At GDC earlier this month, one of my favorite upcoming games that I had a chance to play was Get Set Games' Mega Run. They've taken Redford, the adorable main character from their hugely successful previous title Mega Jump [Free], and have dropped him into an auto-running game.

But, this isn't just any boring, old auto-runner. Instead it's literally bursting with items, power-ups, and enemies, not to mention its colorful visuals and loads of personality. Plus, it has incredibly well-designed levels with multiple pathways and tons of secrets to discover. It really is something you need to see in motion to appreciate. Which is fortunate for you, as Get Set has released a new gameplay video of Mega Run in action.

Mega Run is still in the final stages of development, and with any luck we should be seeing the title hit the App Store within the next month or two. After getting my hands on the preview version at GDC, I really can't wait to spend some quality time with the final game. Keep your eyes firmly planted on this space and we'll let you know just as soon as Mega Run gets a firm release date.

  • John Xu

    is it freemium?

  • Charles Albert

    nice, i liked megajump (despite of those hideous acelerometer controls, yuck), and i love a good endless running game. this looks awesome!

  • app symmetry

    The very first game my wife and I wound up passing our old 2nd gen back and forth for was MegaJump. Still, it's my wife's most played iOS game (right above Angry Birds, of course...). We're both incredibly excited for MegaRun! Can't freakin wait!

  • Inaba-kun

    I hope that was just a poorly encoded video, as the frame rate was all over the place. 60fps or it won't be worth looking at.