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‘Tiny Thief’ Continues To Impress In Latest Screens

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Behind the scenes, 5 Ants‘ astoundingly gorgeous point-and-click stealth and adventure hybrid continues to grow from what we saw at GDC this year. In a recent conversation with us, a rep from the new Barcelona-based studio revealed three new levels, each of which is zanier than the last. Below, you can view what we saw: a camp, a candy store, and a robot.

On paper these things definitely don’t go together and we’re thinking that’s kind of the point. 5 Ants is embracing and expanding on the charm and absurdity of Tiny Thief, and these things are starting to get expressed in more than just character and scenario design. We couldn’t be more pumped after viewing these, but there’s still a wait ahead of us. Tiny Thief isn’t scheduled to hit iPad until later this summer.

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