Today marks the next big step in TouchArcade history, as with the help of Flexbits and Bartelme Design the official TouchArcade App [Free] is now available for download on the App Store. We dug deep into all the features of the app last month, so give that a once over while you're waiting for the app to download.

We've put a ton of effort into the development of this app, and aside from providing an incredibly iPhone-friendly version of all the content TouchArcade has to offer, you'll be able to see a list of the hottest games updated in real time. This list really aids in game discovery, as unlike the Apple featuring process where you'll see a new crop of games every week, our hot games list is in constant flux and will include new games, old games with recent updates, games with price drops, and tons of other relevant titles.

So give it a download and let us know what you think, and what you'd like to see changed or tweaked in future versions. Also, while this initial launch currently is not universal, we've got plans for that on the horizon and the universal version looks incredible on the iPad.

Also, if you run into any specific issues and want some help or run into some bugs that you'd like to see squashed, please don't hesitate to send an email to!

  • jindofox


  • iVaro

    awesome downloading now

  • Ryan Kelley

    Just got it... and it looks great!

  • Guest

    Woo Hoo! It is finally out!

  • sh13ld

    Looks great! Actually posting this from the app... 🙂

  • JunopEchelon

    Woo hoo! I've been waiting for too long for this...

  • Ryan Grittman

    finally! congratulations on your release 😀

  • russiaone

    Not bad at all... Just downloaded it and it's polished to a sheen. Nice.

    • russiaone

      Decided to write another comment using Siri this app is awesome! LOL

  • brerlappin

    Awesome, but I wish it were Universal.

  • sidetwo

    Fantastic work guys. Congrats to the team!

  • Dekon


  • tiong

    No love for iPad? 🙁

  • Spuzzy

    Imho, this should be contention for App of the Year or even Apple Design Awards.

  • blackryn0

    Very nice love the layout.

  • cryochild


  • John Dickerson

    Congrats to all. I really like the new app.

  • Jason M Hirst

    VERY nice, but small problem:  My username on the forum has a tilde (~) and I think it's because of this, I can't login - tells me there's an invalid signature 🙁

    • Arnold Kim

      we'll look into it

  • ferolac

    really impressed with the app

  • denki_boy

    I've been waiting for this app for so long now, honestly one of my most anticipated apps if the year so far. I'm posting this from the app right now... it's great!

  • misterdetroit

    Pretty amazing app guys! Congrats! Does this sync with AppShopper wishlists?

    • SystemX

      This I would like to know a well. Do we have to re-enter our wish list to migrate from Appshopper?

    • jindofox

      I think the current AppShopper integration is nicely done as is. These apps do different things, and they're both small and free, so you will want to have both on your device. I see the TA app as more about discovery and discussion, and the AS app for price and purchase tracking.

      The other reasons I don't want to migrate away from AppShopper are because it can track non-game apps as well as stuff in the Mac app store. 

      Every time you add something to the Touch Arcade Watch List, there's a link to AppShopper, which opens in the AppShopper app. Great!

  • Tijmen Van Nisselrooij

    Great app, only noticed small bug: € sign doen't display good when the pricing is given for an app 😉

  • metalcasket

    The simplicity of this app is ****ing wonderful. Easier to navigate than the website. Holy shit. Great work guys!

    • russiaone

      you ain't just whistling Dixie

      • John Odell

        Yes he is, he's just whistling with an accent.

  • Hackmodford

    I got it. It's beautiful.

  • squirreleater

    Fucking fantastic! Congrats on the launch!

  • SystemX

    Already Reviewed on the Canadian App Store with 5 stars. All of you folks posting great comments here have to review on your App Store. Let's float this thing to the top!!!

  • horst horstmann

    To release an Iphone only app is a little bit sad for a site that critics every game that is not universal...

  • Cccee

    Great! I was waiting for this and it looks awesome. I hope it will be made Universal in the future. Also some items don't give the option to add to my Watch List...,I'm not sure why.

  • Matt Lukens

    It is a little funny that on the podcast they all mention how much they wish everything is universal because they primarily use their iPad lol, just saying! I do really like the app though.

  • Atomos

    Really cool design

  • Crunchewy

    Not being universal is weird. Also, is there any way to tell when looking at a forum, which threads have unread posts? The Post count shown seems to be the total number of posts, not which ones are unread. That's a bit of a bummer, I must admit. Yes, I realize there is a separate thing to view ALL unread posts, in all forums, but I would like to be able to see which threads in a particular forum have new posts. Otherwise it looks pretty snazzy.

