In August of last year, Beeworks Games ported their quirky Nintendo DS adventure title Touch Detective [Free] to the iOS platform. The art style, presentation, and writing in Touch Detective were superb, but the difficult and illogical puzzles really marred the experience. As such, we thought it was just ok in our review.

One nice thing, however, was the business model of Touch Detective which gave you the entire 1st chapter of the game for free and let you buy the additional 3 chapters through IAP. The 1st chapter was worth a solid hour or two of gameplay too, more than enough time to determine for yourself if the game’s charm would outweigh its frustrating puzzles.

Today, Beeworks has released the 2007 sequel to the original game called Touch Detective 2 1/2 [Free] into the iOS App Store. It comes with 5 full chapters as opposed to the original’s 4, and there is an exclusive bonus episode for this version with 4 additional chapters centered around the character Funghi.

Touch Detective 2 1/2 uses a similar pay structure to the first game, too. You get a chapter and a half for free with the rest of the game broken up into 3 IAP chapter packs that run $3.99 each, or you can purchase them all at once for $8.99 and save a few bucks.

As a word of caution, the game isn’t compatible with the new iPad just yet. It’s not an iPad native game anyway, but if you were thinking of running it pixel doubled on the new iPad you’ll have to wait for a fix first, which is already in the works. Other than that, though, if you liked the series on the NDS or the first iOS release, there’s really no reason not to download the free chapters and give Touch Detective 2 1/2 a spin.

  • Timothy Polumbo

    Played the game on DS, it was ok...

  • Jason Evans

    I was actually just about to start this again on my DS, but I'd rather have it on my iPhone. I love my DS, but I also love the updated and upgraded visuals in iOS versions of DS games when losing the top screen doesn't hurt anything.