If iOS clones are your cup of tea, strap in for the clone-iest clone yet. The Shanghai Taomee Network Technology company just released Mole Kart [$2.99], a universal kart racer that makes no attempt at hiding the fact that just about everything in the game is lifted directly from Mario Kart. Take a look at the trailer:

It's lacking a championship mode, as well as the different engine sizes found in Mario Kart. Also, to fully unlock everything in the game you're looking at spending ten bucks between the initial purchase price and all the various DLC unlockables for tracks and additional karts. Forum members are going crazy for the game, and are encouraging everyone that's interested to get in on Mole Kart before it gets pulled from the App Store.

Whether or not it'll actually get pulled is another matter entirely. There are a lot of Mario Kart inspired games out there, but this one is by far the most blatant.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't run at all on third gen devices - as in you can't even get into the game because there's a screen stopping you. Any way past such a restriction?

    • Chris Aanerud

      Buy a 3DS and Mario Kart 7.

      • Anonymous

        Did it at launch mate, three starred everything already 😉

  • http://twitter.com/booch138 Booch138

    Wow... before I watched the trailer, I imagined a "Mario Kart Clone" as having the same style, cute graphics, even weapon-types to be used (like rocks instead of shells, and kiwis instead of bananas or some sh*t) but this is just... this is really a clone replica of Mario Kart, right down to the exact same track designs, and things like the "Bullet Bill Weapon"... I mean... come on. 

    But still, it does look fun ^.^

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded it. It's pretty bad... the frame rate and movement is very jerky...

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Yeah, I'm not sure what the allure here is aside from it lifting Mario Kart track design and power-ups.

  • http://twitter.com/manufracture David Schutz


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jimmy-TheFish/100000139595167 Jimmy TheFish

    Why are you guys promoting such a big rip off

  • Anonymous

    This is so bad that even Gameloft think it's a rip-off.

  • Jonathan Lang

    It plays really well and is a joy to play once you get used to touch and manual drift. 

    It's smooth and plays well on my 4S with no stutters. 

    I've had some amazingly fun races on normal with really mad cap outcomes due to the variety of items, just like the real thing. 

    I'm really happy I picked this up. 

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    When I started recognizing the Mario Kart tracks in this I lost interest. This is just cashing in on the time/investment/effort/talent/promotion from Nintendo. I'm all for taking inspiration and running with it but this is stealing akin to plagiarism.

    In other words, why not put the development effort into something original? Oh yeah, only a fraction of people would buy it if it wasn't for Nintendo's prior work.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7UKJQTJNEVE4QGS3CXD3OZHKU4 Vic Viper

    Go get em' Nintendo! Sue em' into sawdust!

  • http://twitter.com/branconcweber Brandon Weber

    It's really not that bad... framerate has some issues and the view distance for the items isn't great, but it's fun! And it's not like nintendo is going to give us anything in the near future. Bought all three tracks because I know this will be getting pulled soon, I'm happy with it though.

  • Michael Black

    Wow, troll much?  Sorry, but in the US there is absolutely no protection against (nor anything wrong with) a "clone" like this.  Unless they have used the artwork, sounds, or likeness of Mario this game is perfectly allowable.  Tracks all exactly the same?  Too bad, allowed.

    Pull the game?  Really.  Sounds like sour grapes.  Touch Arcade just took a giant credibility hit on this one.

  • James Donnellon

    Why did I convince myself to buy this.... *Goes and turns on MK7 on 3DS*

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E7GGSH32PQ2E5V6PGHZHZZ2M5E Anonymous

    I reported this to Nintendo's official anti Piracy division. It's just not right.

    • Noah

      Do you report every Gameloft clone too?

      • Anonymous

        This is a lot different than a Gameloft clone. They actually copied pretty much every level from Mario Kart, and it has all the same items.

      • Noah

        I mean... is it? Does the Gameloft Zelda clone use a sword and ride a horse? Does the Gameloft Modern Warfare clone have sniper rifles and rocket launchers?

        I haven't downloaded this game, but I did watch the trailer. I saw the "bullet" power up near the end... but it looked completely different. The artwork appears unique even if the "level design" is strikingly similar (though not exact).

        I doubt Apple will do anything.

      • http://twitter.com/LuigiHann Luigi Hann

        Gameloft's games borrow mechanics and concepts from real games, but if you've played a lot of Mario Kart you'd recognize even in the trailer that this game has literally copied the specific track designs and layouts from Mario Kart. It's less like the Zelda clone having horseback riding, and more like if the Zelda clone had the exact same dungeon maps as Zelda 64. 

      • Noah

        I was more responding to his statement of "it has all the same items", but I hear what you're saying.

      • Anonymous

        My main point was the level design thing but whatever... And the item thing is different than what Gameloft does with items in their clones. Gameloft normally only copies the bare essentials- for example, in their Zelda clone they had a sword and shield because it's kind of needed for that style of game. This isn't copying the bare essentials though- they copied every single item. All the items work the same, and they look almost identical to the Mario Kart items (they have had a few changes made to their appearance, but not many).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, they ripped pretty much every course in the game directly from Mario Kart. I don't know how well that will go over with Nintendo when they find out.

  • http://twitter.com/ZakothX Zakoth Xard

    This is just another reason for me not to get a 3DS.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQ6MZYN2IZPGA5FBSFNMIPQFZU Paco

      Which is exactly why Nintendo will never sell their stuff on the app store. They are trying to sell their own devices.

      This is two times within a week that TouchArcade has told us to "hurry up and buy it before it gets pulled."

      You guys have a good site here, and a lot of developers come here to pedal their wares. But they/we might not if you keep giving these rip-off devs free advertising.

      Who knows, next time it might be my game that gets ripped off. Or someone else who hangs out here. Think about it. Please don't do this anymore. It makes you look real bad.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone stop to think that the "Mole" might actually be Nintendo? It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but it would be an interesting way for Nintendo to get their feet wet creating for other platforms. In an effort to not piss off theirpurist fans they created a fictitious company and changed some names to see if people would have any interest in playing a "Mario" style game on an iOS device... The shareholders have been asking for it and it is another way to generate more profit. Just sayin'...

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQ6MZYN2IZPGA5FBSFNMIPQFZU Paco

      I think Nintendo would have made a better game. It's already fallen out of the top 50 in racing.

  • http://twitter.com/toddsingleton Todd Singleton

    #10 iPad app people got out the credit card for.  Sent TAOM up 10.88% today.  Rocket bucks.