  • strangera

    Niceeee! Hope that you will roll the universal version soon.

  • Ghostz

    I can't figure out how to add upcoming games to your watch list in the app? Help?

  • mr71mb0

    Very useful.

  • cskimbrell

    Downloaded and using! Awesome!

  • Eegah

    Hot damn this is *slick*

  • steven0451

    Such a gorgeous app! I love it 🙂

  • aen0

    Impressed by the quality of the app except one thing : in some part such as individual app showcase the app is sluggish.

    I'm using an iPhone 4 non JB and I tried killing all apps.

    • ChiLam

      Noticed that too. Minor sluggish transition back to main page.

  • vane

    Looks good. Better than I expected to be honest!

  • Adam Girgenti

    Is there anyway to filter through apps that recently dropped in price like in the Appshopper app?

  • burn

    Finally!! App Of The Year for sure!!

    Got it. Love it. Can't get enough! The integration with the forums must have been a fun coding experience. 🙂

    For the next version I would like to see:
    * Universal
    * Jump to first unread post in a thread
    * Ability to subscribe to a forum thread
    * One-click add to AppShopper wish list

    Obviously you guys have done amazing work and I hope the developer has a speedy recovery.

    Can't wait to see how you can possibly improve on this already fantastic app.

    • sidetwo

      Agreed.  I'd also suggest the following:

      - Allow you to "watch" an unreleased/upcoming game and in there it'll show any new news or forum posts.
      - Ability to zoom in or enlarge images posted on the forums.

      Other than that I'm really liking this app!

      • arn

        You can watch upcoming games. The toggle is on the upcoming articles.

      • Cyacene

        So how do I add NOVA 3 to my watch list?

  • Marek Sedlar

    ... so long waiting and its not even universal, nevertheless it looks nice.

  • El_Cid

    Wish it was universal. 🙁

  • tops2

    Good so far.

    - Allow to flip to landscape view to enter comments (wider keyboard).
    - Universal
    - Unread count for forum threads (and highlight threads that has new comments since last visit).
    - Maybe tap the right arrow (or some other method) to jump to last page of thread (I always click the last page for long threads that I'm looking at)
    - Within a thread, have a "jump to bottom" button.

    I guest most of my suggestions is to improve the forum usage for me...

    Otherwise, love the app. Might not fire up Safari as much since I mostly browse the forums.

    • tops2

      Can't edit my own comment.  Found out if I touch the number of posts it takes me to the last page.

      The next thing I can't figure out is how to return to the "home" screen after flipping through the forums.  The button at the top left seems to be a "back button".

      • arn

        You can press and hold the back button or triple tap it.

      • tops2

        Sorry for responding again. Of you been browsing the forums ad want to return to "home page" of the app, press and hold the back button.

  • nine9six

    I know you wanted to get some form of the App out to the world, and already had delays (hope that developer is alright), but the fact that it's not universal really surprised me. Especially from you guys. I hope within the next few updates an iPad version will be released. Other than that, it's a great App. Good job, TA!

  • curtisrshideler

    Wow, this app is amazing. You can login and comment, it has all the news and reviews by date, and it looks super slick. I'm thankful AND impressed! Blows Pocketgamer's app out of the water!

  • ChiLam

    4 stars!

  • IvanRic

    Great app! Love you guys!

  • InvictusAPA

    About time. I've been looking forward to this. Great stuff!

  • Michael Fleming

    Ummmm...? It's not there...

  • Michael Fleming

    It's back. Probably a server issue.

  • Max Howell

    I make apps, so I must say, good production values here. It's a good app. I will use it a lot. So in that respect, I want it on my first page! But the icon is way-ugly, which is surprising because the rest of the app is very pretty. Redo the icon please.

  • JohnnyJ301

    I can't wait to download this app because I'm always on touch arcade. I have no idea why I get so excited about this kind of stuff !!

  • volodoscope

    App looks great, really well designed. Now I can follow my favorite blog from my phone!!!

  • Klonis

    Amazing!Thank you!!!!!

  • injuwarrior

    Very well done app, congrats on the release

  • Nicole Hunter

    Very smooth, pretty, easy to navigate.  Good work guys! 

  • shadowness

    Why does almost all YouTube videos in the app are showing incompatible icons? What's the point in having videos displayed on the app if we are unable to play them!

  • TheStark

    Wow. The app is really great!

