If the controls were keeping you from digging LostWinds [$3.99], give it another shot. The game has been updated the for the first time, and a big part of this update are control additions. "Gust Time," for example, is a new slow-down feature that initiates whenever you do a gust move. Combined with the new d-pad, you'll be able to gust and jump where you want with much, much more precision. Neat!

The rest of the update contains "minor level design tweaks," more language support, and even a crash bug fix. In all, we're pretty stoked with the additions in particular. This is a brilliant game with a fantastic premise and structure, but it direly needed another pass control-side. We're digging it a lot more now.

  • Anonymous

    Good move. I don't know if slowmo gusting was necessary, but tapping to move was jarring coming from the WiiWare version where the nunchuk was clearly for controlling Toku and the wiimote was clearly for controlling Enlil.

    Now my left hand can control Toku while my right controls the wind. As it should be.

  • Andy Poes

    slow mo makes the game so much more enjoyable

  • Johnny Donuts

    Great. I enjoyed it before (Maybe cause I never played the Wii versiom, but the controls didn't bother me), but I like the D-Pad more.

  • Anonymous

    Really want to give this game a shot, waiting for a price drop though.

  • Anonymous

    Tried the dpad; it's more like a v-stick, my only complaint about it is that you have to press at the center for it to start recognizing your inputs (or maybe I'm just doing it wrong).

  • Jebby Deringer

    I imagine the graphics still look like they are upscaled to 1024x768.