We Might Be Getting 3 iOS Games from ‘Final Fantasy’ Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi

In January 2010 we learned that Hironobu Sakaguchi, who created Final Fantasy and had a hand in several other landmark Square titles, was working on an iPhone project while also creating what would eventually be The Last Story for Wii. Since then there hasn’t been much info on exactly what was going on with this intriguing mobile project.

When questioned over Twitter for information regarding what he was currently working on, Sakaguchi answered that he had “around 3 titles” in the works for iOS, according to Andriasang.

Sakaguchi hasn’t offered any further details or clarification on what he means by multiple titles. In this age, it isn’t hard to imagine him talking about some sort of episodic content, or 3 sort of bit-sized kind of experiences scaled for on-the-go play.

Andriasang notes that Sakaguchi is currently traveling Europe promoting the release of The Last Story in that region and returns to Japan on March 1st, when perhaps we can find out more about these mysterious iOS projects.

[Via Andriasang]