If you're lining up to see The Hunger Games tonight, why not bring its official teaser game with you to pass the time? The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire [Free] launched this afternoon for the generous price of $0 and we recommend it without pause. It's a conceptually solid runner that boasts a tremendous look, and it even introduces some new ideas to its clotted genre.

If you'd like a way more in-depth look, feel free to hit up our preview. We'll be bringing you more on it in the near future, too, so stay tuned.

  • http://coderkid.co.cc/ Matt Curtis


    ...Pretty much sums up my reaction to this. I'm not usually into endless runners, but it's the Hunger Games, so I can't pass it up and feel good about myself.

    EDIT: Just tried to download and it says iOS5 only 🙁 I am sads.

  • Adams Immersive

    A little hard to find it amid the sea of unofficial cash-grab apps using the Hunger Games name!

  • knoids

    ...And it's lame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7609491 Tim Churchill

    Its fun it's just ridiculously short.

    With all the coverage, I thought it was going to be a full game that happened to be a teaser for the movie rather than a teaser that happens to be a game.

    • http://coderkid.co.cc/ Matt Curtis

      Meaning it's mostly a money-grab...?

      • Scio X

        Only it's free.

      • CharlesDayton

        Free promotion for the movie.

  • csgbroseph

    The gameplay is alright, but the graphics are the best thing about this game.

  • http://twitter.com/newjorg Jörg Tittel

    Not impressed. Feels very unpolished, from the uneven framerate on a 4S (!!!), to a shoddy Rankings menu (is it actually registering my points? I'll never know), and - not that I really need one but others might - no tutorial / help screen/menu. Neat gameplay mechanics aside, this feels like a movie tie in from the 8 bit era.

  • theundertow

    Use the time to read the book instead...

    This is a Public Service Announcement from TheUndertow.

  • Tondog

    I like the game. The Canabalt influence and style is definitely there, but I just don't think it does what it needs to in order to be a "full" game. But considering what the app store has for movie tie in games and the low low price of free, it's great.

  • jclardy

    Played it on iPad, decent idea, but the touch input seemed to lag. Maybe the animations are just long. Also it seemed that the bow doesn't work like a bow...as in it hits your target if it is there, but goes straight through enemies that are in its trajectory.

    Also the swiping doesn't seem to register very well. Overall, it probably works better on iPhone as with iPad you are holding the device in one hand and your other one has to be all over the screen.

  • http://twitter.com/jinchoung jin choung

    controls are pretty terrible.  they all get in the way of each other... gah...