The weekend is finally almost here, and before you settle in to listen to our podcast later today (you DO all listen to our podcast, right?) I thought it might be nice to roundup some of the significant sales that are currently going on so you can spend your couple of days of leisure time buried in some iOS games. Unless you work on the weekends, in which case it's even more important to load up on some games to survive your laborious obligations.

Crescent Moon


Telltale Games




These are the ones that stuck out to me, but of course there's always more sales and freebies to check out at or on the free AppShopper app. For instance, EA is having one of their frequent sales on a bunch of games in their library. As always, sales can end just as quickly as they begin, so it's usually best to move quickly and make sure the prices are still in effect if you choose to buy.

  • Adan Santos

    If only I could buy some of this apps... all of the Crescent Moon ones give me a 'Purchase of this item is not currently available. This item is being modified. Please try again later'... been trying for hours now... Apple needs to get it together!

    • Anonymous

      Rebuild has been like that since yesterday. I didn't know other apps were having the same problem.

      • Kevin Agot

        I've experienced the same thing.  However, a workaround posted on several threads in this forum recommended gifting the app to yourself.  I tried it yesterday when I bought Rebuild and it worked fine.

      • Adan Santos

         Cool, will try that, thanks!

      • Adan Santos

         Worked, thanks!

  • Michael Matzat



  • asads asddas

    ***** AppZapp is better than Appshopper, imo, try it out *****

  • Michael T. Smith

    I don't know if it's kosher to say this here or not, but I also lowered the price of Big Bad Sudoku Book to .99 for the weekend.

    • Anonymous

      oh good one - that's my favorite sudoku app by *far*

    • Anonymous

      It's certainly appropriate in a thread about app sales.

  • Anonymous

    SpaceChem Mobile is $1.99! iPad owners who love smart puzzles need this. Seriously.

  • Adams Immersive

    Now that I’m off Zynga, I need more asynchronous multiplayer. And here we have Ticket to Ride! Perfect timing.

  • Carl

    I just bought Ticket To Ride last week... now it's free! Ugh, oh well get it. It's a fun game!

  • Anonymous

    Do recommend people to get Sonic CD. It's an awesome game.

  • John

    Yes sonic cd is rock solid. It gets repeative but its the best port so far available.