  • ddorton

    Love the app!!! Everything I could want in a gaming review app!!

  • McCREE

    Wish I could add non-games to my Watch List. That is my only gripe. Congratulations on your release. This app will be on my device for as long as it is supported.

  • Demonic16

    Awesome app ❕ Works great

  • leberwurstsaft

    Terrific!  Also, looking forward to the universal app!

  • Scape3d

    The app looks/works great guys. Congrats and thanks!

  • Ghostz

    Anyone know how to add upcoming games to the watch list?

  • Scott Fraser

    The games on the right that you can scroll down through:
    When you click them it would be good if there was a link on the screen to access the review as well.
    For instance Inotia 4: I click it and i get the info and whatnot for the game, but I would also like to have a link to the review as well.
    I eat breath sleep reviews:)

    • arn

      That's how it works, we just haven't reviewed inotia

  • rblalock

    Congrats guys.  Glad to see it.  Will download it today.

  • GSport70

    Great app! Using it right now! Posting could not get any easier!

  • hawkmankt

    Great job guys. I love the app. Been with ya since (almost) the beginning and happy to see a quality app from a site I love.

  • callmericard0

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  • nicolinux

    Great app, the watchlist feature is teh killer! 🙂

  • TalorB

    Seems to be working great on my end. Nice!

  • SupaTeddles

    Very nice indeed

  • MaskU2See

    Finally!!!! And it was worth the wait. Great app devs.

  • Sojourn

    Great job guys! Three features I'd like to see:

    - send to Evernote
    - send full article by email
    - mechanic to move between articles without returning to main page first -- maybe like Reeder, where I can pull up or down to go to the next article?

    Keep up the great work -- I'm excited to see what you have planned for the Universal version. Hope the developer is recovering well from his accident.

  • Ghostz

    Could someone Please tell me how to mark upcoming games for the watch list? Thanks...

  • mickbull

    Looking awesome, thanks people!

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Finally! Great app TA. Working great on my end too!

  • Kirkpad

    Made an account and posting this comment from the app! Good work guys!

  • Tower Defender

    Search function in the forums don't work. Oh I'm typing this through the app right now lol.

  • venasque

    I'm posting this from the app. Awesome job guys this is super slick. Top grade app.

  • Tower Defender

    That is weird... After I signed in the search function works now

  • krolis

    It's awesome but… the controls are bad. Couldn't find a way to get back to start page. Back button simply gets you back to prev screen 🙁
    Also avatars are not showing up 🙁

  • Nixul

    So excited!

  • Vincent Tuyen Ngo

    Come on.. how can you have a separate watchlist and not integrate with AppShopper?

  • waynemagic

    Well done, very useful and polished!!

  • waynemagic

    Two things, a home button to go back to the first screen from anywhere and forgot the other one .

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      I can mention another thing: the "hot new games" pull list at the right seems to list only some of the most talked about games. For example, it has "Wings of Valor" but it doesn't have "Gene Effect", even though we talk more about this one in the forums. Is this a bug, or does the list depend on some kind of weird unknown factor which are not the posts?

      • Arnold Kim

        Looks like there was a second Gene Effect thread with 0 replies which is why it didn't show up.  it should show up shortly.

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        It does. Great app & great support! Keep it up 🙂

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        It does. Great app and great support!

  • Zhelkus

    It amazingly handy!

    Any chance of offering integration with appshopper?

  • chimpman252

    Lol I'm posting this from the app... Seriously though, this app is the coolest thing ever.

  • grgg

    Congrats on the release guys! Such an awesome app.

  • JCman7

    Great work guys very impressed with the app!! Been on it all day long

  • makitango

    Needless to say, this app is a great example on how to do apps right. Featured gaming apps as a way of ads is a good approach to a kind, respectful and nonintrusive way of advertising, since we're all here for exciting games.

    However, there may still be a few things:
    1. Putting an app on a watchlist is kind of an annoying job. Firat you have to click on an app listing to get to the review, and then you have to scroll down to the app details link (not always given), where one can finally set the option. A good solution would either be embedding the details screen in the review, or adding the watchlist button to the review, or putting the app details link on top of the review - or having the details link opened first, and a link added to the review section instead.
    2. If you scrolled the app list down quite a bit so the list had to be expanded a few times, clicking on an app icon to get more information may result in ending up at a resetted list, when you try to get back to the list, and you find yourself at the top of the list again.
    3. Design-wise, I think the app icon would look way better without the silver frame.

