Sony's next-generation portable, Vita, is almost available in the US. Starting tomorrow, you can buy the $350 "First Edition" bundle, which houses a 3G / Wifi model with a case, a copy of Little Deviants, and a 4GB memory card. On February 22, the device will see a much wider launch, as Sony will unleash the cheaper Wifi-only models into the wild.

Most, if not all, of the device's launch games are available in retail as well as in company's digital store. Interestingly, they're a hair or two cheaper in the latter.

More interestingly, Sony isn't going to be afraid to play with pricing models. Unlike Nintendo, Sony is acknowledging the existence of the App Store, its developers, and its millions of consumers. It seems to realize that people have an option or two when it comes to handheld games, so it's staying limber by allowing $5 or $10 or even $30 games to hit the PSN Store in this magical age of $.99 titles.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat Sony Worldwide Studios' Shehei Yoshida talked just about as openly as one in his position can about this.

"We have a theory that if we create really compelling, engaging experiences that you can spend hours with, you’ll see the value of spending 40 dollars against one dollar," he said in the interview.

"The good thing about $1 games is that people are not spending too much money on them. If you buy 40 of those, you might be spending $40, but still..."

"Gamers love all kinds of games. I totally understand people who like games like Angry Birds, but if you’re a gamer, you’re also interested in trying different kinds of experiences, bigger games," he said.

As for Vita game pricing, it'll be about matching perception, Yoshida said. Sony will somehow measure the value and scope when pricing. Also, it won't just focus on the $40, blown-up AAA production.

This is a great direction, and we say that with our iPhones firmly clutched in our hands and iPads sitting on our desks. Mobile needs more engaging experiences, and we're stoked that these will have a going rate of only $30-$40. But this is also a new digital reality. We want low-cost, low barrier of entry titles for time-waster prices. Acknowledging this, as Sony is, makes Vita an actual competitor.

If Sony wants to keep any sort of competition in the mobile space, it's going to have to compete price-wise. Its head, at least, is in the right place. Flexible models, flexible pricing, and good games sounds like a solid plan of attack. If people are going to buy into this, however...

Well, we'll just have to see if Sony "Sonys" this up.

  • Jeff Kibuule

    More importantly, since they have digital distribution, developers are far more flexibility in their budgets because of near unlimited shelf space. We might see more games designed to sell for $15 or $20 with add-on DLC. Retail packaging and distribution has the problem of fixed cost regardless of the price of the game.

    • Anonymous

      Unless the retailer decides to drop the price or have a sale. Target is actually having a B2G1 sale on all Vita games next week. Then there's Amazon and other retailers that are selling some games at a much lower price.

  • Nat_K

    Triple Town
    Super Crate Box
    Hero Academy
    Jelly Defence
    AC Recollection
    Super Crossfire HD

    I'm just breaking $25 right there and there is probably 300 hours of playtime among them. My answer to a $40 game is no. They are going to have to work really hard to convince me to pony up.

    The last $40 I spent on a game a loved was Jeanne D'Arc. There was value.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Guess you never played any real Games In your lifetime.. Thats Too bad I guess You should Stick With your Iphone.

      When we start to see Bigger Titles Like call of duty etc Thats When we will see The vita Take off. Also If it helps All the games Mentioned above are time killers And Not Practical for the hardcore gamer

      • Dimitris Katsafouros

        Do you find RealRacing 2, Dead Space, Monkey Island, Kingdom Rush, not to mention innovative titles like Draw Race as casual games? And those are just off the top of my head. If you haven't found any real games on the iPhone I guess you have to start looking a bit harder....

      • Sergio Soares

        oh please...

      • Dimitris Katsafouros

        you're welcome?

      • Kayoss

        I'm a racing fan and I've played a lot of racing games including RealRacing2. Honestly you do not get the same experience as you would playing Gran turismo on the PSP.  I hated the Gran Turismo on the PSP but RealRacing is worst than that. I played the damn game and swear to you that I didnt have to press the brakes for most of the races. Developers for these games dont put in as much details as they would on a dedicated gaming console thats why they are willing to charge you less. Very little research is done in the physics, the effects, etc... when compared to dedicated game console. Have you tried playing resident evil on the iphone?? Its horrible.

