Here's a sale that we definitely didn't expect to see so soon. Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have both dropped to a dollar. This sale just went into effect, and strangely enough it seems that the iPhone-specific version of Chinatown Wars is still $9.99. It doesn't make much sense for Rockstar to only drop the price of the HD version, so maybe check back in a little bit to see if the price of the small screen version drops as well. (We'll update this post if/when it does.) Looks like the iPhone version finally dropped to 99¢ as well.

We've reviewed both GTA3 as well as Chinatown Wars. We loved both games, as they provide a level of depth seldom seen on the App Store. They both control about as well as you'd expect a console game mapped to virtual controls to play, which in my opinion is totally workable.

Seriously, don't miss these games while they're 99¢. Both have potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay if you find yourself getting sucked into the main story, the side missions, and just generally bumming around in the world. I couldn't even guess the number of cumulative days I've spent in various GTA games racking up the highest wanted level I can and seeing how long I can survive.

  • TouchGamePlay

    Smashing the Buy...wait...I did bought those three Games already on Day One! Shouldn`t I now feel some kind of betrayed by Rockstar because of this Sale?

    Not at all since all three Games were worth every damn Dollar I have thrown against the Screen when the Games have appeared on the iTunes Store so I will End this hole Talk with the following Words...
    If you don`t "Smash the Buy Button" when you don`t own those three Games yet you should consider visiting a Doc...

    • Erik Hanzel

       Nice try Mr. Rockstar employee. ... oh and YES, I do feel betrayed!!!!  I hate how you (developers) try to justify your price drops. I will never buy a game from Rockstar on day one again.

      • Anonymous

        More than 2 months post launch for GTA 3 may not be considered long, but that's hardly an early price drop.

      • Sean Yuan

        I'm seriously hoping that was extreme sarcasm.


      • Anonymous

        Hey buddy, you left your tin hat down in the fallout shelter.

      • Jay G

        It's not the developers' fault that you don't have the patience to wait out a price drop! XD

  • Leopoldo Godoy

    "This item is currently being modified. Please try again later". Damn.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don't really understand the logic here, why only the iPad version of Chinatown Wars is on sale? I would buy GTA 3, but it's currently, as someone mentioned already, 
    "This item is currently being modified. Please try again later"

    • Anonymous

      I expect this has something to do with the iPad 3 event scheduled for around 7th March. GTA 3 was reduced a couple of weeks after it came out to ensure the No.1 spot on the App Games Chart on Christmas Day, for another huge sales boost.

      This might be another effort to get these Apps into the Top 10 positions in time for another busy period of transaction on the App Store. 

      • Anonymous

        it seems early for that, it's only on sale till Monday, but who knows 🙂

  • Anonymous

    they seriously need to hire some better itunes programmers, this 'being modified' junk has been going on for years...

  • putermcgee

    i bought chinatown wars on my phone, and gta3 long ago...and haven't had the time to play much of either. however, i definitely don't regret paying whatever i paid back then. so to celebrate, i bought the ipad version despite not having an ipad (yet!). and it was still a good purchase.

    • Silverfist Jewelry

      How DARE you support the developer instead of bitching about a sale! What are you, a communist?!


  • René de Groot

    "This item is currently being modified. Please try again later"

  • Anonymous

    Chinatown Wars is way better on the DS it was originally for.

    • Scape3d

      And also 30 times more expensive.

      • Anonymous

        Well if it were still in print and new, yeah. More like 20x more expensive now.

        But really, I think this game benefits greatly from the physical controls and the minimalist graphics and UI elements were really well done on the DS. The switch to all cell shaded graphics for the PSP (and subsequently the iPhone - there were still some references to the PSP controls when it shipped for iPhone) was a bad one, IMO. 

      • Charles Demafeliz

        Still not worth 20x more to me. Rather have it digitally myself. I hate physical media.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, I would say the ipod's screen is generally cramped for these games, especially games that were originally made for two screens. It's not really a dealbreaker so much as it is a matter of preference.

      • Anonymous

        And a whole lot uglier.

    • Anti-Archonist

      I disagree, I've owned both. I think (for some reason) the people in the pedestrian chatter is missing on the iPhone version (it was repetitive anyways) but it's in the iPad version. Wish they'd format the iPad to iPhone for higher res. iPad has more real estate making controls easier. Controls aren't hard though, you get use to them.

      Graphics are much improved, even if the iPhone one isn't retina. DS resolution is tough to stomach these days. I did a side-by-side comparison of FF3 on iOS and DS. It's the same 3D engine and people complained that it was ugly on DS. It is ugly, but again the same engine and it looks beautiful in high-res.

  • BVaz

    Getting the item is being modified garbage as well, has there been any sort of official word/story on what has been going on with all these games showing as 'being modified' lately, or do we figure it is just some sort of app store bug or something?

  • chuksy

    please how  do we go about the issue of "its been modified try again later"

    • Anonymous

      Try gifting the app to yourself, it worked for me, different game mind you.

  • - Sebastian P

    Why am I suddenly thirsty for OJ?

  • Michael Danilowicz

    I can not play GTA3 for more than 5 seconds without it crashing. 🙁

  • Michael Danilowicz

    I can not play GTA3 for more than five seconds without it crashing. 🙁