    Greetings and many, many thanks for this great app,

    • makitango

      oh, i have to take one thing back. clearly, the app list is not an ad. 🙂

      however, i've read that ads will show in the future. any way of iap-purchase to disable them? 😉

  • Noxmas


  • Allthumbs

    Wow may stop reading the other review sites. This app is great.

  • tchibo126

    Great!!! Finally!!!

  • speeed

    This is gangster!!!

  • Richard_4r1v

    Very good! Thank you and congrats

  • Dekon

    No need for it to be universal. You can already see the site full on safari on the ipad.
    The app is much easyer to use compared with the mobile site on the iphone!

  • nizy

    Congrats on the app guys, it looks great and can't wait for an iPad version now. Have had quite a few crashes on 4th gen touch though. Oh and the cross to clear the search field isn't working for me most of the time.

    3 things on I'd like to see (apart from iPad version):
    1) Ability to follow a developer in the watch list rather than their individual games.
    2) Ability to sync the games (ignoring apps) from my Appshopper to my TA watch list and vice versa.
    3) An upcoming games section on the main screen.

  • murderface


  • sinie

    Yay! The app looks great!

  • speeed

    I would like to use disqus to comment on articles as that is what I use on the website and a bunch of other websites. Not my forum account - unless it has the ability to track comments also?

    • makitango

      I, however, appreciate this. I don't want disqus or the idea of multiple accounts for one website.

  • nao

    Please make it universal.

  • h_A_Z

    Awesome app guys! Well done!

  • Paradiso

    How's this going to affect page views on the site? I know TA makes a killing in advertising revenue so it seems to me that this no ads app could be detrimental to that.

    • Arnold Kim

      I suppose it wasn't made clear enough.  The app has/will have ads.  They aren't presently active as we haven't sold them against the unreleased app yet.  

      I should also point out that all the existing content are not ads.  The ads will be clearly ads.  But I think we've done them tastefully.

  • captainugboots

    This is really really nice
    Great to see when something is executed with so well
    You guys have outdone ourselves

  • Foxtail2010

    I like it! Snappy navigating. Much easier to write posts from pad/phone. Would like to see option to select my subscribed threads from the Forum menu list, instead of having to go thru User Control Panel... or another way to get to my fave threads faster. But otherwise I'm likin!

  • appfreak

    Congrats for launching such an useful app. It does combine different aspects of the community and the forum experience is great.

    However, navigating back to the main menu or to the first post in a thread can take ages. Please consider implementing web view page back/forward and leave the UI Back button to navigate menus

    • Arnold Kim

      Press and hold the back button, or triple tap it to get back to the "top"

  • Laura

    waiting for the iPad version 🙂

  • jinchoung

    hey cool and you can login and comment using the app too! well done!

  • Basxe

    It's very awesome and fast! I like it! But i think it should be on iPad too becouse lots of iPad users would love this :).
    Ps. Iam writing this from Touch Arcade app :p

  • Corvus Corax

    Hi guys, looks nice, I have one suggestion: please add 'watch button' to every news and review article, so I can watch the game without jumping to a different list. Thanks!

  • Lakeshore

    What's this for a login? Is it the forum, Disqus oder Appshopper? I tried the forum credentials and it tells that it can't login to Diqus. Then I used the Disqus credentials and it tells me, that it can't login...

    • Arnold Kim

      It should be the forum credentials

  • macatron

    Congrats on the release of your new app!! It's freakin' awesome!! 🙂

  • progolfore

    Love the app! Great right out of the box! Navigating is pretty simple and has a nice look and feel to it.

  • Foxtail2010

    How do u get back to home screen without hitting back button a ton of times?

    • Foxtail2010

      Oops just saw the answer lower down. Thx

  • Vladimir Kotelnikov

    can't wait to see the iPad version.

  • jaze

    Oh what!! Not being universal is a bit lame. Especially from an app review site.

  • nullerr

    This app is fantastic. Great job, guys!!

  • Gatada

    Works great, but a unique and slightly "gamier" push notification sound would be nice.

    A aiff, wav or caf sound file can be added as a non localized resource of the app bundle.

  • Adam Luetchford

    Its a good app but no iPad support, you slate developers who don't do universal apps and you have done it yourself.

  • Dehmirra

    Perfect app. Thank you very much!

  • henrylkr

    Anyone knows what font is used in this app? Looks amazing!

  • superbacon

    just downloaded. looks great!

  • TheTomTrooper

    Looks excellent 😀