      • Dimitris Katsafouros

        I would have believed you actually played real racing 2 until you mentioned you didn't have to press the brakes. If you managed to do that and actually win the tournaments then you are God.

      • Kayoss

        Then you can call me GOD... because I actually played it for a bit before I replied to your post to make sure that my recollection was true. All I had to do is turn the iphone and the car turn even if it hit the wall i still won the races.

      • Anonymous

        Because you have the auto-braking on, try looking in options next time...

      • Andy Poes

        Regardless of auto-braking, real racing isn't as much fun as playing gran turismo 1 on a psx. It looks beautiful, but there's something to the console experience missing from games like real racing. The iPhone is a great gaming tool, but it has its limits, and thats where a device like a Vita or 3DS can help fill the gap.

      • Anonymous

         The benefit of a iPhone is in the fact that its a PHONE. You dont need to carry round a seperate device, most ppl have a phone, so to even compare it to psps is a compliment considering its an all in 1 device.

      • Andy Poes

        A "single" benefit of the iPhone is that its a phone. I agree that it is an amazing do-all device. But the fact that it is also a phone does not dismiss the fact that it doesn't compare with a dedicated gaming device in the same way tom tom on the iPhone is not as good as a dedicated tom tom device. 

        Sometimes, especially when you need the battery, you need your phone to be just a phone. Let a dedicated gaming device do what it does best, and let the iPhone do what it does best.

      • Bridget

        Actually, it CAN compare.... IF the games are designed for it from the ground up.   Something like a racing game isnt the best example, I really dont think anyone's come up with a really workable control scheme for those yet.

        I'm into shmups myself, and there's ALOT of good ones on iOS..... and next to none on either the PSP or the DS.   And on iOS, they control *perfectly*.  If I can do Mushihime-sama (Bug Princess) on Ultra mode in Hell difficulty and pass any of the first three stages without dying or bombing (and I can), then it sorta proves the controls were done RIGHT.   That particular genre works well on iOS. 

        THATS what really makes the difference.  It hasnt anything to do with the devices themselves.   It has to do with the skill of the programmers/designers.  If they come up with a control scheme that just plain WORKS, *and* then come up with a game to match, then it seriously doesnt matter whatsoever what platform it's on. 

        And really, as a gamer, you should know this:  using a game like Real Racing to judge a gaming platform of any type is pretty stupid.  Just because it's a big-name title, doesnt mean it's a GOOD EXAMPLE of what the thing can do.  Big-name titles *can* be crappy games.   And with the App Store being much too bloated and huge, and having it's godawful interface of sorrow, FINDING the right games isnt always so easy.    But they're out there.

        .....and finally, it also depends somewhat on the skill of the PLAYER.  Some people seem to just have more trouble with a touchscreen.... which, of course, they (some of them anyway)  then IMMEDIATELY blame on the device/developers/publishers/random objects.  Wheras other players grasp the controls immediately and have little trouble.

      • Nat_K

        Let's see...last year I played Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, LA Noire, Infamous 2, and Portal 2.

        They were all worth the money I paid. To me, portable gaming and console gaming are two different things. I have had some pretty epic mobile gaming experiences (Infinity Blade(s) and Dungeon Raid come to mind.

        I don't know if the Vita will take off. I don't think Sony has been all that great in the mobile sector. I mean, it took off in Japan and then nosedived a week later. Shoot, it was OUTSOLD by its predecessor.

        Would I like to see it succeed? You bet. I've had some great times with my PSP (Jeanne, Lumines, Patapon(s), Exit, n+, Space Invaders Extreme, etc.), but their mobile strategy in the last few years has sucked. PSP minis? Ugh.

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Again Home Console Experience....No other Handheld or I Device Currently Has what the Vita Does... And If games Are The number One thing it can Do then Im all In.

