The PixBits' Junk Jack [$2.99 / LE] is easily one of our community's more celebrated games for two reasons: (a) it's a fun game and (b) The Pixbits has demonstrated a clear commitment to making it a bigger and more fulfilling experience via frequent updates. The rub with the latter, though, is that it's causing a slight delay with the iPad version.

Speaking to us about the eventual Universal update, PixBits tells us that it's still being planned, but has been postponed in order to make the iPhone version as good as it can be beforehand. "We are really busy developing the new update that will include many new features like walking mobs, bombs, etc," a studio rep says. "The iPad version is still planned, but we have delayed it. We want to make sure to have a stable and full featured game before doing that version."

It's a bummer, but you can't argue with that logic, right? We've asked to make double-sure that Junk Jack iPad will still make it out at some point in 2012.

  • Anthony Simmons

    b0o0o0. i love those guys. but b0o0o0

  • Mike Wexler

    I guess it makes sense but it is still fairly disappointing. 

  • Anonymous

    I'd be happy if they'd just get rid of the Santa cap on the icon, bugs me everytime I see it

  • putermcgee

    i'll tell you the secret reason it's delayed. new ipads will have retina displays, so they're working on creating even more high res assets to launch as true universal with the ipad 3.


  • Anonymous

    they way the developers shun the ipad you would think no one had bought them. fuckinghell almost every one i know has had an  iphone for years, now also have an ipad. how many people i wonder just got an ipad last xmas. millions?

    oh well il spend my money elsewhere. plus i played this x2 and meh..its ok to me personally nothing special.cant really see how it works building in 2d.

  • Jason Anderson

    I just want to know if it's going to be Universal. If they're going to pull a Rovio and create a separately purchased iPad version, I'm going to wait. But if it's going to be Universal, I'll buy the game now. I just hate when I buy an iPhone version and then the iPad comes along and the company creates an iPad version but makes it a separate purchase forcing you to pay twice and have twice as many apps on your hard drive. It's bullcrap. Apple should make it MANDATORY that games with both versions are Universal. Period. Pay once, play on all devices. No exceptions.