Apple just unveiled their brand new iPad, which as far as we can tell is just called the "iPad." It seems like basically all the rumors were true, and it is loaded with the ultra-high resolution Retina Display, a new A5X processor with quad core graphics to drive that display, LTE data if you spring for the 3G version, and much more. Prices and storage capacity have remained the same across the board, and it'll be available March 16th! Oh, better yet, the iPad 2 got even cheaper.

Blake was at the event today, and hopefully will report in shortly with some hands-on impressions with the device.

  • TouchGamePlay

    I really like the new Price - Tag. Will definitely get myself one of those new iDevices. Still unsure if I should hit the 32 or 64 One. 

    Besides that: With the current new Price - Tag for the iPad 2 I could Imagine getting myself a second One too.

  • knoids


  • knoids

    Too bad that theres no iPod touch 5...

    • Paul Hopper

      the touch usually sees its update in the fall of each year 🙂

      • S.I.D. CrAzY

         Not last year, unless "white" is an update now.

  • bigrand1

    Exactly! Storage capacity remains the same. That's the PROBLEM! Why COULDN'T THEY have doubled the space this time? Got a feeling that the new ipod5, when it comes out, will not have more than 64GB of space on it, either! Status quo! With apps getting bigger and bigger all the time, there's a big need for more room! But no, the greedy idiots seem perfectly happy to keep 'the cloud', where you 'rent' additional space yearly, for a lot of money, which SUCKS! I'd like to have the option to purchase the next device with 128GB of space right out of the box for the extra cash it takes. I know lots of people agree with this. Apple, why don't you LISTEN??? Hey, a memory card would even suffice, although I doubt if they are interested in going that direction, either!

  • Arnold Jenei

    They had no imagination on the name side :))))) "The new iPad"

    • Alex G

      Because iPad 3 has more imagination?

      • John Dickerson

        It will be a little strange when they say this game only works on iPad, but not iPad 1 or iPad 2.

      • Adams Immersive

        It’s a communication challenge for sys reqs, but it will be the same as it has long been with the iPod Touch and Macs: they’ll have to mention the year or the generation, or informally refer to a feature “retina iPad,” “original iPad,” etc.

    • IMNS

      The name isnt "The new iPad".

      It's just "iPad".

      • Cat Astrophy

        No it's "The new iPad".

      • G G

        No, it's not...

        I thought this was obvious but the 'n' in new isn't capitalized and Apple did the same thing when the MacBook was released "The new MacBook"...

  • Michael Matzat

    Still no news on new Macs. It´s been way over a year since the latest iMac. 

    I am kinda sad that apple did nothing towards the "can´t use the iPad outside your house" argument. I would love to use it on the terras in summer to read some books or play some games... Still retina will make reading a lot more easy to the eye indoores. ...couchpotato hoooooo!

    The new processor sounds amazing for gaming. The time will come in which bigger companies will produce bigger games for this. - Don´t get me wrong, i love indy games, i love small games, experimental games... but with this kind of power and the amount of units soled it´s only a matter of time untill this will go Uncharted on our asses.

    The other updates are kinda just there. Siri is interesting but just like Google+ everyone is there it but no one uses it. - Better cameras on the iPad, meh... why not, but who actually needs em in 99,9999% of the cases? iPhoto sounds good, but i´ll only use that with my DSLR as i am using filterstorm and photoshop touch right now.

    I´ll be gettin it at the end of April. iPad 2 32gb should still sell for about 400€ i hope and this upgrade is well worth the 150-200€ extra to me.

    • IMNS

      Just nitpicking here...

      About the iMacs, it's been 309 days since the last refresh. Not ver a year (though it does seem like years if you were holding out for a refresh)

  • scott slomiany

    "It seems like basically all the rumors were true." Uh, not really. The two rumors that I was particularly excited about DIDN'T come true:

    7 inch model, and electrostatic haptics.

    High-res and camera are both kind of "meh" to me.  Do people REALLY spend any amount of time shooting video on an iPad? I can see using a phone in various circumstances. Better cell networking is pointless (again, to me).

    Everything about the press release pretty much yelled at me: "Hey! We're going to make sure that the photos and videos you create are HUGE so you can hit extra data bandwidth charges faster on ATT and hit Apple's extra iCloud data storage charges faster."

    • IMNS

      7 inch model was never rumoured to announced this week. All the rumours pointed to a Q4 2012 launch at the latest.

      Haptic rumour was mostly baseless too. It had no source. Was based on apple's invitee only. So it was more of a guess than a rumour.

