Did you know that Blackish Games's New Orbit [$.99] is cheaper than usual? It is. Since late this past January, the horror sci-fi title has been available at $.99 instead of its usual $2.99. It's a good price, too: New Orbit is a solid, story-driven game that has some really sharp gravitational / orbital mechanics wrapped up in its Asteroids-inspired, but less frenzied shell.

At $.99, we think you should give it a try. Our users raved about the game after its initial debut, and still seemed high on it even after finishing. Check out what they had to say before making a purchase, or hey, watch this teaser trailer:

[Via @SteveStreza]

  • Anonymous

    Very nice game, kind boring at the beginning as you driven to do stuff instead of being able to go wherever you like, I hope it changes in Episode 2

  • http://twitter.com/Aghartastudio Alex

    Spent a few hours with it, this game has an exellent atmosphere, and nice voice acting. the story is compeling too. 

  • http://twitter.com/christophevos Christophe Vos

    I want my money back. This is the #th time you guys advise to buy a game, only to find out it is #meh, and in this case only because it has a utterly frustrating part.  Mission 6 is near to impossible to beat - playing on an ipad1.  I'm not one to criticize publicly often, but in this case, i am.

    • Alex G

      You want a refund for a one dollar app?  Really?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJTXERR7U7SGLQA2HS44TLKS6Y Brian

        what does it matter that it only cost him a dollar, if he wants it back thats his business.  Maybe the guy can only spend so much money per month and would rather have spent it on another game that only costs one dollar.   Some peoples responses still never fail to annoy me enough to comment on a web page that I happen to be just previewing for the game myself.