And some say the world is a cold, passionless place. Thanks to a hip angel investor, the visionary behind Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, is getting a shot at remaking and re-imagining Karateka for release across multiple downloadable platforms.

In a blog post, Mechner says that he's been working on the new Karateka with a "small team" for over a year. It's a passionate write-up for the most part, and the reason is plain: this was his first published game, and it's a legendary one to boot. The side-scrolling action might have been simple, but the title caught fire. Since its debut on Apple II, it's been ported to roughly sixteen quadrillion different platforms.

Firm details are impossible to find at this point, but we do know that this is a re-make that will blur the standard lines:

It’s closer than the 2003 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was to the original, side-scrolling Prince of Persia. But it’s a more radical reinvention than, say, the 2007 XBLA Prince of Persia Classic. The new Karateka is much more than a port; it’s both a remake and a re-imagining of the original game for today’s consoles.

Let's talk platforms real quick: in numerous interviews, Mechner has confirmed that this is slated to hit XBLA and PSN. Over Twitter, Mechner told TouchArcade that he 'hopes' an iOS version can happen. For the record, we do, too.

  • Animal Trackers

    I remember a friend having this back in the day, but when I played it, I didn't get very far because it seemed to run so slowly on the C128, as in a second or two to perform one kick. It was almost a slide show, so I'm guessing something was amiss.

    • Slick

       dude, i wish i could go back in time and tell you to run your 128 in 64 mode to get it running smooth. i played it on an atari 5200.

      • Animal Trackers

        Ah, that would explain it. It's been so long, so I can't remember what I did exactly, but I guess if it had loaded and run in C128 mode, I wouldn't have thought to try running it in C64 mode to speed it up. It's a shame because I could tell I'd have enjoyed playing it at normal speed.

  • Stuart Carnie

    This was a fantastic game!

  • Mike


  • GDSage

    Oh hell yes

  • David Markowitz

    Wow, cool!  Karateka is still one of my all time favorite fighting games.  Played it on my apple IIe and mac SE.  I'd love to see it come to iOS, though I'm a bit wary of a remake.  Will just have to wait and see how it turns out.

  • The Edis Bros.

    This game has the greatest ending of all time! Would love to play it on iOS...

  • Ricardo Quesada

    One of my favorites C64 games!

  • Cory Engel

    One of my favorites on Apple IIe and Commodore 64, and I'd love to play that original on iOS. But I have no illusions that a new version would be anything like the original. Probably just another fighting game. (If they included a new port of the original as a free add-on, I'd buy it just for that though.)