Behind the scenes, 5 Ants' astoundingly gorgeous point-and-click stealth and adventure hybrid continues to grow from what we saw at GDC this year. In a recent conversation with us, a rep from the new Barcelona-based studio revealed three new levels, each of which is zanier than the last. Below, you can view what we saw: a camp, a candy store, and a robot.

On paper these things definitely don't go together and we're thinking that's kind of the point. 5 Ants is embracing and expanding on the charm and absurdity of Tiny Thief, and these things are starting to get expressed in more than just character and scenario design. We couldn't be more pumped after viewing these, but there's still a wait ahead of us. Tiny Thief isn't scheduled to hit iPad until later this summer.

  • robmerrell

    Wow, what a great art style. This game is at the top of my want list.

  • Farkas Tamás

    Wish i have an ipad, but most important, wish it will be a big hit. By those sceens and the video i have seen so far, it will be a an epic, entertaining stuff.

  • GamerChica

    This game looks pretty stunning the graphics and all. Is there a gameplay video out there?

  • Arien

    I really wish this wasn't a iPad exclusive. Developers who make that decision lose out on a lot of sales. Doesn't make sense to me. 

    • Danny Perski

      It looks like something that is built for the larger aspect ratio.

      • Magdalene Felix

         They could optimize it for smaller devices if they really wanted to. They do it the other way around all the time.
        I too would like to express my disappointment. I don't plan on getting an iPad anytime soon and I'd have enjoyed something like this.

  • Barak Tutterrow

    "One paper" should be "On paper".  That having been said, the game looks great.

  • Gatada


    Prefer this style so much more than really realistic visuals that is completely ruined when it plummets down the uncanny valley the moment it animates.

  • nonsmoky

    Gorgeous!!! by what we can peek it is going to be a smasher.
    Sound track just makes you want to keep going!
    It´s creativity at a new high. Long time in coming.
    Stay focused and it will balloon above all expectations.