Zarksoft's ambitious sci-fi MMO-meets-strategy game, Empire of the Eclipse [Free], is now out and available on the App Store. We bring you this release update for two reasons: (a) we figure we owe you an official heads up after not mentioning the game's impending release in our weekly new releases post and (b) Glenn needs some people to play with.

Who's Glenn? We don't know him that well, either. But he did write our tips line earlier today asking us to whip up a quick post to bring attention to the title. Glenn is currently battling it out in the game's first live event and says more dudes need to join. So, here you go Glenn. Now our readers know Empire is out and you'd like to play against more people. Say "hi" to Glenn for us if you sign up. Thanks!

FYI: we're working on bringing you a detailed write-up on this release, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to give Glenn a hand before we bring you something substantial. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Glenn has informed TouchArcade that he missed this first live game due to a "slight misunderstanding." HOWEVER, Glenn plans to play in another game that will either start tomorrow or when the "Irkalla" server hits 1370 users.

  • Kawai Carvalho

    Looking forward to your review of this game because I currently have no clue what is going on. All I know is I spent $1.99 and I think I have some ships moving around a planet. no sign of glenn.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Well keep your eyes peeled for Glenn, and let us know.

    • Lee Dotson

        These are located under the '?' icon in game but you can also check out the games tutorials here -

    • Rman04

      Is this title anything at all like Eve Online? Well besides the fact that it is set in space and involves spacecraft?

  • Goose

    If you're in contact with Glenn, can you ask him about a universal/HD build?

    • Lee Dotson

       An ipad client is in the works and will be a free upgrade.

  • Glenn Bertrand

    haha thanks! Glenn here, and thanks. unfortunately I missed the first game due to a slight misunderstanding. However a 2nd game will be starting tomorrow or when 1370 players sign up on the next server, Irkalla

    • Lee Dotson

        Glenn thanks for taking one for team. We at Zarksoft salute you. 🙂

  • chris(slave of Apple)

    Totally awesome. Come join the party

  • chanandler

    Where's the free trial or at least the opportunity of playing a round before paying? Makes me think there is a reason why they want the money before letting you play. I've been bitten way too many times through the app store to fall for it again!

  • David Luchetti

    I agree - we need a free trial. Even if it's only a day or a week. I'm not going to spend even $2 without any idea of what this game is. Maybe a good touch arcade review could convince me - but nothing beats hands on

  • binyamin

    the style and music are thus far right up my alley. I dropped on the first month but so far haven't been able to login my character. Sooooo the previews and introduction videos are nice 🙂

  • Geoff Osterberg

    You may want to hold off a bit before subscribing. There have been server issues all day that either prevent you from logging in or continually kick you back to the main menu due to connection inconsistency.  I thought it my 3G/Wifi at first, but the problem has been echoed by other players as well.

    I will say that the little I have gotten to play so far has my hopes up.  The universe really does feel immense, and even with a bit of a learning curve due to no proper tutorial, the in game how-to videos have given me a good idea of what's going.

    If the server issues are stabilized before my month subscription is up, I will probably stick with it. I just wish I didn't feel like I wasted $2 for the time being.

    • Rman04

      I've downloaded the game and watched the tutorials and am definitely interested in subscribing, please keep us up to date if the servers get more stable and I'll jump in when they do.

  • chanandler

    Well it seems that most articles I have read about the game agree that it is good and worth the subscription. I think I'll wait for the servers to stabilise and then give it a go. Looking forward to reading the Touch Arcade review though.

  • paulyfunk

    I bought it yesterday, one of the deepest strategy games I've seen. I really like the fact that grinding and constant play won't necessarily get you that much farther. Unfortunately, I can't log back in, the servers seem to be down! Depending in how reliable the first month is will really make my decision for month two. It's very ambitious, I hope they can get things up and running!

  • paulyfunk

    Just checked out their site, looks like early adopters will be given an extra free month because of the bumpy start! Very nice move, makes me want to stick it through a little longer, thanks ZarkSoft!

  • binyamin

    Indeed. Classy move on their part. If only blizzard would take care of us for that horrid stain of a launch with d3 in such a way.

  • Trev1

    So I been watching the tutorial videos for the past 2 days , trying to ready myself for the plunge BUT now I'm thinking of holding off ....which sucks...really was hoping to play bumpy ride

  • Michael Milbourn

    It needs an in game tutorial with 5-10 of the most important things to do.  I am completely lost on any direction in this game, I can't figure out what my ships are doing what my planets are doing, what other people are doing.  Completely listless.

  • Matthew White

    I've been enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to having a sizable force built and going to war with some fools.