If you're looking to spend at least one more dollar in THQ's so-so wrestling game, WWE WrestleFest [$2.99 / HD], there's no better time than now. A new IAP pack that includes a new arena and former and past crowd-pleasers Sexual Chocolate, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Mr. Perfect, and Eddie Guerrero is available for purchase.

THQ is branding this as the "Champions Pack," which strikes us as kind of funny. Is it even possible to name a popular wrestler who hasn't earned a belt or two over his surely-800 year career? Even Shamrock won championships. Shamrock, man. Anyway, if you're interested in WrestleFest we highly suggest you read some reviews and community thoughts and check out the demo [Free / HD Free] before diving in. It's definitely a mixed bag, and for those of you keep track at home, it still doesn't support iCade for whatever reason.

  • Arch Deluxe

    I don't remember Barry Horowitz ever winning a title.

    • Crex1111

      LOL Class A jobber right there.

      Surprisingly, neither King Kong Bundy nor Vader won a title either.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/47AMQOT65KEYCOKV5VR55QV3RM Ed Lashley


    My friends and I had used to have a running joke. We'd say "it's time, it's time, it's Vader time-time-time-time!" when we knew we were about to get our asses kicked. Vader in the WWE was basically a joke. A glorified jobber. A 400-pound man getting his ass kicked by absolutely everyone. I think Vader got his ass handed to him by Gold Dust, and everyone else. Sadly pathetic. Vader obviously had some significant runs in the WCW.

  • Allanon

    This game seriously needs legitimate achievements and the ability to create a wrestler of your own

  • P Allen

    Watching the video the animation of the game itself is terrible the original arcade game was never that bad.