Semi Secret Software, the studio behind Canabalt, has announced that its working on a brand new iPad game alongside Greg Wohlwend of Solipskier [$.99] fame. According to a tweet from Semi Secret, this'll be its first new game in over a year.

Get ready for a crusher: we don't know much about this collaboration. The aforementioned tweet links to, an undoubtedly artful web site that's teasing something relevant, but not immediately apparent. We realize this isn't a whole lot to go on. Semi Secret is pretty good at this game development thing, though, so we're OK with assuming that this is worth keeping an eye out for.

  • Justin Fleming

    Seems like they are being, dare I say it, semi-secret about the new game.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure they're just busy with the Wohlwend of activity that comes before a new release.

  • Kevin Collins

    The symbols under the circle equals "H U N D R E D S"

    • BlueOrchard

      How the f?

  • Rocketcat Games

    Oh god when I checked out the website before I thought my browser was busted or something.  I guess not.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a screenshot from IGF:

  • fabio de stefano

    Only fo iPad?

  • fabio de stefano

    Only for iPad?

  • rustyjaw

    Music by Loscil, right on!