Robot Entertainment is making good on the promise of more Hero Academy [Free] content, and it sure delivered the other day. In an update, Robot unleashed the game's third team, the Dwarves, for a one-time $1.99 in-app purchase. These undersized big men specialize in the fine art of explosives and gunpowder, kinda like the Squat in Warhammer 40K except without the exo-armour and all those Land Trains.

Robot has an awesome blog post up that details each of the new classes that the Dwarf army is bringing to the fold. It also spills the beans on all the contents of the new update, which brings about some needed chat bug fixes and several neat tweaks, like auto-forfeiting. Hit it up if you're especially curious, and check out our review if you still don't know why everyone is buzzing this. Hint: it has something to do with the amount of little dudes equipped with stabby things.

  • SomeRandomJerk

    (Groan) I want to play this game again, but I cant stand playing it asynchronously. I didnt expect the update to address this but it still bums me out because I do like this game.

    • Noam Rathaus

      I so agree with you, with the amount of losers out there that start a game and quit mid-game, this game-by-snail-mail approach is making this game unfun

    • Be-Rad

      I'd pay way more money for a single player version

  • KenGriffeyIII

    Anyone else having problems with this game since the update? At first it was just real slow but now I can't get past the "Robot Entertainment" screen.

  • Steve Khazon

    I actually like the asynchronous gameplay.  I have many games running at once and by the time I'm done with the games further down the list, more have popped up.

  • GrimTeef

    Big fan of the asynchronus play as well. And with the update, anyone that takes more than 7 days to get back to you automatically forfeits the match! Looking forward to RE's next team release!

  • steven bell

    I'm enjoying this update but would like the option of a single player game in the next with variable difficultly