can use anything you are using now already.

    Microsoft will just get a fee for every device that loads the little software client (app).  Yeah...all those IPads and IPhones will be loading them too.  If they have an XBox in the home, if their friends use it, etc...  The XBox OWNS the living room.  This gets the XBox and Microsoft out into the Tablet/Phone market faster.  

    It's pretty cool stuff in my opinion.   I have the most expensive IPad and am a computer guy from the old days and this is awesome if they can keep others from cloning it which I assume is done through the patent process and licensing roadmap.

    I'm not an Apple hater either.  Just give credit where due.