Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone [$2.99] and iPad [$6.99] both received some content loving while you were in bed last night. Plants vs. Zombies iPhone received Vasebreaker Endless mode, which packs in a total of nine levels. The iPad version, on the other hand, now supports Zen Garden, Vasebreaker Endless, "I, Zombies" mode, and four new mini-games: Slot Machine, Portal Combat, Beghouled Twist, and Zombiquarium have been included. The Plants vs. Zombies wiki has delightfully ridiculously in-depth looks on each of these modes, if you need to know exactly what you'll be getting into before updating.

It's notable that PopCap is continuing to push the free-to-play aspect of Plants vs. Zombies mobile. As Kotaku reports, only the first levels of Vasebreaker and I, Zombie are available from the get-go. The rest of these game's respective levels, and the other mentioned modes, need to be purchased with in-game coins, which of course can be earned or purchased straight-up.

  • swarmster

    Now that PopCap's re-awoken and EA has their IAP, maybe there's hope for Retina support in a year or two?

  • Crunchewy

    How is this "free to play" when you have to buy the app? It seems like it's "pay to play and pay again or grind it out", at least if I'm understanding how it works correctly.

    • jay401

      While that is true, I found the amount of content worth paying a couple bucks to unlock more quickly. I am quite pleased with the content and feature-set available in PvZ HD now. Thanks PopCap.

  • markstickley

    It's tough to look at PvZ on the new iPad (yeah I know I'm spoilt). I hope retina display comes soon but I realise it's a lot of work on an app so graphically intensive.

  • Jeff

    Holy crap, they finally updated the iPad version!  I could do without the IAP, but whatever.  If only they would make it a retina app now... universal wouldn't be too bad either.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Maybe one year later from now, can we get iCloud and retina iPad support?
    That would be good to let my save games transferred through versions.

  • mclifford82

    Tough to see why they waited so long, what with all the gratitude fans show them for such updates.  Oh wait, they just get a bunch of bitching and none of the gratitude.  My bad.

    • Chris Matchett

      Zen Garden took two years to arrive on the iPad version when it was already on the cheaper iPhone version. That's exceptional.

      • mclifford82

        It's not ideal, but if all people are going to do is bitch about how long it took, what incentive is there for them to continue updates?  Thanks for missing the point the first time around, I hope you get it this time.

      • Will Buckingham

        The content from the PC game should have been in the apps from the start.  There's really no excuse whatsoever for the way PvZ on iOS has been updated for the iPad particularly, as it was quite expensive when it first came out.  The in-app-purchase coins to unlock mini-games that the originally opened as you played through the campaign just add insult to injury.  Popcap has fallen to EA's profit mandates faster than I could have possibly imagined.  I can't imagine a brilliant new IP coming from them now when they're frantically trying to monitize what they have already to pay the piper.

      • Sdfc

        You sound like a little bitch, clifford.

      • mclifford82

        Damn.  Your words have stung me, and have forced me to re-evaluate my entire existence.  Thank you, random internet fuckwad, for showing me the light.  I'll buck up and be tough like you from now on.

        I only hope that maybe one day I can contribute to conversations in a meaningful way like you have.  I'll do my best to follow your example, but I'm afraid that I might fall short.  At least I now have a goal to strive towards.

        Edit: Also, it means the world to me that you created an account for the express purpose of putting me in my place. The time you spent registering for Disqus and avoiding doing something productive just further lend weight to your righteous endeavor.

  • Denis Sidorenko

    Omg. I want multiplayer mode :C

  • Goradde

    i was excited for the endless modes until i saw they should be unlocked for 150,000 or something.