Galaxy on Fire 2 [$9.99 / HD / Lite] is receiving its second add-on in Q2 of 2012, the studio behind the outer space adventure game announced earlier today on its blog. The new stuff sounds cool, too. The add-on, a 10 plus hour adventure dubbed "Supernova," will incorporate new mission types, new stories, better visuals, and even some fun callbacks to the series' more memorable characters, like Khador.

Supernova takes place immediately after events in the last expansion, Valkryie. Here's a blurb that explains what's going on in Supernova specifically:

"After the unravelling of the Valkyrie conspiracy, daily routine has returned to the Deep Science space station. Carla dreams of a quiet and idyllic life with her sweetheart Keith, but the restless space war hero is not ready to settle yet.

Hence the desperate plea for help of an old friend comes right in time: A gigantic supernova, which seems to be of unnatural origin, threatens to destroy the whole Mido sector and its inhabitants."

Political strain, and what happens when things get real, seems to be what this expansion's content hinges on. We're hopeful that we'll see Game of Thrones levels of paranoia and betrayal. We'd be alright if Fishlabs passed on any, uh, delicate brother-sister relationships, though.

  • Sascha Warnemuende

    ups ... wrong topic ...

  • Jamie Poitra

    They still haven't released Valkyrie for GOF2HD. Would be great if the did that first.

  • Anonymous

    This is my frustration with Fishlabs. If I want the best GoF2 experience, do I buy the version with the latest graphics, or the version with all the content. I actually thought the non-"Full HD" version was a dead end at this point, so I'm not sure whether I should take heart that it's still supported or be frustrated because I still need to figure out which version to proceed with.

    There's no clear choice, so I'll wait six months and see what they do next.

    • Jamie Poitra

      The say that Valkyrie should be released for the HD version sometime in the next month or two. I imagine this new expansions is probably planned for a simultaneous release. One would hope anyway.

  • John

    Really hoping they'd release the iPad version first :/

  • Matt Curtis

    This is why I feel like an idiot for deleting GOF2 (after completion), because now, I'd have to play through the whole game for the expansion pack D: (Right..?)

    • Michael Schade

      If you synchronized your iDevice before you deleted GOF2 you can restore all save games together with GOF2. Also, you can use the OpenFeint online save game to keep your progress 😉

    • Uwe Meyer

      So 7 hours of fun in front of you, and if you skip a few side missions more you might make it in 6 hours. Have fun!

      • Matt Curtis

        Haha, I suppose so! Thanks 🙂

  • Chris V

    i really, REALLY want this game, but can't see myself shelling 7 quid out for it. plus if the HD version doesn't have the last expansion, is it worth it?

    • Anonymous

      They've promised to make the Valkyrie expansion available for the HD version. I think it's a great game with or without the expansion, which just adds more length to the story. 

  • Rob Bates

    I'm anoid that they double dipped with the HD version. They missed an opportunity to build buzz around the enhanced version and instead left both old and new users disappointed. The studio has lost a lot of credibility. It's a shame because the game itself is very good.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  I didn't purchase the expansions for GOF2 over this.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Rob, sorry you feel left in the dark. We're on track with Valkyrie HD to be released soon and Supernova will be available for SD and HD simultaneously around summer.

      The improvements for the HD version are massive which is why we had to charge for it separately and also could not have Valkyrie HD in time for the release for iPhone 4S which was vital for us marketing wise. Hope you understand 🙂


  • Anonymous

    I'm buying this no matter what. Hardly any Space sims to play anymore.

    • Mystery Man

      Let alone good ones or non freemium ones

  • P Allen

    I'll buy it but I don't really believe the 10 hour expansion their last one was tiny and could be played through in about an hour in fact the whole games is very short if you just do the missions.

  • Uwe Meyer

    Please stop complaining here. This is the best game I played since nomad soul and it,s worth every credit. Respect to fishlabs. Look forward to the next part.