Last year at E3, we got our first taste of F5 Games’ upcoming Pocket Heroes, and we were definitely intrigued by what we saw. Pocket Heroes looks to take a party-based adventure RPG and give it the asynchronous multiplayer treatment. In fact, it’s strictly online-only, with each player controlling a party member in the game and taking turns making moves asynchronously, with push notifications letting everybody know when it’s time for them to go.

It’s been described as Words With Friends meets turn-based RPG, and is probably best understood by watching the trailer below.

So, as you can see from that video, Pocket Heroes is a really cool idea. Since we first saw the game at E3 last June, F5 has been continuing to toil away at the project, and we got another chance to see where it was at during GDC last month. It had come a long way since E3, and actually looked very close to finished.

Earlier this week, the game’s publisher Ayopa Games posted the official game page for Pocket Heroes along with an official release date and pricing info. We can expect to get our hands on Pocket Heroes May 11th for the reasonable price of $1.99. Sweet! You can also see some brand spanking new promo art for the game and learn more about the different classes by visiting our forums, and we’ll definitely have more on Pocket Heroes as it nears its release next month.

  • Gemutlichkeit

    Oh wow, turn based and multiplayer. I dig it!

  • Adam Evans


    Glad this is finally coming out, really looking forward to it as I prefer co-operative play to competitive.

  • mclifford82

    Looks good.  But, only 20 different enemies?  That doesn't seem like much at all, especially in an RPG.

    • Huy Ngo

      Doesn't sound like much, but any RPG we fight hordes of mobs with the same art but named something else.  I'd wager they'd categorize an Orc Warrior and an Orc Mage as 1 type of monster.

    • Vinvy

      As long as the progression is well paced, not to quick, and the enemy's are properly balanced and distinct, I think a smaller number is better. More enemies can be added, but the base ones should be really well thought out.

  • Flare_TM

    I like the concept, not convinced by the graphics though

    • SoyGreen

      Yeah - that's one of my hangups as well. It looks like the old school Final Fantasy at first glance... (From the NES!) Maybe that is their goal behind it!

      I understand the fun of a retro feel - but why not use the capabilities of the system just a HAIR more! From their page we can see they obviously have some art talent available.

      We'll see - I'll wait for the reviews... but the idea is nice. I am in a Play-by-forum game of the boardgame Descent - this is essentially a very similar thing... (Just no adversarial human controlling the bad guys...)

      Looks interesting though!

  • Tyler Piderit

    Looks like fun! Been playing a lot of turn-based games lately that have multiplayer. Been playing Frozen Synapse for months now. Will be buying this, especially for 1.99$

  • Cat Astrophy

    I think my head would explode trying to finish one battle with push notifications.

  • Willis Hsieh


  • Briker Ed

    Hmmm. . . . bit torn about this. Can either turn out to be really fun or a royal pain in the ass, if your friends take forever to play their turn or have to leave in a rush. Not really digging the art style either to be honest. The thing really poking my eye is the clumsy marriage of pixel and errr.... other graphics (vector?). Some more animation wouldn't hurt, as all I could see in the trailer was object moving by translation :/

    • REkzkaRZ

      Second Briker Ed on that.  What happens when, like all the time for me w/Words w/Friends, the other person (or me...?) doesn't make a move for 5+ days?  And I'd like to have multiplayer beyond 2 other players, ie a party -- and then we each get 1 day or so to make our move & then we 'time out' or someone can 'robot' our character? 
      Just sayin' -- who wants to wait 20 days to do 3 moves...?

  • Christopher Lawence

    Wow that's bad pixel art. Guys, get a real artist to draw the graphics, it's worth the extra cost. let the art work be part of the story.

  • Nick Chua

    Yeah, the art style is really disappointing. I'd rather have it even more stripped down, like a roguelike, rather than the pseudo SNES JRPG sprites with literally no animation, as far as the video seems to show, at least. Also, from the UI, it looks like it might be a little oversimplified, or even dumbed down... Well, time will tell.

  • Zephyr

    I dig the graphics.  Brings back memories of playing the original NWN on aol