Neuroshima Hex [$2.99] received all sorts of new features and content this morning courtesy a brand new update to the core game. The coolest addition by far is the introduction of asynchronous online play, which is something the game's developer Big Daddy's Creations has been thinking about doing for quite some time. Other neat features in today's update include new iPad retina support, player profiles, a stronger tutorial, and redesigned UI elements across the board -- stores, menus, and even in-game.

We haven't talked about Neuroshima in a while, so allow us to re-introduce you to the brain busting game with this tidbit from our comprehensive review:

Like many strategy games with unique rulesets, Neuroshima Hex is fairly complicated. Playing the game involves selecting one of the four factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, then playing with a 35 tile "deck". Players start by placing their headquarters on the game board, and the rest of the game revolves around attacking the enemy HQ while defending your own utilizing the tiles you draw at the start of your turn. Your deck of tiles consists of three different types, tiles that contain different types of units, modules which buff those units, and instant action tiles that do things like destroy or slide a unit, or even initiate combat.

In celebration of the release of this update, Big Daddy has dropped the price of the game to $2.99 from its usual $4.99. Our full review is available here, if you'd like to read up on the game if you're thinking about taking the plunge. Spoiler: the game's learning curve is a little steep.

  • NotYou

    Finally! I've been waiting for this update since this game came out. I played this compulsively for months, but stopped because the AI can only be so creative and it always felt like playing he same person.
    This made my day.

  • Jensen_G

    This game is great! So glad that this is finally out. 

    However, there are some bugs in this initial multiplayer release, so unless you are willing to deal with some annoyances, disconnects, crashes, etc I recommend you wait until the next point release.

    • Łukasz Łazarecki

      Next point release is already available 🙂

  • RowdyDinglebery

    This Is great the computer was getting to be to easy. Can't wait to

  • Espekayen

    NH is one of the best board game ports on the App Store. Not only does it look fantastic with its superb production values, but it has smooth and absorbing tactical gameplay to match. However, casual gamers should steer well clear; the complex rules can be intimidating to a newcomer. At least the updated tutorials will hopefully make the game more accessible to new players. It's well worth the effort.

  • volkan

    Trailer is awesome!