An official, totally real spin-off of a PC Steam release that goes by the name of Tobe's Vertical Adventure will be available on the App Store this month. As we write this, the folks over at Secret Base are hard at work on Tobe & Friends Hookshot Escape, a vertical and endless platformer that stars everyone's favorite super weapon, the hookshot.

We're told that Tobe & Friends will stroke arcade desires, as well as provide a ton of differentiated play in its space. A total of four unique characters that offer unique hook, er, shotting abilities, as well as four different worlds and 20 pieces of equipment dot the game's landscape. In a blog post, Secret Base notes that there's more to the game like, say, "power ups, monsters, themes and chirpy musics" and more will be revealed later. Catch your first look in the trailer below:

  • Anonymous

    That looks pretty interesting. I like the art direction, here's hoping it controls well

  • Toben Alexander

    My name's Toben and I used to tag my name in high school in almost the exact same block letter fonts, I nearly bought the game on steam just because of that fact. It looks like its more suited to ios though, maybe I'll pick it up then.

  • J.Shamblin

    It looks fun.

  • Anonymous

    This game is 100% my style of game, I WANT ALL OF IT!

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be a freakin' insta-buy for me. Looks pretty sweet, and it seems those four character all have their own unique characteristics to them.