In a day of iOS gaming news that just doesn't stop, let's add this to the dog pile: Word just hit the streets that Max Payne will be arriving on the App Store on April 12th. Details are vague right now aside from mention of "renovated graphics", Social Club functionality, and the ability to customize the controls.

My calendar is telling me that April 12th is next week, so, I'm expecting Rockstar to tease out some more details on Max Payne in the not too distant future.

[via The Verge]

  • metalcasket

    Please, please, please be on the Lebanese store. *crosses fingers*

  • IMNS

    I'm sure the controls are going to suck balls like every other console port out there, I'm still goin to grab it the moment it's out. As long as it doesn't cost more than 10 bucks ie :p

  • B3nlok

    Just make a damn game controler Apple so i can enjoy games like this on my ipod. Not only it will change ios gaming, it could  change the entire game industry as well.

    • Mark

      It'd be like making a portable gaming device less portable!

      • pinchez

        It would be a choice and choice is never a bad thing!

        I don't really want Apple to make a controller as such as it would be style over substance. It would be great if they would build in BT drivers so 3rd parties could use them in the next iOS update.

      • B3nlok

        Not really. If is something like  ICP-Gametel you can easily attach-detach
        the controler anytime depending on what your needs. Thats the beauty,
        best of both worlds. On-the-go you can keep your  idevice "clean", for
        max portability, and use touch controls.When you're at home you attach the gamepad for a better experience.

  • rod.rojas13

    I'm eager to see how it's going to work.

  • ltcommander_data

    Interesting they managed to support the iPhone 3GS in this one whereas it isn't officially supported in GTA III.

    They really aught to update the home icon in that screenshot. It's clearly recycled from GTA III and doesn't fit the style of the rest of the round buttons on the screen, which is kind of lazy.

  • NPeart

    If they use gyroscope, I'm good.

  • Deamon34

    I hope they took out that annoying dream sequence level.

  • OliverF

    I'm presuming it's the original being ported over. If so I'm skipping it.

    I'm tired of ports I conquered years ago and in this case I'm certainly not going to frustrate hours of my life away again trying to walk that blood trail sequence on iOS.

    I wish Tenchu would come to ios though.

  • Warren Van Atta

    The only port I'd buy day 1 would be Final Fantasy X

  • Brian Keith

    I would prefer a $7.99 release, just so it's something under $10 😉 But I know i will buy it either way.

  • Homer423

    I probably won't buy this game because Rockstar does a terrible job with the controls for their console ports.

    The controls in Gangstar Rio are a lot better than the controls in GTA 3.

    • MaxTremors

      Are you kidding? The controls in Ganstar Rio are abysmal. GTA 3 is much more playable on IOS.

      • Charles Albert

        Aiming in GTAIII for iOS is just terrible. But it is the only thing that it's better on Gangstar Rio, I still loving GTA 3 very much XD

      • Joseph

        Aiming in GTA3 on consoles was terrible, it is hard to rewrite the whole mechanic!

  • Farhan Khan Sherwani

     cant wait!

  • Chris Pitney

    Well, I've had a play. The controls are very difficult to use on the iPhone. Really struggling to dive,aim and shoot.