Developer Microids and publisher Anuman Interactive have announced that Barbarian - The Death Sword will be hitting the App Store early next month. Barbarian is a modern remake of the classic Commodore 64 title Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior, also known in the US as simply Death Sword. Released in 1987, the original Barbarian was a one-on-one fighting game pitting buff and brutal warriors against each other.

Despite the fighting genre being in its infancy, Barbarian was critically acclaimed for its competitive gameplay. However, most of its notoriety outside of the gaming world was garnered by its violent nature where you were able to decapitate your opponent in a shower of blood, as well as the scantily clad models featured on its packaging.

The new version of Barbarian looks to be a similar one-on-one fighter, but with visuals that have been crafted in 3D. Check out the promo video below, which features both scantily clad women and violence just like its original inspiration:

One other really cool aspect about Barbarian - The Death Sword that was pointed out in the video is the ability to compete against other players across different platforms. I'm not sure if this extends all the way to the PC and Android platforms, but at the very least you'll be able to play against your buddies no matter if they're on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. Another thing I'd like to find out is if this multiplayer is online or just local. But, it shouldn't be long before we can find out, as Barbarian - The Death Sword is set to launch in the first half of February, and we'll be checking it out when it hits then.

  • whil mccutchan

    Cool!  Looks like an excellent remake!

  • Mike

    Bring on the violence and scantily clad womenfolk!!

  • Declan Bowers

    iOS game ports. Now with 95% less clothes!

  • Anonymous

    "But I just cut your head off!"
    "It's only a flesh wound."

  • P Allen

    I liked it on the Amiga, I dunno why they would say based on the c64 version makes no sense.

  • Inaba-kun

    Barbarian was never that good, even back in the day. It was only famous for two things:

    1 - It was advertised using models wearing virtually no clothing
    2 - You could chop people's heads off.

    Other that that, it was average at best.

    • P Allen

      While I agree with you mostly it was tremendously fun when you managed to chop a friends head off right at the start of a contest. But yeah games like mortal kombat etc left it looking very dated but still it has the sword fighting novelty going for it.

  • Joel Blackwell

    Barbarian on the Amiga was great. But, that was a *long* time ago. Comparing it to Mortal Kombat or any fighting game since is stupid.

    As for this remake- it looks terrible. There appears to be nothing in this that made the Amiga version great.

  • Laner

    The Ultimate Warrior Is Back?  

    Jim Hellwig might have something to say about that...

  • Swampthing

    Yeah... um... the Developer might want to watch that barbarian pic they are using before the FRAZETTA estate comes down hard on your for the similarity.  Here's the original:

  • Roberto Pulito

    Perfect timing, just after Soul Calibur...

  • John

    Sweet, can't wait for this.

  • rekzkarz

    I was hoping THIS game would die.
    I believe I played it on an Apple II more than 30 years ago w/low res graphics.
    An ancestor of all the annoying 2p fighter games (Tekken, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, etc) which also never go away.
    There were much better 2p fighter games than this, btw.

  • Anonymous

    the original photo artwork showed a bit too much skin and had to be painted on top before the game could be released