        I just Hope We get better Titles And Better Devs to jump on board...

      • Anonymous

        For starters, I thought you said "bigger titt*es". On another note, if we saw titles like call of duty or portal, it would ruin the device. I admit that Deadspace was pretty awesome on iOS, but it was stripped down. You cannot strip down perfection. Good day.

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Lol perfection ?? Call of duty is far from that..

        Has anyone actually Played the Darn Vita yet?? The Biggest Selling point right off the hop is the "Home Console Experience" If call of duty Can Be made Then the Vita Is going to play it very well especially since the hardware is definately there!

        If you ask Me I think The Vita Is Beautiful In every Aspect! After playing Uncharted Im blown away by what We COULD POTENTIALLY have for the future!

      • Zachary Hurdle

        I was simply stating that Deadspace is a perfect game. You cannot port such an essential overdrive of the senses to the palm of your hand.

      • Huy Ngo

         Your point is invalid.  You think iPhone games are "fake" games?  Perhaps you meant a hardcore game vs a casual game.  Even then, what's your definition of a "hardcore" game? 

        Is it "Uber Graphics with Guns and First Person Shooting and Kill Streaks with Perks and Air Strikes and Dogs?"

        Get off your high horse.  CoD isn't a hardcore game.  Any RTS game makes
        CoD look like cotton candy.  Hell even a game made over 14 years ago
        called Starsiege: Tribes makes Call of Duty crawl around on all fours
        looking for it's momma.

        Either way, all sorts of people have different tastes for a reason.  No need for you to come at the guy with a pretentious comment riddled with random capitalization errors on random words. 

        Some people play handhelds while they're on the go and require casual games.  Some people play hardcore games while they sit in front of the TV at home or in bed. 

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        If you would Have read my post Properly Im just giving Call of duty as An example Of a title To attract Potential Gamers To the Vita.

        Its a Game Far from Perfect as Stated Below by yours Truly..

        Your right Casual Gaming And Hardcore Gaming are differant...But Im not going to take a 3.5 Inch touch Screen Over a Dedicated System With proper Controls...

      • Huy Ngo

        You know, I understand your plight.  I do hope that you understand there is a time and place for every type of device for each different person. 

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        And where is this "Fake" part you mention? No where Did i ever Claim Mobile Devices Offer "Fake" Games...

      • Huy Ngo

         It's just that you said earlier, "Guess you never played any real Games In your lifetime.."  So the natural assumption is that instead of the person playing "real" games they're playing "fake" games.  If that's not what you meant then I get it.  It's hard to draw true meaning of words when there's isn't emphasis in sounds when the person would normally say it.

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Yeah i Agree. Its Also even harder When You use a mobile To type this all out Haha.

      • Huy Ngo

         Lol keep it simple when on a mobile typing device!

      • Anonymous

        So Call of Duty is the game that defines whether a system is worthy for the hardcore gamer"?   And I quote Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact: "God Help us All"

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        If it helps to curb This "Call of duty bashing" I prefer Long RPGs and Racing titles the best...Shooters are a close Second.

      • Huy Ngo

         Haha I bashed CoD simply cause I don't consider it a hardcore game myself.  Others may find it that way, and that is their opinion and they are entitled to it! 

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Call of duty Is a great franchise..But it suffers from too much Deja vu .And Its not practical for casual gamers and almost TOO DARN FRUSTRATING For hardcore gamers..

      • Bridget

        I guess YOU have never looked very hard into the App Store.   Not all games are Angry Birds.   I can think of more than a few games that would, frankly, likely be much too difficult for you, such as Mushihime-sama, or various Roguelikes.    But I forget, those arent REAL games, despite the EXTREME difficulty and hardcore-ness, right?  Still not REAL.

        This type of idea is getting OLD.  I could use the same logic towards the Vita itself, really.   It's not a console, and it's not a PC... JUST a handheld.  It doesnt have REAL games, as a result.  Neither does the DS or PSP!  They dont have PROPER TV screens and seperate controllers!  Not real games!

