Alright, I'll come clean. When I saw OMGPOP's Draw Something [99¢ / Free] glued to the #1 positions on both the free and paid charts I assumed it was yet another flavor of the week flash in the pan freemium game. Then I tried it, and wow is this game good. I'm not quite sure how they did it, but Draw Something is a perfect witch's brew of Facebook integration, word scrambling, and asynchronous two-player Pictionary.

It works a little something like this- You start a game with someone (I've found games with people you actually know via Facebook seem to be the most fun.) and are given the choice of three words of varying difficulty. You choose one, do your best to draw it, and hit submit. Your friend gets a push alert, sees your drawing, and is given a array of scrambled letters to spell the word with. If they guess correctly you're awarded between one and three coins, they take their turn, and the process repeats.

The free to play mechanic is actually sort of neat, as you can play the free version for eternity with ads and a limited set of colors to draw with. Alternatively, you can spring for the 99¢ ad-free version. The coins you earn are used to either buy bombs which nuke some of the letter tiles which don't go to the word you're supposed to guess or buy more colors to paint with. Sure, you can just do your drawings in the few colors that everyone gets, but to really tweak out your illustrations you need at least a few more paint sets.

The rub of the coin system is that actually earning enough coins by playing to buy bombs and unlock paint sets takes forever, which means you basically have to buy them unless you're way more patient than I am. But, at the end of the day, I'm having a really hard time getting that worked up over the IAP as the game is worth every penny worth of the $4.99 bucket of coins I bought to unlock a bunch of paint (and the 99¢ I dropped to get the ad-free version).

Recently, the game was updated with additional words, and complete support for the Retina Display of the new iPad. In fact, my original intention of this post was just a quick news article on that fact, but I just can't help but gush all over this game. Everyone I know is playing it, and recently taking my turns in Draw Something is both among the last things I do before I go to bed and the first things I do when I wake up every day.

So, I'm tagging this as a review, giving Draw Something five stars, and telling you again: Download this game.

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  • Crunchewy

    Cheater! Used words! 🙂

    This game is fun, but I do find it annoying how slowly coins are earned. Trying to push you into buying a coin pack. It's a fun game, but I'm out of bombs and it's going to be a while before I get more via just playing the game and earning coins that way.

    Also the game is a bit hard to play on an iPhone. Much more enjoyable on an iPad.

    • blackharon

      Something I find amazing about draw something is the fact they have no rules. If you don't want to use words then don't. If you do, feel free.

      You can draw as many things as you want, you can guess as many times as you like, just do it!

    • Lynae Cook

      Very true, I recently took on a client who's working on a drawing game that I enjoy personally for the very reason that coins and rewards are earned more easily. I felt like Draw Something moved SO SLOWLY, whereas with my client (Doodle Roulette) I find the game is much quicker paced. It was only launched officially a few weeks ago, there are still a few kinks in terms of how it's viewed on Facebook, but just as a game, it's really enjoyable. 

  • Sam

    As much as I like the idea of this game, there are too many flaws.  It's too easy to just write the answer on the page to get easy points.  This brings me onto my next point: your score means nothing... no leaderboard, or real reward for getting high scores.  Not even an achievement for hitting 10 guesses in a row, then 20 etc.
     Also, it's not culturally universal - we don't have 'corn dogs' in UK, so I'd never guess that in a million years.  Nor would I spell 'Aeroplane' as Airplane. Finally, and the biggest flaw is the morons that use it! I spend ages doing a work of art - I could be the next Monet or Gainsborough - and they just cannot get the answer! And then they do some messy drawing that resembles nothing!! Then it turns out it's something simple and easy to draw  :@

    • Michelle Fisher

      Yep....the very first game i played against a random opponent; the guy simply wrote the answer for me. super fun.......immediately closed the app and deleted. sucks for the devs. i suppose if you play against a friend in the name of fun, these situations can be avoided.

      • Collin Burton

        I've actually had pretty good luck with random players. I'm still playing with the first random I was connected with and we're on a 42 turn streak. Of the seven games I'm playing, I know two of the people IRL.

    • Eli Hodapp

      The solution to all of these issues is just playing with people you know. Currently I've got about a dozen games going with actual real-life friends of mine and it seriously could not be more fun. The people I play with prioritize witty drawings over just writing the word for coins. Stop playing with random idiots and get some of your friends to download it and play with you. 🙂

      • Sam

        Ah, I'll try and get some friends then. XD

  • Frank Hopewell-Smith

    My problem on my 3GS was that it kept crashing - anyone else experience this?!

