Crescent Moon Games' Paper Monsters [$0.99] hit the App Store earlier this year, and we liked it quite a bit in our review. It's a slick looking platformer that's highly inspired by the Mario series, and it wouldn't be that big of a stretch to make some Little Big Planet comparisons. Regardless, it's a load of fun, and is available for free on the App Store right now.

I dig the boss battles, the auto-running dash mode is cool, and the game has a great overall feel. If you don't have it already, make sure you snag it during this promotion.

  • outracethe

    Inb4 ads.

  • outracethe

    Edit: double post

  • James

    Nope no ads or updates.
    Just a little free promotion

    The last update a couple weeks ago was just iCade and retina support.


    • Brad

       thank you so very much!

    • John Francis

       Downloaded it. Wonderful production quality. I usually hate virtual controls too but these are the best I've ever tried on iOS so far.

  • David Whittle

    Thanks for the heads-up; quality game and a great freebie!!!  I would have even been happy to pay a buck or two for it.

  • Coldar1

    Started the game. Very well done, including the controls. 

  • Junkmale

    Unplayable on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch........shame really 🙁

  • extol4000

    Yes. Best virtual controls. I'm surprised. It's so simple. I don't know how so many other games don't get this right. Paper Monsters is beautiful and fun. I wish there were more well done 'marioesque' games like this on ios.