        I'm not interested in the usual triple-A crap like Call of Halos, or whatever other damn hyper-generic clone FPS is popular right now.  Alot of recent retail releases are also WAY too easy, and I need a REAL challenge to hold my attention.   Right now, NOT finding that challenge on consoles or handhelds, but I've got enough iOS games that'll do it.

        As for some of the games being "time killers" only, you're looking at the wrong games there, Brain Boy!   Again I say, look harder!

        Recently, I've been getting more challenge, depth, enjoyment, and time out of JUST Dungeon Raid alone, than I have out of every retail game I've bought over the last year.... not that I bought many, since most are dull.  Had to stick mostly with imports.

        And considering that Dungeon Raid is one of.... oh, maybe, 100 or so games I have on here?   Yeah.   I think I'm sticking with iOS.   I'd rather have 100 really good, deep, challenging games for low price, than ONE or TWO  40 dollar games that almost definitely turns out to be shallow and easy.

      • Anonymous

        Nailed it - exactly! Why is my old, button-filled PSP in my draw for over two years, while a good deal of my gaming time is spent on an iPad. Certainly not because of Doodle Jump.

      • squidlr

        The Vita is dead and buried. People now know the true value of gaming, and it's certainly not $40 - 60$ a shot. It's going up against the iPad 3, and it's going to lose big time. Anyway, why play something like COD on a Vita when it's a much better experience on an xbox?

  • Anonymous

    SOCOM on the original PSP was awesome, I can only imagine if EA or someone makes a really good FPS that those duel analogs would be amazing.

  • Scarypharaoh

    Sad to see that "sony it up" is an actual thing, but it is true. They really have found some really inventive ways to screw themselves in recent times. There does seem to be quite a positive reaction within the gaming community online about Vita, much more positive than how people feel about the 3DS.

  • Dimitris Katsafouros

    It's funny how everyone who wants to devalue iPhone games only mentions angry birds. 
    There are so many iPhone games with insane playing times for only 1-5 dollars a pop.
    Sony has to get its head out of the sand and really see what is going on in the mobile space.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      To Be fair I own GNexus (Better then Iphone) And its still not a gaming device...I can honestly say Gaming Isint the experience as say a dedicated Handheld.. Passing Time and Enjoying Yourself are Two differant things

      • Joseph

        How is the GNexus single core SGX540 gpu better than a dual core SGX543MP2 in Iphone 4s?

      • Nick Langley

        Anything is better than an iphone, apple is the beginning of skynet lmao

      • Kayoss

        Because all you need is a single core GPU to make a phone call and to text. Isnt that what a phone is for???

      • Joseph

        Im sorry, I thought we were talking about gaming!  I think the graphical processor unit comparisons are valid.  The potential is there, devs just don't utilize it!

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Single Core?? Its Dual Core Last time i checked. Go back to Apple Snuffing...Shows how much you know about Electronics

      • Joseph

        I'm talking about the gpu not cpu! Nexus has dual core a9 cpu but single core SGX540 gpu. You should do more research before you respond!

      • Brett Arnold Allard

        Last time i checked Benchmark My Galaxy Nexus Outclasses The Iphone in Every Aspect.. Ram ,Processor, Screen Size. Resolution...I own Both Devices And both Have Pros and Cons

      • Dimitris Katsafouros

        Have you actually checked the GL benchmarks???
        Your superior Galaxy nexus phone gets 29.3 frames per second while the iPhone 4s gets 73.1.
        Do your homework next time.

      • Anonymous

        "Passing time and enjoying yourself are two different things."  Seriously, I couldn't have said it better myself.  I just transitioned from iOS to console, and that perfectly describes the place in my life my iPod and future iPad occupy... passing the time.

    • Kayoss

      Iphone is for using as a phone and for texting thats why its called a phone. Gaming should be second thought out that device. If you are a hardcore gamers which the PS vita is geared towards what device would you buy? You are an idiot if you're a hardcore gamer and you spend $400 on Iphone just to play games (with no contract). In all honesty people with iphone and smartphones use their phone mostly for browsing facebook, texting, and playing games how many actually use it for talking on the phone now? Even when they're driving they are texting eventhough its easier just to call the damn person.

