Jordan Mechner and Smoking Car Productions' adventure game, The Last Express, has been slated for an iPad and iPhone release. Mechner just announced the port over on his blog, and carefully avoiding the kind of details we want to know, like, say, what new features it will support. He did, however, reveal that the folks over at DotEmu are behind the port. DotEmu recently handled the iOS version of Another World [$4.99], and did a masterful job.

The Last Express Facebook page appears to be the place to look for new drips of information at this point in the marketing cycle. It's sporting a few nifty pieces of art, as well as some production-phase images, all of which may or may not be from the original version of the game. We're investigating.

We'll definitely be keeping our eyes on this, so stay aboard. We're like a train. With seats that you, the reader, can sit in. This joke totally made sense at one point.

  • Cary Groneveldt

    Who says there's no God ....?

    A legend in the "Overlooked & Underappreciated Games" category.

  • Pitta

    My all time favorite adventure game!!!
    I still have the original one in mint condition!
    The very first real time adventure!!!

  • Adam

    I just learned an "enhanced edition" of the Baldurs Gate series will be released this summer and now this?! This old-school gamer couldn't be happier. 😀

  • Nicole Goodfellow

    Any news when yet? Hanging for this.

  • willjryan

    Haven't heard a thing since this article. Does anyone have an update!