  • zethca

    Charadium II is the superior game in every possible way. Feature for feature it is measurably better. It makes Draw Something look like an early prototype. 

    • Collin Burton

      Maybe I haven't given it enough of a chance, but I just haven't been able to get into Charadium 2 like I have DrawSomething. I'm not that found of group competitions as much as I am of one-on-one. My daughter prefers it though.

      • Justin Boehm

         Just FYI Charadium's Ping Pong game mode is something you can play one on one with 🙂

    • Justin Boehm

       I prefer Charadium II over this as well, hands down. 

  • David

    caveat emptor. they're getting such a huge number of people downloading and using the game their servers are not handling it well. there's a large number of people (including myself) that used the in-game coins to buy additional colors and/or bombs. for me, the coins were deducted but the colors didn't appear. then a few days later they did. then they were gone. then they returned. today they're gone.

    it's a fun game--especially if you're playing with real life friends (who don't cheat)--but OMGPOP needs to fix this.

    • David

      update: OMGPOP just tweeted they found the issue and should have a fix in the next update. great!

  • webman2k

    Just wish they'd fix the notifications system, which, unlike the game itself, is horrible. Just check their get satisfaction page.

  • Jeffrey Mann

    I downloaded the new update with the "retina" iPad support and it looks the exact same. Nothing looks sharper, not even the text in the app. I deleted the app and redownloaded it, still no change...

    • Christian Turkoanje

      Same with me, no difference.

    • Jay

       Maybe it's being rolled out by region? 

      • Jeffrey Mann

        No, the update I downloaded said "Retina" for iPad in it's update description. A twitter friend of mine said they saw no difference either. I think it was an oversight or something.

  • Collin Burton

    Does anyone know the max limit of how many games you can be in at once?

    • ilikemangos

       20. =)

  • James Preston

    I wish that the game would let you continue to watch the progression of the other person's drawing after you have guessed it. I suppose you could just wait till the end to plug your guess in, but I also enjoy guessing it as quickly as possible.

  • JCat_NY

    I want to try this out, but I was wondering how exactly this works with facebook? I don't want to annoy the non-interested in wall posts of any type of game progression. Does it do this?

  • B

    I've had good luck with some of my random opponents -- gotten to 60+ rounds with them.

    I confess... I've earned enough coins just by playing to buy two color packs.

    With the 400 coins and 5 extra bombs (above and beyond what you get if you start with the free game)  I haven't needed any IAPs.  (Do you get 10 bombs if you go straight to the paid game?  If not, then it makes sense to start playing on the free game, then buy the paid for 4 more bombs.)

    It's also nice that you can play cross-platform so I can play with my Android-owning friends.

    I play on my iPod Touch, but my smartphone is Android.  I'm curious if I would get another 400 coins and 5 bombs if I bought the $0.99 Android paid version, too.

    There are some features I wish it had, though.  An "are you sure" before you spend bombs (I've spent a few by accident), being able to fast-forward to watch the drawing process faster if you want, an "undo" feature when drawing (this is a biggie -- overall I like this better than Paper Telephone, but the "undo" in Paper Telephone is great) and maybe something like an "out of office" flag, so that if you're on vacation, etc. and aren't going to have time/Internet access to play for a week, the people you're playing with will know you're planning to return and haven't just totally abandoned them.

  • esploded

    People need to check out Charadium II if they enjoy this. 

    • Josh Miazga

       Charadium 2 is better than this

      • Justin Boehm

         Agreed, Charadium II is the superior title.  🙂

  • FreezeFrozen

    very good game, had a lot of fun and wasted 2 hours of my life on it yesterday night 🙂 
    (iPad2) + it helps me to learn easilly new english words (as English is not my native language)  

  • asianmack

    This game is great. I downloaded it based on your review. All my opponents are women. Guys are sleeping on this.

  • swarmster

    Any comments on battery usage? I haven't taken the plunge yet, but I've noticed a couple of my friends habitually forcing the app closed when they're done with it because otherwise it has a significant impact on battery life. Maybe it gets better if you pay to remove the ads? (Although I wouldn't think ads would be updating when in the background...)

  • NapRed

    I am tired of my coins disappearing.I play on iPad2 bought the game had coins and they disappered. Built it up again and they disappeared again. What is wrong with this games coin counting system. Fix it please.

  • Christina Allen

    I was playing with someone who kept writing the words when I was doing drawings.  Jerk.  Its a fun game, but too easy for people to be lazy and cheat.

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