  • Dave

    It's pretty amazing how stubborn both Sony & Nintendo have been about variable pricing. It's reminiscent of how long it took the music industry to embrace digital downloads. Sony, finally, is inching forward.

    Apple has proven that there's lots and lots of money to be made on $0.99 games. Why don't Sony and Nintendo want in on that sweet cash?

    • Taylor Made

      u do know most developers that develop on the apple store get no profit out of their games, app store may have been a brilliant idea but same time it doesnt benefit most developers, it aint sweet cash at all. The difference between sony, Nintendo & apple is the fact that sony and nintendo cater to dedicated gamers as for iphones they for 5mins on a bus moments  

      • Kayoss

        Totally agree. It takes a full team of developers to make a game like Uncharted and the profit margin is not the same as an indy game. Games like angry bird and ninja fruit started out with a very very small team and became sucessful. And these games are not meant for hardcore gamers but for quick pass time during commute. However, I just hope Sony release a development kit for the PS vita so we can have talented people making small games for the console. I think this is how the PS vita will succeed.

      • Taylor Made

        exactly my point, the people who develop on the vita are a fully pledged team with budget and targets set not garage developers like apple. I think thats what people dont realize why certain vita games are what they are priced especially uncharted &  fifa these are big title brands so it shouldnt be a shock yo people

      • Dave

        Apple makes 30% on all iTunes store downloads. That's the "sweet cash" I was talking about. All Sony has to do is encourage iOS developers to port their game over to Vita, let them charge whatever they want, and start watching the cash pour in. That doesn't take anything away from big-budget games, it just adds a whole other source of profit for Sony. Everybody wins.

        By the way, lest you guys think I'm bashing Sony, I'm buying Vita on day 1, and I think it's an awesome piece of hardware. I just think it would be great to see cheap games for it as well as the pricier ones.

      • Paul Johnson

        We shall see. Great Little War Game started life on iOS and did pretty well. Then it went to Android and is still doing well. It's coming out on Vita in a month or two...

  • Nick Langley

    Sony has cashed in on cheap time passers go to the ps store and look through the minis. As a gamer 40$ is what I expect out of game. I enjoy 1$ time passers but there is nothing satisfying about them, no depth, no story and that is why real gamers play games to become part of the world they are playing in. Sony will be successful this time around all the problems the psp had seem to be fixed in the vita and improved.

  • Cat Astrophy

    From what I understand this thing will not comfortably fit in my pocket. That's a no-sale for me.

  • Will Buckingham

    Expensive new system with gimmicky features driving up the price: check.
    Proprietary and expensive new memory stick solution: check.
    Too large to fit in a pocket: check.
    Too crappy a battery to last for extended play: check.
    Retail games inching their way further toward console prices: check.

    So far I'm not seeing any reason to buy the PS Vita.  I really wish Sony would get over its policy of going everything-but-the-kitchen-sink on their new systems just to say they have the most technologically advanced handheld available.  I've owned both a Nintendo DS and PSP since nearly their release, and the DS got waaaaaaay more milage than the PSP despite being utterly inferior in technical specs.  Bring on the amazing games that make me want to drop the money for a new system.  I don't care that I can use the back of the system as a touch pad if none of the games are worth dropping almost $300 between the system and a decent sized memory stick.

    • Anonymous

      It's ironic that one of the most common demos to show off the back touch tech was "Little Deviants", one of the few that did not get good reviews.

  • Andy Charalambous

    People who dismiss all of the App Store's 69p/$0.99 games as 'time passers', or '5 minutes on a bus moments' are being pretty ignorant. I'll grant you, there is a LOT of games like that, mostly casual stuff. But if you look hard enough, (or just let Hodapp and Co. do the work), you will find some truly excellent, high quality experiences. Yep, for 69p/$0.99. A quick example: Wind-Up Knight. Launched at 69p/$0.99, which in my opinion is way under what it is worth. Sony and Nintendo would be lucky to have this game on their respective download service.