      • IMNS

        Edit: Q4 launch at the Earliest (not the latest)

        Also, disqus sucks on idevices. Can't edit posts -_-

  • Justin Rawcliffe

    Kool so how do the specs compare to the asus prime or whatever it's called? The highest spec android one that came out recently?

    • Sebastian Paul

      The GPU of the Transformer Prime by ASUS is only about as fast as the one from the iPad 2 - the new iPad has a GPU that is twice as fast as the one from the iPad 2, so technically it's way better.

      The display resolution of the new iPad is way higher, so the increase in speed will be not very noticeable, because the GPU has more to do, but the iPad (3) should have no real problems, i would guess the A5 GPU had still lots of reserves (remember, RR2HD ran great on FullHD Displays).

      So - i won't expect games that look much better than Infinity Blade 2 in terms of graphical effects or polygon counts, but the high level of the iPad 2 will be crowned by a much higher resolution.

  • Slerba Slerssen

    4x the pixels of an iPad 2, but only 2x the GPU cores - and the CPU is still dual core! I'll skip this one...

  • JPhilipp

    Guess every game supporting iPad Retina display soon will get a download boost now just because people want to try it out. Wonder what the performance will be of those games running on Retina?

  • Tim Jordan

    Does LTE have that same silly 20M limit on apps?  I mean with this new retina display these apps will be HUGE, even more so if any devs dare to go universal.

    This new resolution sounds impressive but I too would have loved to see some real benchmarks on performance of iPad 2 optimized games running in this new scary resolution.

  • John Dickerson

    Now if I can only get on the site to pre-order

  • Slerba Slerssen

    I'm going to a store. I want to buy an iPad. Oh look, they are selling two different models. One is called iPad and it's expensive, the another one is iPad 2 and it's cheaper. Cool, I'll take number 2!

    • Adams Immersive

      Reverting to a simpler name is definitely a marketing challenge in the short term! But adding the word “new” during the transition, and explaining the features of the new one, should go a long way towards helping people choose.

      • Cat Astrophy

        so when the next iPad comes out after this one and someone uses a standard phrase such as "Can I get the new iPad?" which one are they going to give you? The one labeled by Apple on their site as "The new iPad" or what the latest iPad actually is? A simpler name is fine but this is not the way to go about it.

      • Adams Immersive

        The possibilities are pretty funny!

        But if Apple is smart, they’ll stop calling the 2012/3rd-gen iPad “new” once another generation comes along. And if, after the 4th-gen is out, anyone comes in and truly prefers the “old” iPad, yet asks for a “new” one all the same, I hope Apple’s staff is prepared to understand the difference! They’ve got a year to train...

  • Homer423

    The name of the new iPad is an epic fail.

  • Andre Arnoldus

    i dont know, personally. i think this ipad is really not worth updating for a couple reasons

    1. new camera : yeah right, does anyone ever uses ipad camera?

    2. better processor : which kinda offset by the retina display. its like... 2x as better or was it 3x as better than ipad 2? so technically. you need better processor to display the old games anyway. so my guess is. all the new "ipad 3" games like infinity blade: dungeons. will play as well with ipad 2. ipad 3 will just play with "antialiasing" on. is that worth replacing your ipad?

    3. same size, heavier : kind of a turn off for me.

    however, it does have 4g and bluetooth 4. but then again. i dont really use them. and most of the online games requires wifi connection to play. so meh

    • Adams Immersive

      The retina display alone is plenty of reason to want a new one—and the sharpness is not the same as soft anti-aliasing (compare an iPhone 4 and a 3GS). But a product doesn’t need to last for only a year to be any good: the iPad is a success even if people keep them for 2+ years.

      • Andre Arnoldus

        i can see your point, but as im saying. is it worth it to upgrade just for the retina display alone? (i know it looks damn stunning, judging by iphone 4 as i own one)
        the reason why you should upgrade 3s to 4 is not just the retina display. but the much better processor. same reason with ipod 3 to 4, and ipad 1 to 2. and the fact that we cant play these new, cool looking games (infinity blade 2, mass effect, and many more) without upgrading to the new one.
        but this ipad 3 wont have that restriction (in fact, i kinda predict most of the new games "might" be laggy due to the huge resolution. even with new "duel-core" only processor

        but as im saying, is it worth the couple hundred just to upgrade to a retina display?

      • Crunchewy

        I don't think I'm going to upgrade from my iPad 2, and that's fine. I don't really want to have reason to upgrade just yet. LOL. Mind you, I'd love to, but I'm not sure I can justify it.

  • jeffyg3

    I already have an iPad 2 and main reason I upgradeD from the iPad was that the first iPad I always felt was clunky on the performance, even from the beginning. iPad 2 is fast for everything I do and still is.

