Surprise! A couple of "core" members from Lumines and Rez team at Q Entertainment have just released a brand new game on iPhone and iPad under the brand Monstars Inc. The app is called Kotomon, and it's available for an introductory price of $2.99 through May 31.

As you'd expect considering Q's release history, Kotomon appears to revolve around a mix of action and music. In the game, you control an adorable little red monster charged with collecting and firing friendly monsters into bad monsters. Monstars describes it as a little like pinball, except every action you take adds beats and layers to the game's soundtrack.

Kotomon seems like a neat app, so we're going to get you something much more detailed as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

  • WhO_KnOwS

    Took the plunge. Looks interesting and fun enough so far - not sure about the longevity though.

  • Lee West

    Lumines and Rez.. great games... this one... I hate it.

    "seems like a neat app" where, how, why? The controls feel imprecise, the melody annoying and the gameplAy too simple. Guess the emperor is really naked.

    I hope I am wrong, especially after paying this much.

  • Mick Jones

    It gets to a level with lava and I died over and over again from my monsters rolling into the lava off screen. I got through it but it's very frustrating trying to keep them alive when you don't control them and they don't have any self preservation instincts.
    At that point the bad level design killed the fun of the earlier levels for me.