  • Jean

    Does Vita have auto-save on quitting for most of it's games? Because anything that purports to be portable and touts it's "full console experience" games should have it. No more of that safe-point nonsense on a device which you often must turn off on a moment's notice! Ditto for their MP3 and video player.

    They also should have included a TV-out, IMHO. Not everybody has a PS3 or would want to have _2_ Sony consoles. Give me maximum flexibility at how I choose to enjoy it.

    And I'd believe their variable prices talk, when I see sensible prices for old PSP games on the Euro-PSN store. Very old games that have not been available via retail for ages still often cost 30-40 Euros. This is complete insanity. No, I don't think that everything should be 79 cents, but come on! Personally, that's what put me off buying a PSP GO, which I could have had very cheaply and that, along with the considerations above is what is putting me off Vita.



    • Paul Johnson

      "Autosave on quit":
      Probably not, but then again neither does iOS.

  • Jean

    Does Vita have auto-save on quitting for most of it's games? Because
    anything that purports to be portable and touts it's "full console
    experience" games should have it. No more of that safe-point nonsense
    on a device which you often must turn off on a moment's notice! Ditto
    for their MP3 and video player.

    They also should have included a TV-out, IMHO. Not everybody has a PS3
    or would want to have _2_ Sony consoles. Give me maximum flexibility at
    how I choose to enjoy it.

    And I'd believe their variable prices talk, when I see sensible prices
    for old PSP games on the Euro-PSN store. Very old games that have not
    been available via retail for ages still often cost 30-40 Euros. This
    is complete insanity. No, I don't think that everything should be 79
    cents, but come on! Personally, that's what put me off buying a PSP GO,
    which I could have had very cheaply and that, along with the
    considerations above is what is putting me off Vita.

  • Anonymous

    Cmon guys. Play nice, i got an android phone i use for calls, my ipad2 for mobile email and most other stuff i can do on the go, its also filled withgames i find enjoyable playing on a touch screen device, mostly tcg's like ac collection, puzzles like tangram, and the usual turn based rpg which actually works great on a tablet. I broke my psp a long time ago due to some "hardcore" monster hunting. My dsi? Got taken over by my ipad, collecting dust now.

    So now the vita? What can it add to my collection of consumer electronics? I think it will all depend on the lineup of games, No resident evil? Monster hunter? Maybe the untitled hideo kojima game? I think I'll pass for now. Oh yeah cod? I suddenly remembered i do most of my hardcore fragging on my pc.

    Oh and speaking of pc games, diablo 3 is coming out in a few months, so all of your gaming arguments are invalid.

  • John

    Sorry i don't have the time or money for $40-60 games anymore. I just bought a game last night for $.99 that blows away half of the console games i've played in my lifetime.

    • Anonymous

      I am honestly curious as to what game you're talking about. I have played many games on my iPhone. Dead Space, Real Racing 2, Street Fighter, Infinity Blade 2, and Galaxy on Fire 2. I can honestly say that the only one that gave me a true console-like experience was Galaxy on Fire 2. And that was 10$, 15$ for the added DLC. Don't get me wrong, Infininty Blade and Dead Space are awesome games, but if I could get an honest to God console experience, I would definitely pay 40$. Cause that would have more of an impact on me than 100$ worth of crappy games that I've deleted.

  • josh nolan

    wow its sad to see how bent out of shape we are getting over video games ... Sure I am sure Vita will have some cool things to offer and sure some of the games will be better they damn well better be they cost in most cases 10 to 40 times what an iphone game costs. or it will be done before it starts. No the google phone is not a gaming phone really most droids arent I have owned a droid phone their market BLOWS...Fact is they are two different things I wont buy a Vita because I own an Iphone and am 30 years old... I cannot drop $40 bucks on a game I have priorities. for 6.99 you get a pretty damn good experience and do not need carry around an extra device on top of your phone. Just by listing their prices at that rate they are clearly not going after the same market and I do not think will be a contender with the Iphone...Besides they did a PSP phone and does anyone even know anyone who owns one of those gems? lol...

