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GDC 2012: Hands-On with ‘Mega Run’ from Get Set Games

Get Set Games, creators of the tremendously successful Mega Jump [Free], have a booth here at GDC where they’re showing off their follow-up title Mega Run. Just like the endless vertical jumper that Mega Jump is, the auto-running genre is certainly nothing new. But like Mega Jump, Get Set has injected a ridiculous amount of variety and personality into the formula.

Mega Run is not an endless runner, rather it’s level-based with 3 different worlds each consisting of 16 levels. There is a stupid amount of coins, power-ups, special items, and more literally littered throughout each level. My favorite thing about Mega Run is that each level is very non-linear, despite the fact that you’re hurdling to the right towards an end goal. The levels have many branching pathways and hidden areas to discover, and with 3 hidden gems in each along with a 3 star system and time goals there is plenty of reason to go back and explore every square inch.

Mega Run is still a couple of months out from release, but it feels great already and I had a hard time pulling myself away from the demo build on the GDC floor to give other people a chance to play. We’re looking forward getting the release version of Mega Run in our hands soon, and you would be wise to keep an eye out for it too.