InMotion Software is here at GDC this week, and they stopped by our makeshift TouchArcade headquarters here in the Marriott lobby to show off an upcoming update for the Nickelodeon-published Monkey Quest: Thunderbow [99¢/HD] as well as tease a brand new title.

First off, Monkey Quest received a nice update in early February. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed the game in our review, and the February update added 20 new levels and a boss battle, as well as some new monsters, new weapons, and new control options. The upcoming update is set to add another 30 new levels and should be hitting before the end of March.

In addition to that update, InMotion has also announced a brand new game called Tiny Tails. At first blush, you might write off Tiny Tails as a Farmville clone or something similar. However, the team was vehement that they are not fans of timer-based games like that, but they do want to include a town building-style component for Tiny Tails.

Your main character is a mouse, so everything in the world is comprised of tiny items repurposed as other things. Like buttons attached to a sardine tin to create a wheelbarrow to store food in. While creating a tiny world gives you somewhere to play in, the bigger emphasis will be on actually crafting items, combat, and exploration.

Tiny Tails is still at a pretty early point in development, with nothing beyond some concept art and some early screens. But, the art style is fantastic and I’m curious to see how the crafting and combat pans out in the final game. InMotion is hoping to have the game released in the 3rd quarter of this year, and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on it as it gets further along.

  • geekstuff

    aren't we bored like this type of games? for ex, Angry Brids? i think lots of people doesn't like this type of games anymore

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Still not available in Russian appstore

  • Kids Sachs

    Ok monkey quest users
    read this (it works) the code is WOOT45K gives dragon wings from nc shop. 😀 hope it works for you guys!

  • clin

    Dude this is nothing like angry birds. Have you actually played it? I actually really like this game, especially for being free