  • Joseph West

    I really wanted the PS Vita to be good. I really did. Natively, I'm a PS3 gamer. When the Vita release was announced I even reserved the cash to purchase it in February, but I now think I'm going to pass. At least until they drop the price. It's just so expensive compared to the value you get over an IPOD touch. Are the games better? I would imagine they are, but are they 3000% better? That is roughly the difference between $30 and $.99.

    If the device was $200.00 and the games were trending to be $15.00, I'd probably be all-in.

    One of the main things that turned me off was the memory card. When I found out the core system doesn't come with a memory card at all and you have to shell out at least another $30, if not more, it felt like Sony was taken advantage of its customers. It's similar to checking baggage at the airport for $25.00, it just feels wrong.

    The reviews have been the nail in the coffin for me. From what I've heard the operating system is poorly featured, cumbersome and slow. And the fact that sales are poor in Japan is another red flag. Word of mouth must not be positive.

    I doubt I'll ever own one. Maybe in the future, but right now it's not looking likely.

    • Dimitris Katsafouros

      Couldn't agree more with you. I also Preordered the vita and will probably end up not buying it. The titles just aren't there. Uncharted is plagued with control issues not to mention the fact that Sony implemented as many control schemes as possible in just one game. The graphics also seem to be rendered in a lower resolution and then upscaled to the native vita resolution.
      Gravity rush has excellent presentation but it doesn't look like such an intriguing game.
      From the 30 titles out I was hard pressed to select one. And that says a lot.
      When you also add the fact that the os experience isn't that great and the other features are quite limited then you quickly wonder. Do I really want this?
      From how the launch of the vita looks right now if you buy the vita you aren't a hardcore gamer. You just are a hardcore Sony fan.

  • Anonymous

    the fail will be strong with this one... if N can't do it with its kiddy toy, S won't be able to with its overprice version.

    PRECISELY because of the game pricing.  i think most gamers who spend $40 on a game want an 'experience', not a tiny screen to hunch over for hours on end.  i.e. they'll pay the $40 for a console/pc game.

    seriously, anymore, a portable gaming device that is NOT a phone/pad/pod has such a stigma of 'living in the basement with the parents' that's its not even funny.

  • Matthew White

    You can argue till you're blue in the face about the merits of .99$ games and $40 games. The fact is Vita will have games on it that are much better than iphone games. I have an iPhone and I think it's great, but I know Vita will be better for gaming. Should you get one if you're on a tight budget or thrifty about game purchases? Probably not. If you want to play games that are as large and well made as console games it might be a good buy for you. I will be picking one up next week.

    • Anonymous

      Play the games, then come back and talk about how great they are.

  • Anonymous

    Vita will be a lackluster sales unit for Sony, just like the PSP was. I say #%€£ Sony, because they say #%€¥ You to the consumer... Particularly the US consumer. No transfer of UMDs in the US, but they'll do it for Japanese consumers? Why? Is our hard-earned money less valuable? Then you need to drop a minimum of $20 more, just to save a game? Can't use a standard SD card. Can't use your old Memory Stick.

    Then "up to" 5 hours battery life? Good luck with that number, playing anything but "Video Checkers". 

    I'll stick with my iPad, and Highborn, Civ Rev, Ravenmark, Wesnoth, GTA:CW,  Neuroshima Hex, Ascendancy, Greed Corps, etc. 

    Don't think There's real games on the iOS?

    Ascendancy is as deep as anything you'll find on a dedicated handheld. Sure it's an old PC port, but PC gamers laugh at console gamers anyway. So why throw stones, when your Vita house is so damn fragile?

  • Paco

    For somebody like me, there is room for an iDevice and the Vita.

