Arguably the biggest addition to this year's version of the iPad (or at least, the most immediately noticeable one) is the inclusion of a Retina Display screen that ups the resolution to a monstrous 2048 x 1536. As anybody who has upgraded from an older device to an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, you know that the Retina Display screen is a stunning upgrade in person and makes all other mobile device screens look inferior in comparison. Such is the case with the new iPad's fancy screen, it really needs to be seen to be believed.

For anybody upgrading to a new iPad today, or if this is your first foray into the world of the iPad, then chances are you're interested in having the games that can show off the new screen as you gloat to your friends. Here we've compiled a list of games that have been updated for the iPad Retina Display:

There is a thread in our forums that's constantly being updated keeping track of compatible games or ones that will be compatible soon. If you're a developer with an iPad Retina Display update coming out, make sure to post it in that thread or post in the comments below and we'll try to keep that thread as well as this article updated as new games hit. Also, Apple is currently featuring a selection of games and apps in the App Store that are new iPad ready.

  • JPhilipp

    On the downside, some apps won't work at all on the Retina display. An issue with the middleware Corona made all of my Corona-made games unusable. Working to fix this... Corona is a terrific middleware and they have superb support and maintenance (daily builds!) so I'm looking forward from updates from their great team. My games affected are: Siege Towers For Two; Color Sound Machine; Free the Fobbles For Two; Karate Girl Destruction Run; Nervous Fly; Dream Place; The Signal; Picture Chat; and Spikeball For Two. Sorry to all players, and perhaps on the upside this means I will add Retina display support for some of those, while I'm updating them anyway!

  • Jay

     Now, out of these games, which ones actually added new hi-res textures?  I remember playing Avatar after it was "upgraded" to the retina display and it actually managed to look worse.

    • Kevin Donovan

      I was wondering this, how many of these games are actually going to replace textures with higher res textures? or are they all just going to have sharper edges but still blurry up close?

    • Save The Pencil

      Can't speak for the others, but can confirm that in Save The Pencil HD, we have added new high resolution graphics for everything. 

      I'd like to think the others would have done the same.

  • John Francis

    Even with standard textures I bet Infinity Blade 2 will look pretty good. Everything else will just be revealed to have lower re textures and lower poly models than originally though.

  • Guibsx

    Well the new ipad (my first one) is being delievered today. Looking forward to it. I notice most of these games are full price (well maybe not real racing 2 HD) so I might wait a bit before buying these games.

  • B3nlok

    I think its intriguing the fact the file size of IB2 is now 791 mb AFTER the Retina update. Before Retina i believe it was +900 mb. Shoudnt be the opposite? One thing im positive: there is no way in hell this is running at full Retina resolution.

    • Stark2k

      You could render the game at 200x200 or 5000x5000 with the same file size while using the same assets that take up the same space.  Theres is no way IB2 provided new high res textures to go with it, but flipping some switches to render out at retina is still going to look very nice.

  • Joseph

    Are there any Universal games that have retna support?

  • mcorleonep

    Just got my new iPad up and running.  I ported most of my apps from my iPhone 4S and one game that is desperately in need of a retina update is Space Junk.  On my iPhone 4S it looks great; like an old skool vector graphics arcade game.  On the 'new' iPad you can see every tiny pixel due to the high resolution screen.  So I do think it looks better on my iPhone but it plays much better with the larger screen.

    I doubt it will happen since this game is low key and sadly I don't see any updates coming.  Any of you retro-gamers out there, this game is an absolute must!!!

  • Kevin Nelson

    Is it just me, or does Infinity Blade 2 not look even remotely optimized for the retina display? It just looks like it's in the old resolution still to me. The other games listed here on the other hand look fantastic.