Morphing drug pushers into plumes of viscera and leg parts has never been easier, thanks to the latest update to Midway Arcade. The arcade collection app, which features tons of classic arcade titles including NARC and Rampage, now features iCade support. We spent a moment or two in the app this morning and can confirm that the added support is sharp. We can also confirm that NARC is still the greatest game that has ever been made.

Version 1.0.1 rolls in a few more notable tweaks. The Spy Hunter looping theme bug has been fixed, d-pad support has been added for Root Beer Tapper, and that nasty DLC crash bug has finally been annihilated. Neat!

Midway Arcade still doesn't have the greatest ports on the planets, but what it does offer works well enough for our needs. Check it out if you're into Midway's older stuff. Here's a list of what it has as of this posting, and note that a couple of these are being sold across two $.99 DLC bundles:

  • Spy Hunter
  • Rampage
  • Defender
  • Joust
  • Root Beer Tapper
  • Arch Rivals
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet 2
  • Wizard of Wor
  • APB
  • NARC
  • Total Carnage

  • dmarcoot

    They need to add more games. Seriously, space invaders isn't in this? StarGate, robotron, Smash TV should all be in there. Btw, those all better and more popular than Narc ever was, by any metric.

    • Mike

       It has Rampage, you don't need or want anything else.

    • Thom Denick

      Except Narc is a shooter not a beat em up.  You're not even in the right genre, nevermind the obvious and vast differences between Narc and DD.

  • Mike


  • Adams Immersive

    My wish come true! A warning, though... don’t mess with the white buttons mid-game. One of them (bottom one?) exits the game and goes back to the arcade.

    (And I wish the HUD at top-right would fade away during iCade use; it could come back with a tap.)

  • John McCollum

    I tried it with an iCade last night and couldn't get it to work with any of the games. I selected arcade controls under settings and then the iCade controls show up on the screen. The action button works as the pause button, and nothing else responds. Anyone have a fix?

    • Thom Denick

      Can you move around the arcade with the iCade?  You do need to start the game by hitting the "1P" button on the touch screen.

  • drelbs

    Excellent! This fixes the only issue I had with the app - the wonky controls.

    An option to fade out the HUD would be excellent!

    • Thom Denick

      The HUD fades out after about 10 seconds of playing with the iCade.

  • Thom Denick

    OK this is pretty hilarious.  The iCade lets you bypass the IAP.  Just select the game in the arcade with your controller, and you're good to go.  OoPs!
    I noticed some of the games don't have sound emulation...  Narc and Wizard of Wor for starters.  Haven't had a chance to mess around with it too much more, but the controls are much better with the iCade rather than the touch.  However they do feel a bit "sticky" to me.