If you’ve been a PC gamer for the past dozen years or so, and you’re into military-themed strategy games, chances are pretty good you’re familiar with the Combat Mission series. Known for its attention to detail and realism, the Combat Mission series has spanned several titles since the first release in 1999 and has allowed gamers to reenact both real and fictitious battles from throughout history.

Yesterday, series developer Battlefront.com teased an iPad version of Combat Mission on their website. Given the date of the announcement, we were taking the news with an incredibly enormous grain of salt. However, despite the looming possibility of an April Fool’s joke, it turns out that Combat Mission: Touch [$4.99] is a real, actual game, and it's available in the App Store as we speak.

One of the hallmarks of Combat Mission is the way it handles its turn-based gameplay. It employs the "Wego" system, which basically means that both sides in a battle set up all of their moves at the same time during a planning phase, and then they both sit back and watch as everything plays out during an actual combat phase. This makes for a great 2-player experience, and Combat Mission: Touch boasts online multiplayer as well as the ability to battle solo against an AI.

We’ll have to sit down and spend some quality time with Combat Mission: Touch to see how the iOS version turned out, but if you’re a fan of the series then you’ve probably already dropped the $4.99 to check it out for yourself. Just keep in mind, it’s only compatible with the iPad 2 and the newest iPad if you’re considering picking it up.

[Thanks Christopher!]

  • http://twitter.com/DotComCTO DotComCTO

    Holy smokes! Is this for real? I've been begging for a Combat Mission game for the iPad for ages! OK. I'm buying this and praying it does the series justice.

    • theundertow


      How is it? /runs off to the App Store.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PTVE7NIV3QTO2HMYTKDG63ORW4 Kevin

    So does this play out like the Total War series given that it has turn based gameplay and all-out 3D battles?


    • http://twitter.com/pavig Pavig

      Kinda, but kinda not. The board in total war are turn based strategy. The battles are real time strategy. Combat mission (like frozen synapse) is simultaneous turn based tactics. There's no between battle game-board. Instead both players set up their commands with the game paused, then the game plays out a movie of the next time period (30s on iPad) so you see how it plays out. The troop ai is clever enough to think for itself, and may or may not obey orders, depending on what happens during that period. It's an awesome gameplay style, combining the best of turn based with the best of realtime. 

  • http://twitter.com/beekeo Brendan Keough

    Wow! I played the Combat Mission demo for Mac over and over again when I was a broke college student, really excited to see an iPad version.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crazyokie Doug Reed

    Combat Mission? On an iPad? Have I died and gone to heaven? Because my prayers have been answered. Finally, a serious hardcore wargame on an iOS platform. With Total War coming, can a beer-and-pretzels game like Panzer General be far behind?

  • Dion Booth

    Is it retina?

  • Ray Ardry

    It looks to be doing pretty well. I think if you guys buy it and dont expect it to be exactly the same as CM, you will love it. It actually has some things that the PC/Mac game doesnt have. For iPad its also a work of art graphically.

  • Dirt Farmer

    This Not, and I repeat Not the Combat Mission of years gone by. It might be ok for what it is, but if you buy this thinking it'll be like the great CM demos/games of the past (up to 2006 or so) you'll be sorely disappointed.

    I class it as a beta release at best as it currently stands. Hopefully they'll turn it into a better (good maybe even) game with some major updates.

  • http://twitter.com/jinchoung jin choung

    i liked the combat mission games (first 3) but man, this company has a knack for just making a really bad impression...

    for the pc games, i hated hated hated the camera controls and all the controls in general (not all of which were remappable).

    for this ipad version... geez, that's such a ludicrously horrible video of the game play... can't tell anything about what's going on and why the silly first person mode at the beginning.

    and graphically, man, that's a whole lot of blech... would've almost preferred 2d icons with text status of what's happening.

  • http://twitter.com/Marcos_El_Malo Marcos_El_Malo

    This is a fantastic game with some rough edges. Hopefully, we'll see those rough edges addressed with the 1.1 update, but the game is still playable and fun as is. Note that it does have a learning curve! Even CM veterans might have some difficulties with the controls right off the bat.

    That said, this is still the best tactical combat sim out there as it stands. For me, it is worth the money and will be even more so when the promised update is released. The devs deserve a lot of credit for adapting CM to the constraints of the iPad 2 and 3.