This day of crazy deals just doesn't seem to want to stop. Chair's amazing sword fighter that has since spawned a whole series of games Infinity Blade [$5.99] is on sale once again for 99¢. So, if you missed the last 99¢ sale that took place around a month ago, here's another chance. Also, we've got a review of the game if you want to check that out first.

On the Infinity Blade II [$5.99] front, an update just hit the App Store which addresses some issues people were experiencing with the new ClashMobs add-on. If you were having difficulty claiming rewards, that should be fixed along with "several other" mysterious issues that Chair wasn't too specific about in the patch notes.

Aaaand if you're looking for an Infinity Blade II review, it's right here. Alternatively, if you've already got the game and are looking to find some dudes to join your clash mob, we've got that too.

  • Brandon Godbout

    facebook only...not cool 

    • maniacfive

      Indeed, still Facebook only. Not interested.

      Although I love one response to the Facebook thing. which went along the lines of; "Pfft, people complaining about Facebook only such losers, all it does is post to your page when stuff happens, and get you more stuff the more people like it? whats the problem"

      If thats actually what it does with Facebook access, that is EXACTLY my problem. But as i have not attempted such a thing, I don't know for sure my source is accurate. it was on the internet after all.

      • Gabe Santos

        it doesnt do anything, u just log in with facebook and thats that, it just gives you the option to "recruit more friends" by pressing the facebook icon along with twitter and email icons. 

    • Rdkjr11

      Exactly. I'll give them a little while to fix it. If not I think I will spend my money elsewhere... Permanently. It's one thing to say "get X free item by logging into Facebook" but not letting people play a major part of the game because they don't use Facebook... Well let's just say its sad when you have sunk lower than even EA will go and leave it at that.

  • nizy

    It doesn't just fix ClashMob bugs, it also has fixes for the gem forge and 4 new achievements for forging gems.

  • DeInit

    As for many others, the FB requirement killed this feature for me. "Just logging in with Facebook and recruiting more friends" literally equates to giving information to FB you might have wanted to keep for yourself. 

  • Cause007

    You know the Infinity Blade series is big when TA reports on a simple bug-fix update:-P

  • araczynski

    i suppose its good that i only use facebook to friend companies, not people, then again, i'll still wait for the inevitable .99 sale on this game, haven't bothered to finish the first one yet.