    I personally hate playing FPS games on the iPhone. F'n infuriates me. It is so slow and cumbersome for me. Many iOS games are hindered by the touchscreen. A real D-pad would make many many games more playable for me.

  • Anonymous

    PSP Games were awful (Not including Pata-pon) & iPhone games are just as bad. The only difference is you pay $35 more for an awful PSP game. The Vita doesn't seem that appealing. Sony is trying to make a comeback after having their ego bashed by Awful iPhone games, so they basically copied the iPhone (Not Physically obviously) in functionality (touchscreen, accelerometer, etc.) and gave you real buttons to use. I think the vita will outsell but it won't last like the iPhone or iPad. Just like it's predecessor, the vita will live in my closet after a few months of somewhat appealing gameplay and stay there until a more appealing games comes in a few months. I'm not Bashing the Vita or the iPhone. I'm bashing mobile gaming it's just not that appealing to me even though I do it a lot.

  • Anonymous

    If they actually get the rumored Final Fantasy X remake on Vita then I'll buy it and that game.  If that's the only game I get for it, I'm okay with that.  So many fond memories.

    • likealolita

       It isn't rumored, it's confirmed.

      • Anonymous

        Well then, my purchase of either a Vita or PS3 (probably the latter) is now confirmed as well.

        Such an amazing game.

  • Ryan J Gill

    Im curious if I missed something about Brad's comments in the article, or if Brad is unaware of Nintendo's pricing. One cant argue that Nintendo has issues with being rigid and scaring developers, it is true. But on in the heck can you preface the point of Sony having $5 and $10 offerings and games in the $30-40 range by saying "unlike Nintendo?" E-shop games are from what I've seen in the $2-12 range, and major cartridge releases are $30-40. 

    I'm not trying to spark a Sony vs Nintendo debate/flame war over who wants which titles more, just saying on the issue of price...aren't they about the same? 

  • Richard Paredes

    The IPhoneIPodIPad have some amazing games and cheap as hell.  For the Vita, I would like to see the same cheap games.  Most of my gaming are done on the DS and PSP.  I upgraded to a 3DS and I will be getting a Vita.  I just can not justify paying $30-40 for a game, handheld or console (I have a wii and PS3). I buy games on Craiglist, finish the games and sell them right back.  example, I just purchased Mario Kart 7 for $25, once I'm done (a month) I will sell it back for about $17.  I really do not understand the digital pricing model because you can not resale the game and the digital game cost way to much. I think that I'm just wayyyy to cheap and I will not pay $60 for a ps3 game, or $40 for a 3dsvita game but I  pay $1-5 for a good game regardless on which system they are at..

  • Anonymous

    I'm probably going to sell my iPod Touch to get a Vita- even though it's the top iPod of the recent models (iPod touch 4th gen. 64GB), because it's kind of outdated. It just can't quite keep up with the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, and apps that are supposed to work on it don't always run very well. I'll either get an iPod touch 5 (if one ever comes out) or iPhone 6(5) when one of them comes out, but until then I'll just use my iPad.

  • B Samuel Heilman

    The reason why neither Nintendo nor Sony want to allow $0.99 iPhone ports on their "app store" is because those $0.99 games would be competing against their $40-$50 games. And then they'd need to acknowledge that many of those $0.99 titles are just plain more fun than, and therefore of superior value to, most of their $40-$50 ones.

    Sony may be talking about letting cheaper titles on to the Vita now, but knowing how Sony's PR machine so often generates empty promises or even outright lies, I'll believe it when I see it. Even then, iOS' App Store already has hundreds upon hundreds of good games on it, so they'll be fighting an uphill battle.

    The era of the dedicated handheld console, with its overpriced games and general anti-consumer attitude, is over. The 3DS' bombing proved that, and the Vita will most likely follow suit.

  • Unknown Unknown

    I agree with most of the comments on here but I think that the PS Vita won't have low sales because of Mobile Gaming as there are probably that many US/UK/Aus/Asian people that just simply want the PS Vita for games such as MvC 3, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, FFX, etc. that will probably never touch the app store.