    Main reason I would have gotten the iPad 3 would be if they came out with a 128gb model. All these videos, music, and games I have on my 64gb iPad 2 has filled the device to the brim. I see no good reason to get the new iPad if I'm still going to have disk space issues. Pretty disappointed. I hope the iPad 4 doubles the space, if not I'll probably be looking into a newer Windows 8 tablet

    • Crunchewy

      I agree on that. If they had a 128 GB model, then that along with all the other upgrades would have been a lot more compelling. But that's fine. I'll upgrade every other year.

  • John Francis

    I'm honestly excited about this thing. Heck, if I'm lucky enough to make another game I think it would work AND benefit from retina. That said, this CPU is a known quantity and it can't do anything spectacular with this crazy retina display. Also, I'm a teeny bit miffed at the absurd Mike Capps comment. I've already seen "iPad better than the PS3/360!!!!" comments on Twitter.

    • Andre Arnoldus

      i dont know about the "better than ps3/360" thing. technically. if we play ps3 with a samsung/ dell ultrasharp monitor. it'll look better and sharper.
      maybe he's just referring to the resolution.

    • IMNS

      How exactly is the CPU a known quantity? It's dual core for sure but I couldn't find out its speed. Now I don't claim to be an expert here but from what I've heard, a 2ghz dual core will be better (or atleast as good) than a 1ghz quad core in most real world scenarios. But then I dont know if iPad 3 has 2ghz or 1 ghz (or somewhere in between) processor. Which is why I ask you, how is it a known quantity? Did they specify the speed of the new processor anywhere?

      • John Francis

         No, and sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase. I'm saying that it's called the A5X for a reason. It's an A5 class processor with additional cores for graphics. It's awesome, it is. But, just like everyone here in the Matrix, it's bound the rules of the system and the fundamental framework of it's architecture.

        Even though it has 1gb of ram it's sharing that with a growing OS. It's shader pipeline, fillrate, and effects processing are the core components of what a current gen "experience" is made of. That is to say, it's more important to have high res normal maps on a model than have more triangles. Epic, incidentally, were critical in this shift with the Unreal Engine.

        These things take an absolute beating, I mean BEATING when you increase resolution. Just check out all the 720p upscaling articles you can find on 360/PS3 games, which essentially are devs saying that rather have better shaders and performance than 720p, ONE QUARTER the resolution of the iPad 2.

        The 1GB that's all but confirmed will help a ton but consoles don't have to be able to load a keynote presentation at a moment's notice the way an iPad does so the realworld available ram will be in question a well.

        In the end we'll just have to see, if anything the main concern now is how devs will build a scalable game when resolution can have such a fundamental impact on game experience.

      • Morphius

        But why do have to run their apps at that resolution? Why can't they upscale just like they do on a ps3 or Xbox? It's not mandatory to run at the native resolution and it wouldn't probably be all that noticeable to players anyway just like on a console. I personally think that games don't need to run at that resolution to look good. Up scaling would look fine and I'd rather use the extra horsepower for more effects/ shaders anyway.

        What Epic said was that you can't run games at this resolution on consoles. The consoles are limited in ram, they implied that the iPad has double the ram so in that instance the comparison may be true. However just like console developers I think most developers would rather use the extra horsepower at the cost of resolution. That sort of thing happens all the time in console developement.

      • John Francis

         Upscaling makes the resolution irrelevant. If you take one pixel and make take up 4 times the space then you are just taking a lower resolution and blowing it up so the whole screen takes up space. That means those other pixels are serving no purpose other to be filled with duplicate information rather than using that resolution to carry new information and thus a "better" picture.

        This kind of stuff was debated back in the "upscaling is good enough with my DVD player" days when people though Blu Ray wouldn't take off. Some people would argue that upscaling IS good enough but that would undermine what I think Apple is trying to do, which is say that ALL experiences are improved with higher resolutions.

  • IMNS

    One question, are iPhone only apps still going to be upscaled from 320x480 (even when they support 960x640 on iphone 4/S) when playing on the new iPad?

  • Dalie

    I'm still gonna stick with my ipad 2 until the day comes that I can't run any of the latest apps. Seems a bit odd that they haven't upgraded the storage size to at least the double, considering that everything else has been given 2x the upgrade over the ipad 2.

  • Wolfisc

    Does this mean that universal games that get retina iPad updates will vastly increase the file size of the apps for us non retina iPad users?

    • Andre Arnoldus

      i doubt it. but... if they want to make the texture sharper on that resolution. then probably yes. twice or three times as big.

  • William Volk

    We 'gambled' that this was going to happen, so our new Poker app will support the retina display on the new iPad: