Late last year, iOS game developer Two Lives Left released Codea [$14.99 (HD)]. Originally known as Codify, Codea offered developers everything they needed to rapidly prototype an iPad game… On an actual iPad. Codea has come a long way since then, and today, the first game developed entirely inside of the app has been released.

Cargo-Bot [Free (HD)] is a puzzle game where players program a robot to move crates around. 36 levels in all are included, there's a 3 star grading system, and you can even record solutions to upload them to YouTube.

Cargo-Bot is free, and worth a look to see what's possible inside of Codea. According to the Cargo-Bot site, the Codea Xcode Template used to convert the Codea files into an actual game that can be submitted to Apple will be released soon. Neat!

  • Adams Immersive

    I was wondering whether Apple would relax rules against uncompiled code (or whatever) so that people could share Codea games. Never occurred to me that there was no need to change the rules: go through Xcode! Instead of sharing with other Codea users for free, share with the whole world, and get paid if you like!

    I’ve barely played with Codea, but it’s been getting nice updates and I really like this beginning.

    • robmerrell

      Thankfully Apple relaxed their restriction on external languages shortly after making the rule public. I think the problem Codea has been facing is the rule against downloading executable code through the app. I definitely understand why Apple enforces this rule, but as a developer I wish that it didn't exist. It would be nice to update scripted parts of a game without going through the app store.

  • Rirath

    This makes me all the more excited to have bought Codea last time it was cheap.  Converting really is brilliant.  I'm pretty impressed with what can be done.

  • GiHub

    It's a really nice game as well! A bit of a ripoff of the excellent Robozzle (although Robozzle never did become universal and is iPhone only, which is a HUGE shame), this is still a very solid effort. Well worth the asking price of nothing.

  • Randy6T9

    Easily one of my most favorite games ever now. I can't overstate how smitten I am by this game!