The Call of Duty: Elite companion app is still coming to tablets, and this version might be better than the one currently on phones. In a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian, product director Noah Heller confirmed that Beachhead Studios is still actively developing a tablet app. He also noted that it'll be more than a port of the phone version of Elite.

"We're working on a tablet application right now," he told the Guardian. "I can't tell you that much about it, but I can tell you it's a totally, customized app for the tablet, not a simple port." Heller said that while the Elite web site works just fine on tablets, it wants to make the most out of real estate and landscape these things offer.

If you look beyond the boilerplate response, it seems to suggest that the major thing the phone app doesn't support, heat maps, are go. This was neither confirmed or denied by Heller when asked directly about a possible inclusion.

Regardless, we're still stoked about getting Elite on our iPads. The phone app is good, as is the web site, but Elite in general always seemed like it'd be a better fit for 10-inch screens. Here's to hoping it comes out soon-ish.

[via The Guardian, via VG247]

  • Jason Smelkinson

    ARE U JOKING? This HAS to be Universal!! Tablet gameplay is Horrible!! Try playing infinity blade on my iPad vs my iPhone!! Tablets are heavy and cumbersome as THE "gaming platform". Plus your alienating me and many others who own a quite fine iPad 1 and a iPhone 4S.. How many people own the iPad 3?? 

    These corporations are beyond ridiculous.. 

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Trevin Verduzco

        I know, right?

    • David

      You mad bro? 

    • Tyler Piderit

      I think the fact that every iPad released sells out beyond stock (and the stock is always bigger every time) show how many people own it.

  • Jason Smelkinson

    Spoiled Americans. Making me naseous. I'd expect more mature behavior from a grown man Eli. Instead if abandoning people who read your site in favor of your new iPad every year lifestyle. Try donating to a charity instead if mocking people for not owning every years gadget.

    Guess you just can't understand not buying the new iPad every year.

    No wonder people hate Americans. Taliban is mad.

    • Quarkles

      I'm not mocking you for not buying a new iPad, buddy. There are way too many other options demanding my attention.

      • Jason Smelkinson

        Is Eli too embarrassed to reply or too busy running a video game website..

        What pomp.. *pukes*